Are Ghosts real?
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Are Ghosts real?

I took the time yesterday to watch A Haunting in Connecticut: Part 2. They should have called it A Haunting in Georgia. It would have made more sense. It was better than the first movie. If you are unfamiliar with the movies they are fact based ghost stories. I enjoyed them both but I liked #2 better. The story behind the "haunting" was amazing and if anything deserved to be haunted it was this place.
But now the subject of ghosts has come up and before we discuss ghosts let me tell you a story. Years ago, that same organization that taught me about spirit and soul also taught me that ghosts were not real. In fact we were taught that ghosts were really Devil Spirits trying to get into your head. Yep you read right... Devil Spirits. Now I'm not going to get into the issue of Devil Spirits right now, I'm actually going to stay on task and discuss ghosts (try not to faint).
Because of what I believed I was not afraid of ghosts I knew that all I needed to do to get rid of one was to cast it out like you would a Devil Spirit. That sounds incredibly backwards doesn't it? Most people would be more afraid of something called a Devil Spirit than they would of an ordinary ghost. But in our warped universe ghosts did not exist so there was never an ordinary one. They were all evil and evil was easily dealt with. Tomorrow we can discuss Devil Spirits.
But today.... are ghosts real? Let me finish my story and then I'll tell you what I believe. I am the youngest of 11 children, depending upon where you sit, one of my sisters would say youngest of 15 and the other would say youngest of 14. But for me, it's only 11. You see my father had 6 when he married my mother who had 3. Then my brother brought an abandoned boy home from school and my parents became his foster parents and then I was born. That makes 11. My half siblings claim other children that were born of their other respective parents when they remarried. I don't count them, because I'm not related to them in any way. But I understand how they count siblings. In actuality I was raised as an only child. None of my siblings were around when I was a child. They were in the Service or married or just living their own lives. By the time I was seven or so I was at home alone. Hence I became extremely close to my parents.
Because there were no other children at home my parents were able to give me whatever I wanted. I was spoiled. This situation kind of caused a bit of a rift between me and some of my siblings. But honestly it was there problem. I really didn't know them anyway so what did I care what they thought of me? Anyway... When my parents passed one at a time I was devastated. First my father passed and although we all knew it was coming because he had been sick for years it still left a gaping hole inside of me that will never be filled and gave me a feeling that I was utterly lost. Even now 23 years later I still catch myself thinking 'let me ask dad about that'.
Eleven years later my mother passed and that was a shock. She had gotten the stomach flu and just didn't have the strength or the desire to bounce back. When she passed she left me alone in this world. That's how I felt then and that's how I still feel today.
After my father passed I was still mentally very much still involved in that organization that taught me such colorful and incorrect things. One day I was sleeping in the room that I had called my own for years. I had been gone for 5 years and returned a very different person. I was broken and secretive. I never told my parents what had happened to make me the way I was. But they accepted me anyway. I was angry and hurt and suspicious of everyone, yet I clung to the only thing that I thought was right.... what I had been taught. It was wrong of me and I'm certain that my soul will carry the burden of that mistake into eternal life.
Anyway, I was sleeping in my room. It was maybe a month after my father had passed. Something woke me up. I looked out the window which was right next to my bed and I saw my father. He was walking towards me. I hadn't seen him so healthy in years. His back was straight, his gate was strong, his color was warm and his eyes were twinkling... and instead of welcoming him I cast him away from me. At the time I felt vindicated. Now I feel only sadness.
Years later after my mother had passed, and I had re-educated myself, both of my parents visited me. They were both young and healthy. They showed me an image of them working on building the foundation of a great house. They were both in a ditch laying a foundation. When I approached they looked up and smiled at me. I understood what they were trying to tell me. Their journey was over. They had moved on, not to another life but to await the return. They let me know that I had more work to do but someday I would join them and we would all work on building this grand house together. Now the house was a metaphor for something else, this point was very clear to me, but it was a project that we would all be happy to help with and thousands of others would be helping as well.
After that visit, I never saw them again. But I did believe and that visit was the foundation for many of my beliefs today. Are ghosts real? Yes, I believe that they are. But what are their motivations or reason for being here? Now that is a long discussion. I think that they have multiple reasons for being here. Some like my parents hung around long enough to let me know that they're okay and that someday I'll see them again. Others may not have such a benevolent reason. In subsequent volumes of Cali's adventures I explore a lot of the ghost world because Cali is linked to it, not as a ghost whisperer but in another more integral way. But I think that I would like to pick this up tomorrow of what I think the different kinds of ghosts are.
Until then, be good to each other.

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