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Epilogue: A Final Request   

An hour or so later the three siblings were standing by the roadway once again. The air between them was clear of any anger or mistrust. They were full of love and admiration for one another.   

“Earlier you said that giving us this map was only one of the reasons why you came here today. Was the redemption of Xena the other or was that just an added bonus?” Gabrielle asked as delicately as she could. Even at that Xena was giving her a sideways look that spoke volumes.   

“Father was right… you are a perceptive one aren’t you Gabrielle?” Jesus smiled while Gabrielle blushed. “No, there is one more thing that I came here for today. I have a request.” For the first time Jesus seemed a bit embarrassed.   

“A request… for whom?” Gabrielle asked while unconsciously intertwining both of her hands into one of Xena’s, sandwiching Xena’s hand between her own.   

The movement did not escape his notice. “For you both… you see I have an army. It is the largest army that the world has ever seen. It is made up of every person that has ever believed in our Father. It is broken up into two sections; one section is comprised of the children of Abraham and those that lived before I was born that believed in Him. The other section is comprised of those that believe in Him and are His children because of what I did. I have mixed a group of people together that would feel very comfortable following either of you into battle. I would ask you, as the Supreme Commander over this army if the two of you would consent to be Generals and lead this small group of people under my command in the last battle.”
Xena crinkled her brow. “The last battle… with who?”
Jesus smiled mischievously. “That’s with whom…”
Xena cocked her head to the side in confusion while Gabrielle stifled a giggle. That’s when Xena got it. “Very funny.” She said in a disgusted tone.
Jesus smiled and blushed a little. “I’m sorry Xena. My mother was constantly correcting my grammar.” He shook his head recriminating himself. “You’ll like the last battle. That’s when we get to fight evil in all of its manifestations… including Alti and those souls that are like her.”
“Hhhmm sounds good. What happens after the fight?” Xena sounded excited.
“After the fight we have a party and then after that… it’s a secret. But believe me it will be good.” Jesus was just as excited as Xena. “So what do you say, will you lead these battalions for me?”
Both Xena and Gabrielle smiled. They stole a quick look at one another and in their unspoken language they agreed.
“We would be honored to accept your offer, my Lord.” Xena said, then she bowed her head and Gabrielle mimicked her actions.
“Wonderful, I will pencil you in so to speak. Now I must take my leave of you and you need to prepare to travel once again.” He smiled and began to back away from them only to stop himself. He turned to look Gabrielle in the eyes. “I understand that you would like to meet Joshua.”
Gabrielle’s eyes lit up at the prospect. “Yes, yes I would!”
“I have marked his homestead on your map. Go and visit him. He loves to tell stories.” Jesus started to walk away, waving behind him as he walked.
“May I ask who we will be leading when the time comes?” Gabrielle called out to him as he walked away.
He smiled mischievously to himself and said, “Who else Gabrielle, Greeks and Amazons! Greeks and Amazons.”
“But what of the Martians?” Gabrielle could not help herself she felt responsible for them.
Jesus turned back and shook his head in dismay. “Do you not think that there are perhaps one or two leaders among all of your offspring that could lead the Martians?” He was still shaking his head. “You can’t do everything Gabrielle. Leave something for someone else.” He smiled and turned to walk away. “You’ll have your hands full with the Greeks and Amazons.”