Do we really have soul mates?
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Do we really have soul mates?

First off I would like to apologize for not writing earlier. I was out late in the morning with Doctors appointments and consequently I slept late.
Now... after yesterday's discussion on reincarnation I had a thought... well I had more than one but this thought formed itself into an interesting question. "If we are all on a reincarnation cycle then what of the theory that we all have soul mates?" Then came the next obvious question, "If we are all changing with each life, does our soul change as well and if so can your soul mate change over the span of many lives?"
First off let me say that yes, I believe in soul mates. I also believe in something not as deep or profound, I believe that on a lesser scale during a given lifetime we may not actually spend any time with our soul mate, not the real one. We might spend some time or the entire life with someone who seems to be perfect for us, but they may not be our true soul mate. As we talked yesterday, a person, a life may be very different than the soul that lives the life. Within a lifetime a person and a personality are shaped by the events and people that surround us. But the soul, the core soul of a person remains mostly unchanged. They learn and grow as they should with an end view towards that final enlightenment where they are ready for eternal life. But the soul's core belief system, parameters of love and values is only refined with time, it does not change. I say this because I believe that because we all, regardless of the ultimate choice of sides that we take, are all designed with a core program. We are all inherantly good, or bad; inherantly selfless or selfish... understand?
Now to the question of a soul mate. I'm not sure that I believe that when God created man and woman that he created them as one being and then later he cut them into two people. He didnt make any other animal that way so why would he do that with man? I'm not sure that I can wrap my brain around calling the dual person (there is a name for it, I just can't remember it right now). Can the dual person somehow be an improvement that just didnt work? I dont think so because as we read, God clearly said 'It is not good that man should be alone.' He calls the being man, not man and woman and he also says that man is alone. It just doesnt fit, the dual person that is.
But the idea that there is no splitting of the dual person into two distinct pieces that are forever searching for their other half is not completely thrown out the window with the dual person. The theory clearly suggests that only one of each sex can be soul mates in this manner. That in turn negates reincarnation; because one of the basic tennants of reincarnation is that when a person is reincarnated they can return into the body of either sex. This is not an explanation for homosexuals or bisexuals or any of the others that are not heterosexuals. That theory is ridiculous. Remember how we talked about the former life being forgotten, except for the basic lessons that will help the soul to reach that final enlightenment.
So can two people, two distinct souls truly be destined to be together? When Jesus is asked about who would have a woman that had been married to more than one man, he answers by telling the questioner that in heaven there will be no husbands and wives. What he does not say is as interesting as what he did say. He said that there would be no husbands and wives. What makes the union of marriage between husband and wife unique? In the original story of Adam and Eve, when God kicked them out of the garden, they became husband and wife. Eve became subservient to Adam and Adam became her protector, provider and keeper. But no such arrangement was between man and woman if they were not married. This has been the complaint of women for centuries. A man has no right to tell a woman what to do unless he is married to her. This is of course changing in today's society, especially with the definition of marriage. Mind you, the biblical definition of marriage, of this kind of marriage is from the Old Testament and according to Jesus all things in the OT have been ended except for the prophecies that have yet to come to pass. The Apostle Paul redefines marriage as a partnership. So which marriage were they talking about... who cares? There will be no husbands and wives in heaven.
Is it the destiny of soul mates to only be confined to human existance on earth or will their connection transcend into the heavenly setting? I honestly dont know for sure but what I choose to believe is that two souls may or may not spend a lot of time together while in earthly bodies but regardless of how much time they actually spend together, they call out to each other. They recognize each other as being compatable... more than just compatable... they compliment each other, comfort each other and in a real way complete each other all without having a need for words or marriage or any other conventional display. I cannot allow myself to believe that after spending many lives seeking the company of each other, that suddenly when they reach a point where they are done with their tasks that God thinks it is wise to seperate them from each other. It seems cruel to even imagine that after all of that hard work and enduring pain from being apart that they would be forced apart forever. Like I said before, if God is one of love as people and the Bible profess then he simply would not do this to soul mates. Wri
What did Jesus not say when he was talking to the man about his wife? He didnt say that there would be no sex, he didnt say that there would be no love or companionship or mates or partners. He only addressed the contract of husband and wife. All other unions do not have a contract that is written down. They have agreements that are felt.
But what of sex? It is a big issue for many people. That is understandable. People, like every other animal are driven to have lots of sex for as long as they are capable of contributing to the process of reproduction. Then sex becomes more about desire, lust and an expression of love. Sometimes the two over lap. From what I have been reading, there was no reproduction in the garden. That is not to say that there was no sex. My guess is that God designed man and woman to enjoy sex and only later when they got kicked out did he tell them to use this sex thing to reproduce and repopulate the earth. Of course the sex orgins were designed for reproduction, but the reproducing parts were shut off while in the garden... so they can be shut off in heaven. te
That brings me back to the soul mate. I do believe that mine is still out there. Will I meet that person that is the vessel for my soul mate in this life... I dont know... I can only hope so. Does that mean that I did not love or find some completion in the people that were a part of this life... absolutely not. I loved them all, they just were not my soul mates. Now that I'm older I think that I am perfectly content to sit by and see if I can find that person. If I do then I can only hope that he or she can see me as well. If not... well I guess I'll just have to wait until next time.
I believe that God thought that it was not good that we should be alone. So for each of us he made a partner. Someone who would forever be our help mate. Another soul that might not always be at your side from life to life, but is never really far from your heart or mind; and in the end, will be at your side once again but this time it will be forever.
Be good to each other.

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