Was Eve the second woman in the garden?
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Was Eve the second woman in the garden?

Where did we leave off... oh yes we were discussion Eve, the woman who was an opposite to Adam and yet at the same time an equal just not the same. But what of this other account of the creation of woman by God? First let's just take a little closer look at the two accounts.
The first account is on the sixth day of creation. Late in the day after God has made the cattle and everything that creeps on the land and gives them their marching orders he turns to making man and woman. In this account he creates them at the same time and admonishes them to go out and repopulate the earth.
The second account takes place in the garden where God has created a little safe zone on the earth where only a select number of animals and then a man is placed. Man is given the stewardship of everything in the garden and then the man Adam names the animals while looking for something to help him out in his duties. He does not find a suitable helper amongst the animals. God realizes that man needs someone to help him so he causes Adam, the man to fall into a deep sleep and then God takes a rib of Adam and he makes Eve. Adam and Eve are not given the command to repopulate the earth or even to populate the garden. In fact Eve is not even given a name until they screw up and are kicked out of the garden. Until that point she is simply called 'the woman' or just 'woman' just as Adam is called 'man' (that's what Adam means 'man'). But Eve does not mean 'woman' it is closer translated to 'mother'.
As I said yesterday the Jewish Rabbis had trouble reconciling these two accounts. They had two solutions, both of which turned into myths and those became religions that were based around the myth. The first was the proverbial ying and yang theory. God actually created a being that had both sides, woman and man in the same creature on the sixth day and later he separated them and created Eve. Hence the belief held by many that we as humans are eternally looking for out other half, our soul mate if you will. Some beliefs are much more literal and believe that we really have been cut in half and part of our journey in life is to reconnect with our severed half.
The second myth created by this apparent discrepancy is the one of a second or more accurately a first wife for Adam. This wife was designated to be his mate, his sexual and reproductive partner where Eve was originally designated to be Adam's helper in the garden. The first wife is not given a name by the original Rabbi's, a name is given to her many centuries later when the Rabbinical theory becomes the myth. That name is Lilith, but we'll get to that in a minute. The interesting part here is that the first wife for whatever reason does not choose to stay with Adam and since she is not confined to a garden she simply leaves. This is part of the reason that God relocates Adam into the garden. Now this first wife when she leaves either is pregnant or takes their children with her because Adam is taken to the garden alone. This would account for the women and men that Adam and Eve's children married later on and it would account for the race of 'children of men' that God is so dead set against right from the gate.
The story of Lilith is not entirely clear. The name was probably taken from one or more sources that mean demon or something just as nasty in several languages. Lilith is portrayed as a woman whose sole purpose to exist is to bring pain to mankind by killing children. The myth has a story that was built around the name. Lilith leaves Adam and goes for some reason to stand beside a river. There she is confronted by three Angels, who she apparently knows. She is told by the Angels that she must return by order of God. She refuses. Now God told the Angels to force her to return but they do not heed his command. Instead they bargain with Lilith. She claims that God created her to kill babies. She claims that he made her so she could kill newborns until they are seven or twelve days old, seven for girls and twelve for boys. She tells the Angels that if they let her go she won't kill any newborns that have one of their names on a medallion around its neck. They agree and leave her alone.
This story is ridiculous on so many levels. First off, why would God tell Lilith to be fruitful and multiply and then tell her to kill the newborns? There's only one woman on the planet! How in heaven's name are they supposed to populate the earth if mom is killing all the newborns? It's not like she's not going to get to them in time... she's their mom! Next, what the hell with the disobedience of the Angels? The last Angels that disobeyed were thrown out of Heaven.... the Angels on Supernatural don't count. Then finally you have the problem of who else's children is she supposed to be killing if she's the only woman?
At any rate the story of Lilith continues from their. She becomes in myth, the demon queen. Her goal is to kill children in their cribs and for a very long time many people warded their newborn children against the touch of Lilith. But her myth did not stop with just that aspect, no of course not, she also became the world's first succubus and she wasn't the fun kind like Bo on Lost Girl. Apparently she was the kind that seduced unsuspecting men who slept alone. I think that's a great excuse for a man to always have someone in his bed, but that's just me.
So, the addition of so much myth behind Lilith aside... is it plausible that God made two women? Or is the second account simply a more detailed account of the first one, like many Christian scholars believe? For a very long time I simply accepted the Christian point of view, but now I'm not so sure. There are far too many different details that cannot be explained away by saying that one is simply more detailed than the other. The first takes place outside the garden. The text is very clear that God is simply populating the land on the sixth day, having populated the seas on the fifth day. Then the command to repopulate is given to all of the animals, including man and the woman, and the command is to repopulate the earth. This suggests that it had been populated before but for some reason was no longer.
The second account is far different than the first. It takes place in a protected area on the earth called the Garden of Eden. It is clear in the account that Adam is alone in the garden. God specifically says, "It is not good that you are alone". So where was the woman that God had made with man?
The second woman was made or fashioned from Adam's rib. Finally she is not to help Adam repopulate the earth, she is only to be his help mate. It's not until they are kicked out of the garden and returned to the rest of the earth that God commands Adam and Eve to live together and have children. There were no children in the Garden. There was no command to populate the garden and no second command to repopulate the earth when they were kicked out. The only thing that God says about it is that Eve will have pain while she gives birth, it is part of her punishment (thanks Eve) the other part of her punishment is that now she is subjugated to man, (again, thanks Eve) Until then she was his equal in all things and she was not meant to have children.
This all brings up the question of time. How much time passed between one thing and the other? There is no way to tell that, but we do know that Adam was over 900 years old when he died. Not all of those years were spent on the earth (you know what I mean), some were spent in the garden. So how many children did he have? A lot, but that's for another time. God's curse to Eve was really worse than it first appears. She literally became a baby factory. Maybe these were the children that Lilith claimed to have the right or the command to kill.
It sounds really crazy I know, how can two women populate the entire earth with only one man? Think about it, to live 900 years meant that Adam had some really good genes, great unblemished DNA. There were no weak or corrupted genes. His children were healthy and could marry their sisters and brothers and reproduce without concern for the problems of inbreeding that we have today. Sick right... but if Lilith had children and Eve had children, then they didn't actually grow up together as siblings and who else were they supposed to mate with, the Neanderthals? Well maybe they did some of that too, fossil records do indicate that there was some cross pollination going on.
Anyway, while reading these passages I found something really interesting that you science minded people might like about man coming out of the sea and the primordial ooze. But that's for tomorrow, I'm going to eat dinner now.
Be good to each other.

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