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A Return to Sanity
By: Thomas J Harris
Rebecca is experiencing flashbacks! The flashbacks come at dangerous times leaving her confused and vulnerable. Sometimes she finds herself driving on the freeway and has no idea what city she's in or where she was going. Other times she is in a store or on a street and finds that she is suddenly lost in both place and time and scared out of her mind. But that's not all, she is also having nightmares.
She is awakened at night terrified out of her mind. In her dreams she is being chased and imprisoned. Her captors torture her beyond the limits of the mind's ability to comprehend.
Rebecca first must discover what has caused these horrible flashbacks and nightmares to begin then she must decide if she wants to deal with the reality that they represent. Something has unlocked a door in her mind. A door that she had constructed years ago to lock away the demons of her past so that she could appear to be normal and try to live a normal life. But that door is now swinging freely on its hinges and the demons within are knocking Rebecca from her mental hinges.
Should she face it or force the door shut again? Can she force the door shut again or have too many demons already escaped? It's Rebecca's own private pandora's box. If she chooses to lock the door on them she must be careful not to lock hope on the wrong side... again. But if she chooses to deal with them will her mind unhinge and leave her totally insane?
The memories of the memories alone have started the horrible process of unlocking schizophrenia. What will happen if she looks those memories in the eye?
Find out if Rebecca has the strength to deal with the demons of her past and return to sanity. Or if the demons will finally take her down the road to full insanity.
Rebecca's story is not simply based on a true story, it is a true story; only the names have been changed. The names were not changed to protect the innocent. They were changed to protect the rights of the guilty.
Unfortunately to name the unconvicted guilty in a book such as this is against the law and Teresa and Sherechita Publications don't want to be sued. So the names were changed but the truth remains.
It is our hope that Rebecca's story encourages others in a similar situation to seek assistance in confronting their demons. Confrontation is never easy but for the sake of sanity sometimes it is necessary. Such was the case for Rebecca.
But confronting these types of things alone can be very dangerous. Rebecca did it alone and at one point she nearly lost her grip on reality and at another she nearly gave in to the rage. She should have asked for help... but that is water under the bridge now. 
If you have demons and need to confront them please get help. Ask a friend, go to a professional but don't do it alone.