Are God and science mutually exclusive?
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Are God and science mutually exclusive?

Are God and science mutually exclusive? I know that I wrote yesterday that I believed that they are, however I think that I might have misspoke. Neither is exclusive of the other, for they both exist. First off what does "Mutually exclusive" mean? "being related such that each excludes or precludes the other". It suggests that they cancel each other out.
I meant to say that they are mutually inclusive, in other words they are comprehensive and all-encompassing of each other. Now what the heck does that mean? Basically it means that they need each other to exist. But upon reflection that isn't right either. God doesn't need science to exist. Science does however, need God.
A scientist will tell you that neither they nor their vocation need God, but then why do they spend so much time trying to debunk his existence? As for people of the godly faith it may be possible that they need science but I thing that would be a more personal thing than a universal one.
Back to the original question, are faith and science irreconcilable?
There are some scientists, archeological scientists to be exact that spend their time trying to prove God. The put out a magazine and have a wonderful website. Their goal is to excavate places where according to the Bible things biblical in nature took place, such as Jericho. Now Jericho is considered to the oldest city on the planet that has been continuously settled for centuries. One city built upon the other and different peoples lived there, but they did live there. According to the Bible Jericho was the fortified city that Joshua needed to go through in order to get the children of Israel to the promised land. Jericho does in fact hold a key location between Egypt (or the path from Egypt) and Canaan. Jericho was also a heavily fortified city with amazing battlements and fortifications that would make any army of the ancient world think twice about attacking. But again according to the Bible all Joshua needed to do was pound a drum while walking around the city a number of times and then blow a horn and the walls fell down.
When archeologists, and be assured that these men and women do not taint the evidence with their opinions or skew the test studies to prove their theories, when they started excavating Jericho they found that the walls of Jericho had indeed fallen or more specifically had been swallowed by a rift in the earth that is usually caused by an earth quake. The region does have earthquakes and they do make holes in the ground. Did this happen when Joshua did his ceremony? The carbon dating does put the earthquake in the general time period, but an anyone tell that it happened on the day? Of course not, but the evidence (of which there is more) does throw doubt on the theory that the Bible is just a book of fanciful stories.
Other scientists have taken it upon themselves to prove that natural phenomenon is responsible for things like the parting of the Red Sea, and the plagues of Moses as well as the fall of Jericho.  But like Jericho is it also possible that God, who is omnipotent would know that some kind of natural occurrence would be coming and timed his miracles to coincide? Why should that sound absurd? Could God not know that a series of odd events would cause the plagues of Egypt, one plague feeding into the next until God finally taking the lives of all the first born. Granted the God of this tale is a vengeful and cruel God, but he is also a God of his word. One could have saved their child if they had only done as he commanded. The plagues affected everyone equally. It was a horrifying time to be in Egypt.
The point is that this area of science actually proves that God is omnipotent. He knows when things are going to happen and simply uses the natural phenomenon to enact a miracle. Why not? To ancient man doing such a thing and claiming credit for something that would have happened anyway was kind of simple. If you knew it was coming you could take credit for it happening. How many movies have you seen where someone travelled in time or space and convinced a younger civilization that an eclipse of the sun was something that they were responsible for and when the local population agreed to whatever that person wanted then they took credit for the sun coming back? The idea is not a new concept. And if we are in the image of God then why cant we claim we got the idea from him? Perhaps the reason that we as a race continually try to play God, in cloning and dozens of other areas is also proof that we were made in his image.
My argument seems to be a bit lopsided. I sound like I am arguing in favor of God and not science. This is not my intent. It is always amazing to me when I see the infinite diversity and intricacy that science discovers. From the tiny microbe to the largest of dinosaurs there is such amazing differences and similarities. I find it difficult to imagine that all of it could have come about through chance and natural selection. Some of it did of course come through natural selection. Dinosaurs died off for a reason, they could no longer survive. Only a few remain and for mammals that was the best news ever for as a group mammals rapidly became the dominant species on the planet, through natural selection. But then again we find ourselves thinking if God is omnipotent then he would have anticipated this event and used it to promote his human over the other ones. According to the story Adam and Eve lived in a garden until they were kicked out for being bad. Then they had to live in the world with all that was in that world. Certain animals also lived in the garden. God never says that they were kicked out. Could there not have been two biospheres on the planet? One, a small garden for two people and the plants and animals that sustained them and one that encompassed the rest of the world where animals and plants grew in a mired of diversity and humans of a type as well? There is much speculation about who Adam and Eve's children married, could this not be one explanation?
I'm not saying that my theories are right, or even close. But I know that they raise questions and they can make a person think outside the box. Tomorrow we'll talk about Eve.
Be good to each other.

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