Creation or Evolution... is that the real question?
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Creation or Evolution... is that the real question?

I decided that I was not going to write about Aliens today... I really hadn't planned on it to begin with but it was fun throwing it out there. Actually I had a whole different topic for today but I'm going to save that one as well.
As I recall we go onto the whole Bible topic through the question of faith and science being irreconcilable or not. I think that both science and the Bible prove that they not only can be reconciled but they actually can compliment one another. I suppose what I really don't understand concerning the subject is why there is even a question. As a person with a scientific mind and background I have never questioned the existence of God and conversely as a person of deep faith I have never questioned science.
When I was a child and saw the inner workings of that poor dissected frog, I mourned for its loss and thanked it for its sacrifice and then I marveled at the amazing workmanship of the creatures body, inside and out. From any view, scientific or faith, a living breathing creature is an amazing feat of engineering (of course my poor frog was not breathing, but you get the idea).
There was another great line in that movie Contact, Matthew asks Jodie, who is a died in the wool Atheist, how it can be easier for her to believe that 6 million people are delusional because they believe in a higher power, (that was a rough compilation of an entire conversation). I have to ask the same thing of those who do not believe. I really don't care what you call him or her but to me the proof is simply undeniable.
I guess it boils down to this; what is easier to believe; that there is an all powerful being that created everything with a plan or that all of this, the world and the heavens just came into being when something exploded? Both parts of that question are simplified but sometimes you need to break it down to the simple parts of something to see how shit works. I guess I just don't understand the argument. I think that both happened, God used an explosion of matter to get the ball rolling so to speak. I don't think that they exclude one another.
Anyway, we've beaten that horse to death. I'm still looking at the Lilith thing. I'm not sure what to think on that account. Having two women certainly would solve a few apparent problems but it would also open up a whole new can of worms. So the jury is still out.
In more informational news... The ELI group is meeting tonight to redefine their goals. You might remember that one of the things I told you about our little march in Carson City was that we learned a few things. One of those things was that our goals were to vague. We need to clarify exactly what it is we want from our Government. It's easy to say that we want tougher penalties for child abusers but what exactly do we want changed... if anything.
I spent some time this past week in preparation for the meeting by reading Nevada law concerning child abuse. I noted several inconsistencies that I would like to see changed. I will present them to the staff of ELI tonight and in turn they will be presented to the Board. We'll see where things go from there.
Right now it's raining in Sparks, where I live. It's raining pretty hard and lightning is flashing and thunder is rolling. I'm going to sign off and enjoy the weather...
Be good to each other.

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