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Working on new books

Well here I am a few weeks into my new web business. I have been working hard on Martha's book and Cindy's book. Cindy has decided that she would like to see a June 1st release date. I told her that the date is totally attainable.
Cindy wants to focus on the people, places and things that inspired her work. With that view in mind her book will have a center section of photos of her family both immediate and ancestrial.
Work on Martha's book is completely different. The author of the poetry has passed away and it is her nephew that is compiling the work. The book has been transformed many times as he and I and then his sister have brainstormed and formed the book from those ideas.
Originally it was only to be a small book with Martha's poetry in it to be sold to her family. But it has metamorphasized into a large coffee table style family photo album that is highlighted and beautifully punctuated by Martha's unique poetry.
I find it rewarding and fun to see a book take shape from a pile of old photographs and stack of handwritten poems. The true reward will be when the author or customer sees the work for the first time in its completed form. I love to see their eyes light up with pleasure. It's the best accolade that anyone could hope for.
I can't wait to actually hold both of them in my hands.

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Teresa on Friday, July 01, 2011 6:15 PM
I just finished Cindy's book and submitted it for review. It will be released in just a few weeks. Look for the contest that will give some lucky fans free autographed copies!
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Mal on Thursday, March 15, 2012 6:09 PM
Hi, I would like to comment on the book "is Homosexuality a sin" by T Shafer. I read the book and I found it extremely all over the place! It is incorrect in its assumption that Homosexuality is not sin. To suggest that is absolutely ludicrous and unscriptural and the points and references that Ms Shafer uses are ridiculous! Homosexuality is plain and simple sin in its act and in its choice of lifestyle which is totally contrary to God's ordained use of sexual relations outside of the only acceptable form of marriage which is between 1 man and 1 woman and anything outside of this is plain and simply 'sin' just as adultery and fornication is 'sin' and to say otherwise is total ignorance and misinterpretation of Holy Scripture no matter what worldly sources you may quote!
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Teresa on Thursday, March 15, 2012 10:35 PM
Hi Mal, Thank you for your comment. I am intrigued that you actually read the book considering your position on the subject. I applaud you, you were at least open enough to read the opposition despite your personal beliefs. I'm not going to bother arguing my point, you've already read it and you are still unconvinced. I would like to say that I too held your belief for most of my life until I took the time to research the topic. The Bible convinced me otherwise. But again I thank you for your comment.
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