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Xena and Gabrielle
Outside the Box
By: Teresa M. Shafer
I am an avid Xena and Gabrielle fan. Since the beginning I have watched and rewatched the Mycenae Heroes fight bad guys, right wrongs, save the innocent, thwart and kill the Gods and live under that tantalizing sub text that never quite made it into real text.
Like most Xena fans I never wanted it to end and even though the comics, the books, the graphic novels and even the fan written on line continuations resurrected our beloved Xena none of them really satisfied my desire to see them live on. Don't get me wrong, I loved all of the stories and pictures that went along with all of that. But the one thing that never changed through it all was their location.
In the show they realized that Xena and Gabrielle had traveled the known world once already and needed a 'new' start. That's when Ares intervened and they took a 25 year nap. I personally thought that it was a work of genius. But they did several other things in the show that were even greater works of genius.
I'm talking about the connection that they made with the 'soul mate' and 'reincarnation' ideas. I'm sure any Xena fans reading this will remember that our heroes were told that they had lived before and would continue to live in the future... to confront and battle the evil that is Alti. The original writers inferred that Xena and Gabrielle had been fighting Alti for some time and they told us all that they would fight her again. In the show they pushed them through time via the Mhendi and then through soul possession of their descendants (which opens up an entirely different discussion about when and where did Gabs have children, besides Hope?) then they reincarnated and cloned our heroes into the 20th Century.
I have taken this idea of possession of the bodies of their descendants and reincarnation to the next level. When we last saw our heroes battling Alti they were less than themselves and in such a diluted form could not have known that simply electrocuting the witch would not destroy her essence forever.
So to bring my thoughts together, I could not and would not accept the death of dear Xena but neither could I allow her and Gabs to wander through the ancient world forever. In my own books; Honor Bound, Alti's Odium and Endings and Beginnings, I have brought our heroes forward in time and off of the earth all together.
In Honor Bound I explain how their descendants have survived and even flourished on the terraformed planet of Mars. I tell Gabby's story after Xena dies in Japa and how she does not return.
It begins after 700 years of separation, Xena and Gabs find themselves in the bodies of two of their descendants on Mars. They must find out who they are and what they can do before they must find and kill Alti.
In Alti's Odium our heroes are once again thrown into bodies of their children's children but this time their is a disturbing difference. Their entire day or life starts out on a morbid slant. They awaken deep in enemy territory and must find their way out before they can even think about finding Alti. But Alti is waiting for them this time around and if they're not careful she will win the day.
In Endings and Beginnings I give Xena and Gabs something that they haven't had for thousands of years and the time to repair and correct the errors of the past. In this book they confront Alti but they also confront a thousand other things that must be dealt with for them to have the happy ending that they and all of their fans want.
In the final book I also leave it wide open for a thousand, thousand stories to be written about our heroes. Perhaps some of you would like to take a stab at expanding the story?
I do not own the rights to the Xena logo or name or any of that stuff and I am not trying to impinge upon the owners rights with my work. I'm just a fan trying to give my heroes a better ending.
Because I don't own the rights I can't sell these books. So I have placed them here, feel free to read them, print them and otherwise enjoy them but do not sell them and do not copy them, because even though I don't own the rights to 'Xena' I do own the rights to these pieces of work. I put them here for everyone to enjoy for free.
I think that these would make great movies. Renee and Lucy could play either or both parts. The possessed or the possessor. I think that they would be good as the possessed that way they can hand off the reins of the characters to other actresses and the story could be born again so to speak. Let me know what you think. I value your feedback. Either email me or Blog me. Thanks and ..... Battle On Xena!!!!
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