Day one... again
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Day one... again

I'm not really very good at blogging, the word 'blog' sounds like something you would do on the toilet and hence gives me a rather unpleasant feeling. However blogs seem to be very popular and I have recently been told by a dear friend that I really need to utilize this blog, so here it goes.
I am often asked 'How do you write a book?' That is a very good question and when I figure it out I'll let you know. What I do know is this. My first book, "Is Homosexuality a Sin?" basically wrote itself. It is a research book and has very little literary creativity in it. I simply took the information and wrote it into a logical format. I followed the formatting style that I am accostomed to reading in all of the research books and articles that I have read throughout the years. Hence it was as easy as writing a recipe, A + B mixed with C = Done.
Other books are not as simple to explain. I will try by telling you how I wrote the first literary book. It is called "Fallyn's World". First let me tell you the circumstances I was in. It was October and I was told by my Doctor that I needed to have my Gall Bladder out. We set the appointment for the first of November.
After the operation I was not going anywhere. I was extremely uncomfortable and bored out of my skull. One can only watch so much TV before ones I.Q. begins to decline. I was checking out a new program sponsored by Amazon, looking for a way to get my first book IHAS published. I found a contest. The contest was simple, write a book of at least 50,000 words in one month. At the end of the month submit the manuscrip, uncut and unedited for review and see if you can win a contract. I didnt win the contract but I did open up a whole new world of writing for myself, so in a way I won much more than a contract.
'But how did you start it?' That's what you're asking right? I sat down and stared at my computer for what seemed like days and finally I just started writing. I started with a woman who was very angry for being kept waiting for days to see some high ranking Official. We've all been there, maybe not for days but at a Doctor's office when you're sick it seems like days. It was easy to describe her frustration and anger. Then I set her loose and by the time she was blasting open the doors to the Officer's office she was a full fledged Witch. Before she left the Officer she was the Officer's sister and a story of twins, one magical and the other not began. The world they lived in was complicated and dangerous and under seige and they would either be the salvation of the planet or its doom.
From 'Fallyn's World' sprang three other books by popular demand. The tale of the twins needed a beginning I was told so I sat down and wrote that beginning. Each book became more detailed and richer in content. New characters were imagined to be a part of the lives of my twins and 'Fallyn's World' was edited many times over so that my new characters could be included and the girls could have memories of events from the other books. I love it when authors link their books together. Anne McCaffree was one of the greats at doing this. She had many series' and the majority of them linked with each other even though they occured on different planets. She linked an entire universe. 'Fallyn's World' did not go that far but it did cause me to stretch across generations and a miriad of intertwining events, beings and races. Maybe some day I'll continue their story, I have part of it in my head. But not today. Today I'm writing someone elses story and am in the middle of book #6... I think it's going well.
I'll try to blog two or three times a week. If you have questions or comments please feel free.

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Teresa on Saturday, October 06, 2012 3:22 PM
Well nobody has commented, but to be honest I didnt really expect a comment. It's not like I've been overly consistant in this blog thing. Perhaps as I give it more effort others will find a desire to engage me. I read my last entry and realized that with all my talk I didnt really tell you much about how I wrote that first story. I started out by thinking of something I was familiar with, i.e. waiting for no apparent reason. Now I'm not a patient person. If you ask people that I know they will tell you that I am the most patient person that they know and they will not be lying. But I only appear patient because I am trying so hard to contain myself. Anyway I took that experience that I am familar with, waiting and becoming impatient. Then I designed a character that seemed appealing to me, a woman, because being a woman I can better describe what she might think or do. Finally I decided to allow this character, this woman to act upon her anger and frustration. She is allowed to storm down the hall, in silence and eventually blow the doors off (literally) of the office where the person that has kept her waiting is currently located. I made them sisters at the last minute so I could give the event a little more shock value and to give it a bit of comic relief as well. I also made the reason for the wait to be simple, "I forgot you were here", was the sister's excuse for keeping the impatient one waiting. I wrote Fallyn's World for a contest as I said, that contest is coming up again and I'm considering a new challenge. Those that read the original draft of Fallyn's World overwhelmingly asked for more. They wanted to know who the girls were and where they had come from. So I wrote the other books. Now I'm thinking of combining the books into one book and pitching the idea to Daw books. I have a friend working on a cover and I will soon be working on a full manuscript for the entire collection. I'm kind of stuck right now trying to think of a title for them all. Anyway that's all I got for today. I've got a ton of things to do before work tonight. Have a great day.
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Teresa on Friday, October 12, 2012 10:43 AM
Wow, has it been 6 days already? Now I can see why a blog can get away from someone. So first off I apologize for the format of the last entry. Not to self, do not blog when you are having connection problems. I'm surprised it even uploaded. I'm still trying to think of a working title for the compilation of those four books. I had a series title but upon reflection, I don't like it anymore than I like the present title of the first book. I mean "Birthing Pains" is the perfect description of what is happening in the book but the word "Birthing" is ardurous and it sounds wrong in some way. I don't know, the book is about the birthing of the twins but it is more about the birthing of a new beginning for the human race on planet earth. It's about the birthing of four distinct factions within the whole and how those factions will become the ruling bodies of a newly formed community. All of that being said, "Birthing" is still an awkward word despite it's more than applicable application. Hence why I'm renaming it "Michael's Folly". It's easier to say and although not as applicable it still has some relevance, more than a little relevance actually. Michael is the father of the twins and although it sounds obvious that he was responsible for their existance such a simple piece in the plot line would have been monotonous. So Michael is their father only because he made certain that the Doctors used his sperm in the experiments. It was his magical ability that he wanted passed along after all. But the twins were not exactly what he had been hoping for, they were both more and less what he had the Doctors design. I love the twins far more than Michael would have. Had he had his way one of them would never have lived long enough to have her chromosones duplicated, but the Doctor in charge was running his own experiment and Michael was just a means to an end. In these four books I nurture the twins and help them to grow up into the dynamic force that humans of the future need to survive extinction. Along the way I have plenty of help from other humans and elves as well. But in the end it is the twins themselves that make the discoveries that make them who they are. With all this in mind you can see why it is so difficult to come up with a single title that will adaquitly describe my girls and their tumultuous birth and childhood and their inevitable standoff with aliens. Any ideas?
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Teresa on Thursday, October 18, 2012 10:26 PM
So it's nearly Halloween and I'm considering attending a party. I remember the last Halloween party I attended. It was at a bar called "Faces" in Kearney, Nebraska. I lived just down the street from it. I went as Dracula's bride. Thinking back on that party, my costume definately was not a good choice if I wanted to attract someone of the opposite sex. At the time I was angry that I was not "in demand" and a bit jealous that my roommate, who was not as cute as me, was getting all the attention. I had done her makeup and found her costume after all so why was she getting all the attention? She went as a pussy cat... do the math. Today as I look back I think that I chose the right costume subconciously. I didnt really want to get the attention. Oddly enough I never have wanted the spotlight. I enjoy being in the shadows most of the time. This lack of desire to be in the limelight is probably why I find it so hard to blog. Blogging requires some transparency and some exposure. To say that I am a private person would be grossly understating the truth. Yet here I am writing a blog. I have to ask myself why? The answer to why seems simple, I'm an author now and if I want people to know that I'm an author and that my books are worth their time to read then I need to put myself out there in the front and sometimes under the spotlight. Oddly enough once upon a time I could stand up in front of literally hundreds and speak. But I was not speaking of personal things, I was teaching from the Bible. That's a simple topic. By it's very nature it separates the speaker from the topic, it is God's word, not mine. It automatically demands respect for the very same reason and it will be read even if it is not understood. But to put my own work out there on the same type of stage is a much more frightening affair. For by its very nature my own work draws the emphasis and spotlight sqarely back onto me, the author. My work might be read but then I am subject to criticism and critique and more spotlight. Is it worth it? Is it worth it to open my proverbial doors and allow people to see me just to sell a few books? Upon reflection I have to say 'Yes' it is worth it, because my books are worth the time to read. That's my opinion anyway and I hope that someday it will be your's as well.
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Teresa on Friday, October 26, 2012 4:37 PM
I really hate how this thing runs all of my nicely formatted paragraphs together. I guess I have to call Vista to see if there's a way around it. So anywsy I might as well stop trying to make nice paragraphs and write like a third grader. Speaking of third graders has anyone else ever noticed at the vocabulary of the Microsoft Office spell checker is about third grade level? I ended up purchasing Babylon and installing it so that my computer wasn't intellectually challenged. It does make me wonder however why I've never seen a program by Microsoft that would increase the intelligence of their Office program. It seems like it would be a no brainer marketing ploy. Lots of extra money from people like me that communicate on a more intelligent level... well most of the time. Changing gears and proverbial paragraphs, I spent three hours this morning getting a new tattoo. It's really amazing! Check it out in my pictures section. The face is the generic face of my soul mate, the butterfly/tiger is me, the vines are my life, the leaves are events in that life. Eventually I will expand it with more vines and small butterflies with the initials of those peopel that I have lost over the years on the wings. It already looks amazing but when it is done it will look spectacular! Anyway I'm a busy little bee this evening so I'll sign off early. Perhaps I will have time tomorrow to write again.
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Teresa on Friday, November 02, 2012 8:45 AM
I don't know about you but who would have ever thought that New York would get blasted like New Orleans did? What a horrible tragedy! My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by that storm, not just New York but up and down the entire east coast. Mother Nature sure can wreak some havok when she puts her mind to it. In other news I have entered the National November Novel Contest again. And I'm very excited about the book that I am writing for the contest. My hero is a young lady that has grown up in the streets and sewers (literally) of the Capital city of a large kingdom. She is trained by the man that raised her to be an assassin. After his death she runs into some trouble in the city and must leave so she takes up a quest, along with a hundred others to retrieve a stolen object for the King. The object could be anywhere in the World and my hero Cheoba (pronounced like Sheba) knows nothing about much of anything. The world turns out to be so much more than she could have ever imagined. So I'm not going to ruin the ending or even the middle for you. I'm just going to keep writing. The contest is to see if you can write 50,000 words in a month, I think I've mentioned it before. This contest is how I got started in writing novels. It's on right now and I think that they're still accepting entrants. If you have even a little desire to try writing this is the contest for you. There are thousands of people writing and lots of local support no matter where you live. It is truly a wonderful experience. I encourage anyone that wants to write even just one novel or just a story to enter. Okay, I'm off to write more for Cheoba.
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Teresa on Monday, November 12, 2012 4:11 PM
Wow, sorry for not writing. I've been pretty consumed with my new book. The NaNo contest is a bit demanding. Last time I entered this contest I was stuck at home with nothing better to do than write. This time however I seem to be having some trouble. My trouble is not with time so much as it's with substance for the novel. I know where I want it to go but he journey there is a bit fuzzy. My fears of not finishing in time are more focussed on having more story than will fit in the time frame than not enough story. Hence I'm not writing much. Last night I managed to break a bit of a barrier. I just kept writing until the story began to move foward. This made me feel much better about my story. On other fronts I have been foiled in my plan to use Cross Fit to regain my former level of fitness. My Doctor has forbidden me from going, well forbidden is a strong word. What she said was I would not be doing myself any favors if I went. Her reasoning is simple and accurate. I would jump right in without regard to my healing shoulder and probably tear it again. So I have to return to the gym on my own. This is not sucha horrible thing. I've done it before and once I started again I did realize that my shoulder is limiting me a great deal. But it was moving righ along... until last night when I had to move an object that was far too heavy for me to be moving and I felt my shoulder pull. I dont think it tore again, but it might have tore more... the Doc thinks that there might be another tear that the initial MRI didnt catch. I think she just might be right. My shoulder burned all night at work and now that it's morning (for me) again it actually hurts again but only in one single spot, a spot coincidentally that I have been babying for months. Damn! Doc might be right, I should set my sights on the Cross Fit games of 2014. In the mean time I need to run more as my weight is beginning to increase a bit. Being injured and getting old is not fun! I advise strongly against both. Have a great day!
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Teresa on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 11:53 AM
Wow, thank you so much for your compliments and please extend my thanks to your friend that shared my site with you.

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Teresa on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 6:19 PM
Helping others is always a good goal. Thanks for reading.

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