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The Witch Wars
By: Teresa M. Shafer
We as a race always knew it would happen, we just didn't know when. We knew that we would eventually deplete the natural resources of the planet Earth. It was inevitable that we would take more from her than we could give back. So when it finally happened we were not suprised or even really sorry. We just packed our bags and left.
What humanity left behind were those few hundred thousand people that believed they could help to heal the damage that was left behind. They lived without the benefit of most modern technologies. None of the mind numbing electronics were allowed to remain. Those that stayed wanted to work with the land, they had no time for mindless games or pointless studies.
These remnants separated into small groups that lived on every continent but one. They toiled and worked and built a new civilization and the Earth slowly healed.
But as luck would have it, when all is going well something will inevitably happen to screw it all up. So it was with the growing populations of Earth.
One day the sun shone bright and the day was fresh and inviting. Unfortunately an unexpected guest accepted the invitation. They were the Winiks. They were running from an enemy across the stars. They had engine trouble and stopped off at planet Earth looking for respite.
Their persuers, the Zalens also had engine trouble but they also had braking problems. They crashed onto the planet.
After their initial contact the Winiks decided that they liked the planet and they wanted it for their own. They began a decades long war with the inhabitants. Their technology did something that Human technology had never been able to do. It found and flushed out the other two sentient races that called Earth home. It found the Dwarven race hiding in the caves below the surface and the Sinarri race hiding in the forest ring near the North Pole. Both races were forced from their homes and both chose to join with the Humans that were on the old European continent.
From that base the four separate races the Humans, the Sinarri, the Dwarves and the Zalyns fought off the Winiks at every turn.
The Winiks were stronger and could easily overrun the four races. But they did not. Instead they released a toxin into the air in the hopes that the Earthlings would become mindless robots. But their plan did not work as expected. Instead of making their enemy's minds more malable they made them more powerful.
After exposure, many Humans became Witches, many Sinarri became clarvoiant and many Dwarves were made nearly animalistic. The Winiks could control none of them. Having been thwarted they turned to plan B and the war continued without an end in sight.
Michael's Folly
In Book one of the series the earthlings, Human, Dwarf and Sinarri must learn to work together or die together. Their efforts give birth to a new order on the planet. Meanwhile Michael Seanain has his own ideas about what should be given life and he might just be right.
The Urchin and the Cherub
In this second volume we follow the early adventures of the young twins as they grown into their powers and attempt to come to terms with who and what they are. Kira tries desperately to not be a sociopath while Fallyn tries not to be constantly overwhelmed by her emotions.
Be there when they confront their mother's killer and bury that part of their lives... literally.
The Tiger and the Wolf
Here in book three we experience the thrill of the ride watching Kira and Fallyn come into their own. They learn how to deal with their added power and responsibility. Fallyn will wrest the power from her Aunt's hand and Kira will decide exactly what kind of person she is going to be.
Fallyn's World
In this fourth installment the war against the Winiks comes to a head. Kira takes a back seat to her older sister while Fallyn tries despirately to live up to their mother's expectations. She will either succeed or she will die and take the planet with her.