Is Cryogenics a cool idea or just a frozen fish?
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Is Cryogenics a cool idea or just a frozen fish?

Hmmm... so I'm writing this late at night, or early in the morning depending on your point of view, and I'm writing from work which means that the auto correct will not work so if I screw something up... well just live with it.
So... cryogenics has come up recently. Did you know that when I was a child cryogenics was as much science fiction as a space station or lasers. We have of course achieved all of these things and in a big way. I was watching a program last week and during that program the host visited a 'cryo hospital'. That was the term that the administrator used. He considered all of his clients to be patients. Hmmm... anyway... they have five people per giant can, yes I said can... they looked like large silver cans with round tops. Okay, have you ever seen a soda can that had spent too much time in the freezer but had not exploded? That's what these looked like. There were dozens of them, the administrator didnt bother divulging how many of these things were in his hospital.
I'm a bit skeptical here, it's hard not to show it. Anyway... the administrator explained that you can't just freeze a body, it must be gradually frozen or it will crack too much. How much is too much? I dont know but he has worked out a system where the body is frozen down to some incredible number below zero gradually and then it is placed in a can with 4 other people. The can is hooked up to the freezing unit and everyone is kept nice and frosty.
People do this, have their bodies frozen so that some time in the future, whatever it is that ails them can be cured and they can simply carry on with their lives. This opens up a whole host of questions. I'm going to only touch on the obvious monetary scam going on here and then move on. How much are they charging to keep a person in the deep freeze and does the awakened popsickle get a bill when they wake up or a check for whatever remains of their deposite? Or is it a one time fee? What if it is to be paid annually? What if their money runs out does the administrator just put them in Potter's field? How the heck does that all work? Not that I'm considereing it, but what the heck?
Okay so now to the more pressing issue of being dead. When you get put into the deep freeze a lot of things happen, the most obvious of which is... you die. Have you ever defrosted a steak? Does it in any way look like it even has the ability to be reanimated? Even a little? Freezing flesh only delays the inevitable decay and rot that comes with death. Flash freezing is no better.
What happens to the soul when the body dies? I think that it has been proven enough that the soul is not forever connected to a physical body. A soul can move on even if the body is still breathing. So what makes these poor people believe that their soul is going to hang out in a can with 4 other people for decades or longer. Oh My God!!!! Can you imagine being stuck in a tin can for an untold amount of time with 4 people you don't even know and possibly dont even like? Holy shit Sherlock who was the narcissistic brain child behind this one?
So let's assume for a moment that science really does catch up with this idiotic idea, there is after all enough money behind this endeavor already to make it a profitible venture, if they can actually make it work. So John I got more dollars than sense Doe is revived. It's been 80 years since he was frozen. How is he going to integrate into society? What if money is no longer the barter of the day? What if his company or talent or whatever got him the money in the first place is gone? Can no-one see that this is going to be more of a disaster than trying to integrate a career criminal who has lived their entire adult lives in Prison? I can see it now, New York now has a new and very distinct ethnic community, it's called the cryo community because these poor idiots can't manage in the real world anymore. Or how about this, now that they have beaten the odds and survived death in a cryotube, now they get to be test tube subjects for every test known to man.
The entire idea is absurd. You cannot prolong life in such a manner and furthermore, why would you? Move on man (or woman). Dont rush through life to get to the next one but dont try and stretch this one beyond its time either. Honestly, I think that if science ever finds a way to thaw out one of those poor souls, they will find that the soul has moved on and all that is left is a diseased body that needs medical attention. It is a waste of time and money. It is better to live well, love strongly, learn everything that you can and be happy.
I'm not sure what I would like to talk about tomorrow. Today's topic actually got under my skin a bit, that was an unitentional pun by the way. We'll just have to see what strikes me tomorrow. In the mean time live well and be good to each other.

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Teresa on Thursday, July 04, 2013 6:08 PM
I'm glad you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing my thoughts with others. I appreciate the support.
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