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Veteran of the Silent War
The Battle of an Abused Child
By: Katherine M Cahill

Little Calisto is only five years old. Her mother has just died from a tragic fall down the stairs. Calisto and her younger sister Monica are left with their loving father. It's not an ideal situation but it can be made to work if only the love of their father did not carry such a high price.
Philip Stewart is a man who loves his family, especially his dear Cali who looks so much like her mother. But what he has been taught about love from his demented and twisted mother is not what your average child learns. He loves little Cali every chance he gets.
Cali's life is turned upside down and yet for the sake of her sister she must endure the ridicule, the beatings and the rape or Monica will be next. Like most children she detaches her mind from the horror that her body must endure and yet her mind does not fracture instead it plots and plans and waits for the day when an opportunity will present itself.
Along the way Cali finds comfort with two people, little Connie who is the daughter of a Political refugee, and the wraith of Cali's own mother, Patricia. With her mother's council Cali is able learn how to outsmart her abusers and use their torture to improve her situation. The steadfast friendship of Connie gives Cali a rock to which she attaches her life line. With only these two things and an extraordinary strength of will to survive intact Cali braves a childhood of unspeakable horrors and finds a way to not only survive but to win.
Cali's story is a compilation of dozens of true stories and imagination. It is in its entirety a work of fictionany resemblance to any person or any person's story is purely coincidental.
In this story Teresa tries to give a tragic life a silver lining. Cali is horribly abused in every manner imaginable and yet is able to keep her mind and her wits in one piece. She does not come away undamaged but she uses what others might consider despicable skills and unsavory situations to her benefit as much as is humanly possible.
Cali's story is one of strength in the face of adversity and the making of lemonade out of rotten moldy lemons and making it the best one has ever had. Make no doubt about it Cali is a warrior. She goes to battle every day without any body armor and sometimes without any clothing at all. The only weapon that she has is her mind and her words. Her back up consists of a girl her own age and a ghost that cannot directly affect the world of the living. Yet Cali bravely goes to battle every single day against an unrelenting and unrepentant foe.
Follow her story in this first book of a new series,The Life of Calisto Gabrille Casey.