Is Reincarnation real?
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Is Reincarnation real?

The question of reincarnation has been on my mind lately. Thousands of people believe in it and some religions are based upon it. But is it real?
Well let's take a look at it. There are some things that seem to prove reincarnation. The one thing that I think is leaned upon the most as proof of past lives is regression therapy. This is where a subject is hypnotized and the Doctor helps then to regress their memories back beyond their present childhood. It's called taking them beyond the 'blue veil'. People thusly hypnotized recount events and sights as seen through the eyes of a person that they were in a previous life. This has been done with such frequency and has had an adequate number of controls in place for me to view these sessions as somewhat solid scientific evidence.
Now could these regressions simply be evidence of a very active imagination? Yes, I think that they could be. How much are the subjects told of the process before they undergo it? I don't know but I do know that now that I know the process I could manufacture an entire life on the other side of the blue veil if I so desired. But would it manifest itself under hypnosis? I have no idea, I've never been hypnotized. Maybe I will try it some day.
There is other more compelling evidence. There are many accounts just like the hypnotized ones but without having to be hypnotized. Somehow people remember another life. My Uncle was on of those. He swore that he could remember living in Spain a hundred years before he was born into the life he had in the 20th Century. He traveled to Spain and according to him, he recognized certain port cities and could describe them as they had been a hundred years before. I have no idea if this is true, it all happened when I was just a child.
As a person of faith it seems unlikely that I would believe in reincarnation, but the truth is, I do believe in reincarnation. It actually solves a few faith based questions for me.
For example: I'm sure you have either been asked or asked yourself; God says that all that believe will be saved. So what happens to those that never have the opportunity to believe? What happens to the babies taken before they can choose? What happens to the illiterate that never hears the news? Do they all just get thrown into hell? How can that be in any way fair?
Here's what I'm beginning to believe. Since the world began and mankind began to walk upon it; there have been millions of people. Most of the early ones had no opportunity to believe. The title of children of God went only to the sons of Israel. Yet in the Old Testament of the Bible those too were called only servants. That's odd in itself and might be a good topic for another day. For now let's just go with the word 'Children'. I might have to look that up.... Okay... regardless some people were left out of the pie. It wasn't their fault. They had made no choice to not believe, they simply had not been given an opportunity. There was no such thing as a convert to Judaism. In fact God pointedly told his people to not even mingle with other nations let alone convert them. There were some converts as time went on but it wasn't until the time of Christ that converts were becoming more common.
But what of those that were denied a chance to believe? Did God just simply cut them out completely? Is that what you call a benevolent God, a God of love? I don't. It can't be like that if God is a forgiving and loving God, and I'm inclined to believe that he is.
If reincarnation was real then we really are recycled just like some religions believe. We go from one enlightenment to the next, ever learning; as other religions believe. But unlike those religions I don't believe that once we reach a certain point we just stop. I think we continue until we get where we were supposed to be before we got kicked out of the garden. I know that was confusing. Okay... the Jews believe that it was God's plan to have Adam and Eve live in the garden without children until they matured enough to have permission to eat of the tree of knowledge. If they had followed the plan and not jumped the gun then God would have allowed them to eat of the tree of life because then they would have been mature. The tree of knowledge would not have been such a burden on them had they been more mature. Now fast forward to today. Mankind is still immature. They have no right to eternal life and therefore they must as individuals continually return until they are mature enough to handle the knowledge that their ancestor took out of turn.
On a side note I think that this continuous recycling of life is the real significance behind those that God buried or took from death. He buried them because they were done. They had reached that point where they no longer needed to return. So he buried them.
If reincarnation was real then a child would get the chance to believe and so would anyone and everyone else. Now do I believe that if we go around enough we will all believe... no. I believe that evil is evil and it is eternal as good. One without the other is not possible. The galaxy must have balance. Do I believe that evil must touch good... no. I believe that eventually God will take evil away and put it in a closet in which it cannot escape, but it will still exist. I further believe that some people are just evil and there is nothing that can be done to help them. They have made their choice or will make that choice and once they do they are lost for all eternity. But until everyone that is saved gets to the point where they can handle the knowledge that was taken of the tree then they will not be ready for eternal life.
There is the question of; does your entire being get reincarnated? Well that would be stupid if everything that you are now just got recycled into another body. In one sense you could pick up where you left off but in another sense you would have a tough time learning something new. If every bit of you was the same except the body then not much would get accomplished in each life. We must all grow up into different people to experience different things and reach new understandings. You can't do that if you're the same to begin with.
Is reincarnation real? Yes I believe that it is. There are only so many combinations of human and I think it was designed that way. Christ suffered everything that we as humans suffer... everything. That includes things that you may not even be able to imagine, because there is nothing new under the sun. The point is we as humans cannot endure anything that is new under the sun. But an individual can experience something new that they in their lifetimes have never endured, in that way they can learn and become more enlightened.
See you all tomorrow. Be good to each other.

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