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My Life in a Nutshell
By: Cindy Pimentel
Cindy Pimentel is a fresh and talented up and coming poet. This first book is full of heart and emotion. The energy released on these pages is raw and consuming. It feels as you read her work, as if she has ripped out her heart and soul and left them on the pages for you to devour!
There are no half assed or weak words of prose offered here. No, Miss Pimentel has given you her very deepest thoughts and emotions and asked nothing from you in return.
My Life in a Nutshell comes in two forms. The original publication is complete with all of the original poetry and a wide selection of family photographs as well as other graphic pictures. 

The second version of of this amazing book is called My Life in a Nutshell: Just the Nuts. As the name suggests Just the Nuts contains only the amazing poetry without any of the corresponding pictures.