Feeling good about myself
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Feeling good about myself

Okay, so I should clear something up about my writing my book while at work. I do my job at work, when I have time I write. So what I do is try to finish my work so that I have some uninterrupted time to write. When that carefully scheduled time is interrupted I get, I think, understandably annoyed. I have always excelled at finishing my work early. In school for example it was normal for me to finish my homework from the previous class in the present class while I took notes. This is not abnormal for me. Just to clear that little thing up.
So when I am finished with my work I will once again try to sort through this amazingly packed chapter from which I have already taken out five new chapters and have another waiting for its time in the sun. I am going to lean away from Lena and Rosaleen in the hospital and focus upon Rolf and K'ili on the battlefield and in the bedroom. I need to give them more attention, they will after all be the defacto parents of my girls. I also think that I should give my villians, the Winiks a bit more air time, or paper time as it were. I'm just not sure how to do that. I dont really want to make Winik characters, the story is not about them in any manner. But... perhaps I should just pull an idea from Fallyn's World and write in a few extraordinary battles or just one battle that shows the contrast from the old regime to the new. Hmmm.... that could work.
I have to admit in this different style of writing it is more difficult to keep things organized and on track. I often have to go back and read what my present character had been doing before to see if I am repeating or worse if I am assuming that I already said something and didnt.
Interestingly though it is easy to keep a character in character. I have no trouble slipping from one character to another and hearing their voice in my head and anticipating their responses to things. It does become a bit of a challenge when there are several characters in a scene but a read through after it is written corrects any flaws or mistakes that I make.
If this book or this series goes absolutely nowhere, it will have been worth the writing. It was Fallyn's World that opened the flood gates to begin with. I find it to be poetic that it is the series that I wrote around that first book that is now teaching me how to expand my abilities, once again. Some people spend their entire lives saying that they're going to write a novel some day and they never do it. Others want to write their memoirs, and never do it. My books may not be on the New Yorks best seller lists today, but someday they might. Had I not written them they would never stand a chance. But they are written and even if I never see them go anywhere I will always have the satisfaction of knowing that I wrote them. It's a fulfilling feeling and it's all because of a contest and a book that I called Fallyn's World.
Be good to each other.

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