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A Taste of Mexico

By: Mary Bates
Raise your hand if you love Mexican food!
Do you love Mexican food but find that the recipes you try to follow just don't work or they're too complicated? I had the same problem for years and found myself simply going out to eat. There's only one problem with going out to eat... no seconds!
Once upon a time I lived with a very feisty and wonderful Mexican woman. She taught me how to make Mexican food the simple way, the Jalisco way. At one point my Niece, Ann moved in with us as well and between the three of us we learned and experimented with the recipes until they were exactly what we wanted.
Years later I sat down and started to compile the recipes that I had been taught.
Huevos Royal
I wrote the ingredients down as I put it in the pot, so I know these recipes work!
In here I have given you the recipes for simple things like Mexican Pot coffee (not that kind of pot) and Huevos Rancheros to the more difficult dishes like Chile Rellenos and Tamales and of course elegant but simple dishes such as Ranchos Cameron.
If you like Mexican food you will find something in here that you have always wanted to know how to make. Most of the dishes are not complicated and once you get the hang of it most are quite simple.
I do have one word of warning, if you like your Mexican food smothered in fattening heavy cheese... this book is not for you. These recipes employ cheese as another flavor in the food, not the overwhelming flavor of the food. Hence many of those foods thought to be fattening and decadent, like enchiladas are neither of those things.
Huevos Rancheros