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Consequences and Rewards 

“You can’t be serious!” Galatia was furious. 

 “Don’t you take that tone with me young lady!” Cadence was having none of it. 

 “Why am I being punished for finally sticking up for myself?” She had her hands on her hips and she was red in the face. 

“I don’t know what has come over you today, but let me tell you I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit!” She took a step towards her defiant daughter. 

 “What have I done today that could possibly warrant that kind of comment? Huh, what have I done?” Galatia took her hands from her hips and crossed them across her chest. 

Cadence seriously considered slapping her daughter right across her mouth. But she held her emotions. “Fine, I had grounded you for tonight but I think that perhaps a weekend around the house would be better.” Galatia started to protest but Cadence cut her off with a look. “Keep it up and you’ll get more! Enjoy your party tomorrow because it will be all you get for the weekend. You’re not going out and no-one comes here. Now go to your room and just you think about what you’ve done today!” She had unconsciously assumed the same defiant stance as her daughter.

Galatia screamed and stomped to her room. “Son of a Bacchae!” She growled as she left the room.

“What did you just say?” Cadence yelled after her. She wasn’t quite sure what it was that she had heard.

“Nothing mother.” Galatia didn’t try to hide her anger but she was smart enough to not incur more of her mother’s wrath.

When Cadence called the children for dinner Galatia did not argue or cause any fuss whatsoever at the dinner table. She even helped remove the dishes and put the food away without being asked or told. Then she quietly went back to her room and called Zaria.

“I thought that you were coming over for dinner tonight Gal.” Harmony, Zaria’s mother had answered the vid phone. Zaria was helping with the dishes.

“I’m sorry ma’am but I got grounded for challenging Peace to a sparring match today and for leaving a few bruises on mommy’s little warlord.” She was still quite angry at her mother’s decision.

Harmony was not one of Cadence’s biggest fans but she wouldn’t think of openly speaking against the child’s mother. “I’m sure that she had a reason for what she did dear. Anyway tomorrow is your birthday and you will have lots of friends over to play with. That will help to ease the sting. Isn’t Lance coming around tomorrow?”

“God I hope not!” She saw the surprised reaction from Harmony. “I’m sorry I thought that maybe Zaria had told you… I broke up with Lance today. I just couldn’t stand him anymore. He was pushy and demanding and arrogant and he was a horrible kisser!”

Harmony broke out in laughter. “It’s no good having a boyfriend that’s a horrible kisser.” She giggled a bit more. Perhaps she found it so amusing because she had someone once that was a horrible kisser. “Well I’ll let you go and talk to Zaria dear. I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

Galatia said goodbye to Harmony and the screen changed to show her Xena sitting in her bedroom. “So you pissed off your mom huh?”

“Yeah, she’s being so unfair!” Gabrielle was pouting.

“Of course it’s not fair, who ever said life was fair. I heard that somewhere. Besides you should be proud regardless of what your mom thinks. Peace has a huge knot in the center of her forehead and she can barely raise her left arm. It makes me laugh just looking at her.” Xena was highly amused.

“But I wanted to see you tonight.” She was still pouting.

“Ah, I see… then maybe you shouldn’t have nocked your sister between the eyes with an oak staff.” Xena was loving this. She hadn’t seen Gabrielle pout in a very long time.

“Oh shut up… it was kind of funny.” She smiled. “But how am I supposed to sleep without you?” She was not pouting anymore… she was genuinely sad.

“Babe, you’ve slept well enough for the last fifteen years.” Xena tried to comfort her.

“That was before I knew who I really was. Do you know what the first thing I did when I woke up this morning?” Xena didn’t answer she just shook her head. “I called for you. You weren’t there beside me so I figured that you must be in the kitchen burning breakfast or something worse. So I called for you so I could stop you and make you breakfast instead.” She looked as sad as she felt. “I didn’t sleep in so I wanted to make you breakfast.” She smiled a little sad smile and a tear fell.

“Oh Gabrielle don’t. Ssshhh, please don’t… I can’t… touch you from here.” That’s when Xena decided. She was going to spend the night with Gabrielle. “Okay honey, listen to me…” She laid out her plan to her beloved.

Less than ten minutes later she was tapping on Gabrielle’s window. The window alarm had been shut off by Gabrielle and the GEV unit had been sworn to secrecy. Xena crawled in the window and onto Gabrielle’s bed. The GEV automatically reactivated the alarm and darkened the window. Gabrielle pulled the curtains down to block out any sight from outside.

They quickly got dressed into their nightshirts and crawled under the covers together. Xena was next to the wall so if someone came in she could be hidden with pillows and stuffed animals. She scooted down deep under the covers and Gabrielle curled up next to her and wrapped an arm around her.

“I still can’t get over how cute you are at this age.” Gabrielle said sleepily but contentedly as well. 

“I’ll give you cute.” She said in mock anger.

“Mmm, please do.” Gabrielle wasn’t joking.

“Oh I will dear, but not tonight.” She pulled her beloved closer.

“Promises, promises… in the dark.” She quoted the old song.

Xena poked her and when she let out a little yelp Xena shushed her. In response Gabrielle did what she had wanted to do all day long. She pulled herself up onto an elbow and leaned her head down so she could place a long sensual kiss onto Xena’s receptive lips. ‘Now here’s a person that knows how to kiss.’ She thought to herself as the kiss went on and on and their hands started to roam.

Xena pulled her lips away from Gabrielle’s. “Babe, not tonight.” She could barely control herself. Gabrielle’s lips and hands were very insistent and her body was getting into the mood now as well. They may be in teenage bodies but they remembered how to do everything. “Babe… ohhh, babe you are not making this easy.”

“Good” Was the muffled reply that Xena heard with only one ear since that was where the mouth was that said it.

“Babe, this is not the place. What if your mother walks in?”

“Don’t care.” This was delivered in a husky voice and in a matter of fact tone.

“Gabrielle, ohhh, honey… please stop and think for just a minute with something above your waist.” It was getting really hard to think with her mind too. Had she been a man she would have been long past coherent thought. “Gabrielle, if Cadence catches us this way she will forbid us seeing each other ever again. Unless you suddenly want to let everyone know that we’re here… for the sake of one night of pleasure that we can have in freedom tomorrow night.” She really hoped that this argument got through because she didn’t think that she would be able to come up with another one or even want to. Her little Warrior Bard had many talents.

Gabrielle’s hands stopped what they had been doing and her body followed suit. She looked up from Xena’s chest at the baby blues that she loved so much. “You had better make good tomorrow Xena.” She kissed her lover’s lips lightly and laid her head down on her chest.

“I will… don’t worry… trust me.” Xena had to really control her thoughts and her hands now. Gabrielle had succeeded in switching quite a few buttons to the on position in a very short time.

Gabrielle crawled up on top of Xena and found her favorite sleeping spot and was getting comfortable. Xena pulled the covers back up and wrapped her arms around Gabrielle. Thankfully they were asleep a few minutes later.