Was Eve an improvement on Adam?
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Was Eve an improvement on Adam?

Before I jump into today's topic I wish to recap the last two days. The overall topic was, are faith and science irreconcilable? I think that I concluded that they are not irreconcilable. They are in fact quite compatible. If God is the creator of everything then it stands to reason that he also created science, or at the least the need for science. And science whether they wish to prove or disprove the omnipotent being manage to achieve the former whatever they do. I still find it perplexing that so many people find the need to come down on the far side, either side of this discussion but... everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Yesterday I actually got a response on one of the 'hey I updated my blog' blurbs on FB. The responder did not appear to have read the entire blog and it did not seem that they read the previous one either. I say this because the person's response was to take a small sentence from the middle of yesterday's blog, quote it and make a comment about it. This is all well and good except that the comment was out of context, making their comment invalid. The comment suggested that I advocate that every scientist spends their days and careers attacking the premise of God. I have never said that and do not believe that in any way. In fact I believe that I spent a great deal of time yesterday discussing a group of scientists that spend their careers doing just the opposite.
This little incident, if it can be called that has showed me that anyone can be quoted out of context, the practice is not limited to the Bible or to celebrities. I was a little disappointed in the writers comment but thrilled that they bothered to comment at all. So please if you wish to comment feel free, I will be thrilled no matter what you say and your comment might spark a review here and more conversation.
Now to Eve. Yesterday we touched on the topic of the improvement of design. In the Bible when God is creating the heavens and the earth a few anomalous things are mentioned. When read as a whole these things don't tend to stand out, but when nit picking and looking for oddities they glow in the dark. One of those things is the arbitrary mention of cattle and whales. The whales were created on the fifth day and cattle on the sixth then God made man and woman together on the sixth day... what! But wasn't woman made after man? What about that whole thing about being taken from Adam's rib and all that stuff about Adam being alone, where is all of that?
Not surprisingly that is the same question asked by the Jewish community. Now, most of you know that Christianity, originally was an offshoot of Judaism. As such much of what Christians consider holy text is also considered holy text by the Jewish religion. Within the Jewish community there is a group of people that spend a great deal of time exploring apparent discrepancies in their holy text. The five books of Moses of which Genesis where the creation story is written is one of those texts. The apparent confusion about when woman is created is one of those discrepancies.
The Jewish scholars, after having delved deeply into the text decided that God created a woman with Adam and for some reason that woman did not remain with Adam so later God created Eve. Their explanation makes a ton of sense when you put the facts together. On day six the writing clearly shows that man and woman were created together and God told them to repopulate the earth. Later Adam is shown to be alone in the garden and he complains to God and asks for a partner because he doesn't have one. That's when God takes a rib of Adam, something that he did not do with any of his other creations, and makes Eve. Eve is then presented to Adam, not as his mate to repopulate the earth but as his helpmate; as his equal.
The name of the first woman, was Lilith. I will do some research later tonight and get back to you tomorrow on her story. But for now let's look at Eve. If the theory of the Jewish scholars is correct then Eve was actually created after Adam and not together with Adam. This supports the theory that if Lilith for some reason did not work out then God might want to improve on the overall design. Did God find that making two people exactly alike, regardless of sex, made for an unhealthy union? The theory of two women at the dawn of creation seems to support the theory that God made some improvements or at least some changes in Eve that were not present or at least present in a lesser way in Adam.
If you look at men and women today in psychological terms you will find that they are very different. Even if you simply look at the way a woman reacts to a given situation will be very different than the way that a man would react to the same situation. These differences can be categorized on a thousand different ways, but they all boil down to one thing, women have more emotions than men. Well, maybe that's not the best way to say it. Woman probably don't have more emotions, they just show them more and they tend to rely upon their emotions more when they make decisions. This is part of what makes them good mothers. Of course there are many women that are horrendous mothers, but in general, empathy, the ability to feel or at least imagine to a great degree what someone else is feeling or might feel is a woman's greatest asset is she knows how to use it. Men on the other hand generally either don't care or don't have a clue, it never crosses their mind to consider the feelings of someone else when they make a decision.
But is empathy an improvement or a hindrance? I suppose it can be argued in either direction and it would be right in either direction. I think that the addition of empathy and the change in how women utilize their emotions was meant to make man and woman opposites that when working together in a common cause make one whole. The eternal Ying and Yang or soul mates. There are dozens of variations on this theme. I'm not talking about marriage or sexual relationships. Remember when God made Eve he said nothing about repopulating the earth. He said nothing about them being required to be together as a married couple. He spoke of them being partners as help mates. It wasn't until they were expelled from the garden that Eve became Adam's wife. In fact it wasn't until that expulsion that God even named her Eve (the name or word means mother, roughly) Until then the relationship between Adam and Eve is unknown other than they were partners in caring for the garden and the animals and plants that God had put into Adam and the other woman's care.  Eve was never given any such admonition.
This entire argument is of course speculation and is contingent on the theory that God did in fact create a first woman. A woman that for some reason abandoned Adam. But we'll talk about her tomorrow.
Be good to each other.

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