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Forever, Love
Amelia Earhart: Life after 1937
By: Teresa M Shafer
Amelia Earhart

"To begin with only abnormal people do not know fear. I can never remember being afraid... as to the air, I am doing a job. I am at work. If something goes wrong I am too occupied in trying to correct it, to bother with thoughts. As to thrills. If I ever had any they were these: seeing the sun rise as I came over the Continental Divide and down into the beautiful valley of Salt Lake City... or flying with the stars for company over the stretches of the Pacific... these have been my thrills... beauty." A. E.

I have seen your eyes at dawn beloved
dark with sleep
And lying on your breast—have watched
the new day creep
Into new depths, putting aside old shadows
spun by night
To show again the lovely living colors
of your sunlit sight
Amelia Earhart

My Muse, whoever she may be, gave me the last chapter of this story... in vivid Technicolor detail.
I had not thought of Ms. Earhart in quite some time. I had never imagined writing a book about her, and I most certainly would never have guessed in a thousand lifetimes, that the story would be like this. This is my 'only' love story as such. All of my stories contain elements of love but, they are not centered around it like this one.
When I sat down and wrote the final chapter, I knew as I wrote, the story that would lead into this final chapter would be extensive and sweeping and so it is. This story, like so many, flowed out of my mind, through my fingers and onto the page without any help from me whatsoever.
I could hear Amelia's voice speaking when I wrote her dialog. It wasn't the canned flat voice that can be heard on old news reels. It was alive and warm and expressive. I felt, as I wrote, that Amelia could and did live again and would forever. I don't know if I have somehow captured her soul in these pages, but as I wrote them I believed that I had, and when I read the story again, I believed again.
Perhaps you will believe as well.
In this book Amelia doesn't die in 1937. She is rescued by an odd new friend, and with that friend she begins a new life. In this life she isn't a slave to fame or marketing. In her new life she is the master, and yet all she wants is the one thing that she never truly found before... love. Amelia wants to give and have true love. But, after she has found it, she has to win the right to keep it.
She and her true love find themselves in a game. It is a game run by godlike beings that require proof of love's indelible bond. They have chosen Amelia and her love as their gamers, and once the game begins there is no way out except to reach the end alive or die trying.

Who Wants to Live Forever?
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