If ghosts are real then what kinds are there?
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If ghosts are real then what kinds are there?

The room is dark. The night wind is howling. One of my cats scratches lightly at the door to get inside. I look down towards the sound but cannot see her, the gloom is too thick. I reach out and push the door open far enough for her to slide through, confident in her presence despite my inability to see her. She mutters her own cat version of thank you as she shimmies through the opening. A steady stream of cold wind follows her.
Outside on the deck the break hammer for the fire extinguisher box rattles against the wall. The tree off the back porch scrapes the eves. Inside the small apartment the only lights come from the small computer screen propped up on my knees and the red light above the aquarium where Xena and Gabrielle, the leopard geckos, live in their own little sandy world. The cats tease each other in the darkened room but even their play is muted. All that is missing is a fire and a marshmallow on a stick. It is the perfect night to return to our discussion of ghosts.
Are ghosts real? Most assuredly, yes they are. But what are they? Are they residual energy? Are they actual people? Are they evil spirits that never were people? Personally I'm beginning to thing that they are all of these things and a few more that we haven't thought of yet. The problem with ghost is this, even when we do communicate with them the information that we get is broken and often unclear or we get clear answers on simple questions. Most of the time a ghost cannot even remember its own name. So how do we get our answers? Well we break it down a bit and see if we can't deduce a few things.
First let's discuss poltergeists. A poltergeist is a mischievous ghost. Sometimes they can be dangerous. They are always to some extent destructive. And, here's a new statistic, they almost always follow people around. Poltergeists it seems are not bound to places but to people. This bit of information leads scientists to believe that poltergeists are not really ghosts at all. They are beginning to believe that a poltergeist is a manifestation of psychic energy that a person projects when they are under extreme stress. This is why the poltergeist seems to follow people and in many ways actually focusses upon certain people. 
Poltergeists have been known to "attack" or bother people that cause significant trouble or emotional upheaval in the lives of another person. It has been suggested that his other person is lashing out at the "problem" person with their minds. The poltergeist is doing what they wish they could do but for whatever reason cannot do, almost in a type of temper tantrum. Here's another interesting fact that has recently come to light; about two-thirds of the people that are followed by a poltergeist are epileptic or have seizures that are caused by some other disease. Deduce what you like of that little tid-bit.
What of other ghosts? Let's look at ghosts that seem to actually be people. Those ghosts that are most often seen or recorded or that interact with humans are usually those that have died suddenly or traumatically. These ghosts do not communicate well. They are often disoriented, angry or lost. This seems quite logical. I look at it like this; if I was asleep dreaming and quite happily dreaming and then suddenly I was awake. I would be disoriented. Now what would happen if that state of disorientation did not dissipate as I recognized my surroundings and realized that this is reality and my dream was only a dream. What if my mind continued to insist that the dream was reality and I was stuck someplace else? Now try that analogy with a nightmare. What if your mind insisted that the nightmare was real and suddenly you were free of it but your freedom was a lie? These are the situations, as best as I can describe them, that I think ghosts of this type are encountering.
They were alive, and then they weren't. Their minds have no explanation for their situation or they would have no explanation but ghosts have no minds anymore so now they cannot think their way out of the situation. All they have is their last thought from which to pivot. This is why it is so common for people to say that the ghost that they were talking to seemed to be stuck at the point of death, at that point, what had they when they had a mind, been thinking? Have you seen Universal Soldier? In that movie they made a point about these men being brought back to life and being stuck on their last thought in life. The hero wanted to go home, the villain thought only of how much he hated everyone and how killing them gave him power. This idea is what I think has happened to these ghosts. They are stuck in their last thought in life because their lives ended so abruptly or so tragically.
I think that these two fit into the same category because a person being tortured has very few other thoughts besides that of being tortured. For them its a continual monotonous merry go round, that isn't so merry. So when they die they are angry. Angry at being tortured, angry at dying before they could live, angry at having lived in such a way and angry for never being found or helped or discovered... pick one. Now they want to be heard. They scream hoping to be heard, just like they did when they were alive.
A person who dies abruptly is also angry. But their anger comes from losing their lives without the chance to come to a graceful ending. Maybe they wanted to say good bye, maybe they wanted to put their affairs in order and maybe they just weren't ready to go. So now they are screaming too.
I think that these are the people that we hear the most. They all feel as if something has been left undone so they want to complete it. The problem is they no longer have a mind and hence don't remember why they stuck around. They're still on that merry go round.
These people I believe have left their souls earthbound. They have failed to continue forward to whatever holding area that has been designed for people to wait in, until it's time for them to return. It seems like the soul should be smart enough to just do what is needed, but remember that the Bible says that everyone one will be given a new body. There must be a need for this body. God was real specific about making the damn thing. So it must have a purpose other than what we consider the obvious. I think that other than a house for the soul the body provides a mind that thinks independently. This is something that the soul does not have. The soul is the essence of a person not the thinking portion of a person.
So can we, thinking people, help these spirits out? I don't know. But I am thinking about it. Maybe... if I ever figure it out, I'll let you know.
Right now I need to get things organized so I can go to work. Until tomorrow, be good to each other.

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online resume builder on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 3:41 AM
The hero wanted to go home, the villain thought only of how much he hated everyone and how killing them gave him power.
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online resume builder on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 3:43 AM
They are stuck in their last thought in life because their lives ended so abruptly or so tragically.
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Teresa on Monday, June 24, 2013 5:56 PM
Exactly my thoughts. Thanks for reading. Come back anytime.

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Teresa on Thursday, August 22, 2013 4:31 PM
I love the topic of ghosts. Because even non believers have had odd occurrences. It's tough to explain and there are lots of theories. That's what makes them such a great subject. Thanks for reading.

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