Can we calculate when Christ will return?
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Can we calculate when Christ will return?

Okay so now we have discussed that the soul of man is the essence of that man and it is eternal. Eventually that soul will learn enough and grow enough to be ready to proverbially eat of the tree of eternal life. This comment just brought a thought to my beany little head; people learn at different paces. Some take more time to learn a lesson than others. So it is logical to assume that the process of enlightenment might take more than 7 lifetimes (One of the religions that base their religion on reincarnation sets the number of lifetimes at 7). I find this interesting for more than one reason.
The Bible states that no man knows the hour of his (Christ's) return. Most Christians, I hesitate to say all because there is always one hold out, most Christians look forward to the return of Christ, the rapture, or whatever the term is today. This concept is one of many that transcends the mish mash of different denominations. For whatever reason all sorts of people, psychics, Priests, holy men and even alien enthusiasts have tried their hands at predicting the return of Christ. They have all been wrong, and now I understand why.
Before now I just took it on faith that whoever had written that passage, had been linked in with God and was writing what the big guy told him to write. Now I'm thinking that I no longer have to just take it on faith. Now I realize that some people just aren't ready yet. That comment just brought up another point that has been running around in my head. It doesn't seem likely that every single person that will ever exist were all born into the world at the same time. In fact science bears me out in saying that man gradually increased in numbers upon the earth. Duh.... right. You would be surprised at how many people ignore the obvious and just go with blind faith... or maybe you wouldn't.
That brings me to another point, if everyone wasn't born into the world at the same time then it stands to reason that not everyone is on the same cycle. Some have been here longer. Hence the term that is thrown about in some circles of an old soul. Old souls are people or more accurately souls that have been here more than once before. These are people that simply seem to understand things faster, or just seem to have born wise. I'm not talking about simply smart people, because some smart people are really stupid and close minded. I'm talking about people that understand things as a whole. They see that all things are connected and simple explanations are good for younger souled people but a person who has done the simple thing in another life is now ready to understand the deeper meanings of things.
Look around you, at your friends and those that you know even in passing. I'm sure that you can spot a few old souls. Maybe you gravitate towards them because they seem more stable or grounded or maybe they scare the hell out of you because they always seem to know more about what's going on in your life than you do. Then look at the ones that seem to live only for today and have no real roots  in anything or concern for making any, I'll wager that they're the young ones on their first or second turn around.
Does that mean that old souls never have any fun? Now that would be silly. Old souls know the difference between fun and reckless. The term "old" doesn't mean that they are stuffy shirts, just that they are more mature.
So then if we weren't all put down here together to grow up together is it possible for your soul mate to be younger or older than you... yes I think that it is entirely possible. I also think that during our many lifetimes we will find many souls that at the time are very compatible with us and in future lifetimes we will recognize those souls and perhaps even reconnect with them. That's the person that you know that you have known before but for some reason despite your obvious connection the relationship in this life just doesn't work out. Maybe you really have grown beyond each other. I don't think that it is coincidence that we put certain terminology on things like that. I think that it is more accurate than we realize.
Because we are all on a different cycles, then it is completely impossible for anyone to know when Christ will return. But people will keep trying, because there is money and fame to be made in the attempt. It's like playing the lotto and continually getting what we call here in Nevada a "push". That means that the numbers you are playing come up enough to keep you in the game without having to continually shell out more money from your pocket. Each game your numbers appear enough to pay for the next ticket. Of course I'm drawing from a different game, but Keno is a lot like Lotto just with more variables, more ways to win and more ways to lose. Unfortunately when one of the radical Preachers or whatever you want to call them, gets it wrong, their followers are the ones that pay for the ticket. Whatever you do, even if you buy a ticket from one of those flim flam men... don't drink the Kool-Aid!
Okay... so that brings up an interesting thought... what happens to people whose lives are cut short for whatever reason? They could have been stupid and really did drink the wrong Kool-Aid or maybe they put a gun in their mouth or maybe a car flipped on them... whatever the reason... what happens to them? Do they get a reset? Do they move on to the next life or do they stick around as a ghost until they figure out what happened? Do they have to complete the life lesson, like school, before they can move on to the next life? Hmmm... let me think on those things and I'll get back to you.
So, this was not what I had intended to write about today. But I guess it's okay. Tomorrow I want to talk about cryogenics, but I bet we don't.... Until then, be good to each other.

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