Angels and fallen Angels, what are they?
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Angels and fallen Angels, what are they?

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Well, we ran through ghosts.... figuratively... and now we have finally come upon the Devil Spirit aspect of the subject. Many religions believe in Devil Spirits. It is a misnomer to claim that only Christians believe in the physical manifestation of them. Christian belief originated from the Jewish teachings and then were strengthened and redefined by Jesus in the first century. It is the accounts documented in the Bible, of the possession of various people that is central to the Christian belief. There are however other religions that believe as the Christians do, that man can be possessed of evil spirits and that these same spirits actively take an interest in the goings on of mankind.
But what is it we are really talking about here? Are Devil Spirits or evil entities really fallen Angels? Perhaps in this discussion we should include the discussion of Angels as well. Let's take a look at the history of Angels, in a broad sense. God came along and decided to make a universe with life in it. To help him in his task he created a race of beings that we know as Angels. Now according to the Bible and other ancient texts the Angels bear little resemblance to mankind. They are creatures made more of light and energy than anything else. They have no set form, although they do seem to have a generally bipedal form most of the time. They have the ability to think independently and to act independently. They are not slaves, nor are they bound by some unknown contract to God.
They also have the ability to reproduce, although there is no evidence that this is a primary desire for them. Increasing their number does not seem to be a priority, although apparently new Angels do pop up now and again. (This is a topic that I am not completely versed on but I am intrigued and will get back to you on it.) Offspring between Angel and human has been recorded and the resulting child has not been easily accepted into human society. Interestingly enough there are no records indicating that the offspring of such a union was ever granted access to the domain of Angels, or heaven. In all texts these children are in the very least implied to be abominations.
Angels have the ability to see God in his true form and to converse with him almost as peers. They have the ability to bring complex living organisms to life. It is documented that in the beginning it was the Angels and not God directly who brought the trees from the ground and populated the planet with vegetation and animal life. It has been suggested that during this initial phase the Angels were given free reign to design what they wanted and this is where such diversity in human evolution began and where the entire concept of the dinosaur was conceived.  Ultimately God did not opt for any of the original designs of the animal known as man. He changed the design and put his design safely away in a garden that was shut off from the rest of the world. He also did not opt for the super sized reptile style creatures. He pared them down and changed them as well. (To be fair the oxygen content of our atmosphere could not perpetually sustain such large creatures. They were doomed from the start. They did however, have the longest reign of power on our planet, hence making them the most successful creatures ever made.) I have heard some suggest that it was Satan (or Lucifer) who designed the dinosaur which is why God does not reference the creatures in the Bible, but that is a ridiculous correlation. It infers that God didn't mention the creatures but he was mad at their designer. How petty is that? It sounds like something a from Junior High School.
It has also been more recently suggested that there were or rather are only male Angels. I have two problems with that hypothesis. First of all if you were only going to make one gender of a creature, why make any gender at all? Male and Female were created so that the creatures could reproduce and add diversity to their offspring. Some animals are asexual. They simply reproduce like a cell in our body. But the offspring is a carbon copy of the original. Some creatures can actually change their sex if necessary (without surgery) when it is necessary for the prolonging of the specie. But by far the method of reproduction that is dominant on this planet is for two sexes to get together and have offspring. Multiple partners increases the chance of diversity and decreases the chance of genetic mistakes becoming dominant genes.
My second argument is similar to the first. Why make only male Angels that were capable of reproduction and give them no-one but humans to reproduce with? Are you not setting them up for failure? It is said that God does not condone the copulation of Angels with women. So why make it so that a woman is the Angel's only choice if they want to reproduce? Also... just thought of this... if there are only males and they clearly have reproductive organs, who were they having sex with if not for humans, each other, I would assume. That would mean that all Angels were designed to be homosexual. That is just as ridiculous as saying that all humans were designed to be heterosexual. Neither makes any sense. Even Adam was asexual for a time while all of the other animals had partners of the opposite sex.
It is my conclusion that the Angels are comprised of both male and female. Why then to almost all of the ancient texts focus almost solely of males? The answer to that is simple, arrogance. Man as a general rule will ignore the contributions of women if they can get away with it. There are places were female Angels are documented. Some claim that two are mentioned in the Bible, but I have insufficiently studied the topic biblically to make an argument one way or the other on that instance. There is however enough evidence to show that there are female Angels. So we'll just leave it at that.
Other aspects of Angels... they are apparently born or created immortal. They have the ability to become invisible to the human eye. Although some believe that human children and animals can see otherwise invisible Angels. This may be an ability that was taken from man when he was driven from the garden. Just as his ability to speak with other animals was taken. It is clear that other animals can speak with each other, you need only watch your cat and dog communicate or watch a cat speak to birds to know that this is true. Humans who can learn to understand their pets, probably possess older souls that have regained some of that knowledge. I also think that animals can recognize people with older souls as they will be the ones that they instinctively know will not hurt them.
Okay...I'm way off topic... so now we kind of know what kind of being an Angel is, now let's move on in the story. Creation was formed, the world was essentially done. Then there was a bit of a power play in heaven. One of the Angels, one of the most powerful of Angels,  Lucifer, the son of the morning, decided that he didn't want to serve God, he felt that he was just as powerful as God and he started a fight. Think about this for just a minute. God creates a race of beings that are super smart. Every ancient text agrees that the Angels were the actual designers of creation. God gave them an idea and set them loose. It is the different specialties of the Angels that I believe first gave man the idea to worship different Gods, one for each specialty. Anyway, God made them really smart. They essentially created all that we see. Kind of like Santa. He doesn't make the toys, the elves make the toys, but Santa had the idea and he made the first ones so now he gets all the credit. Generally the elves don't care who gets the credit, but what if one of them did? What if the elf in charge of Choo choo trains decided that he should get the credit for making what he made? And furthermore, what if all of his subordinates felt the same way? What would Santa do? I would suppose that if the argument became very heated then Santa would tell the elf and his friends to pack it up. This is what God did.
Now, perhaps God held out hope that Lucifer would return to the fold. I don't know. I do know that the Bible documents the fall of the morning sun and that he took a full one third of the Angels with him. It also documents several very civil conversations that this fallen Angel has with God. Neither seems to be angry with each other. Lucifer did get what he wanted. Before the argument he was a servant of God. After the argument he was a God in his own right and in his own domain. So, did the battle vindicate Lucifer? Was he, or is he just as powerful as God? No... Lucifer or now known by his new name, Satan is bound by the laws of God. Those laws are documented in the Bible. Satan knows that he is in a losing game. But like my old football coach, who was also an ass, he intends to inflict damage upon the players of the other team just for spite. The longer that the game continues the angrier Satan becomes and the more damage he wants to inflict. His attacks are increasing in number and intensity. Although individual attacks and the severity of those attacks have not increased throughout the ages, the sheer number of attacks and number of involved victims has increased. For him the game is dragging on. He is losing and cannot find a way to pull out a victory. But like so many other bad losers, he is lashing out at the winners with increasing ferocity.
These attacks take on many forms. Remember that Lucifer was a very smart Angel. He knows mankind and this world like no other. He was in charge of a full one third of those that designed it. He knows how it works and he uses that knowledge to wreak havoc. But before we get into how he makes his havoc let's take a quick look at the law that he operates under. But let's use the analogy of Santa again. We know that Santa is not in charge of the world but he is in charge of his little world, the north pole complex. Now he can't send his rebellious elf out into the world but he has to send them somewhere. Remember that Santa loves his elves. They are his right hand. So even when they rebel he still has feelings for them and wants to give them a chance to apologize and come home. But as long as they are mad he doesn't want them anywhere near toy production. So he sends them into the storage warehouse and tells them that they are now in charge of keeping the warehouse. He tells them that they can rearrange anything that they want so long as they do not return to the toy shops. They have dominion over what has already been made. Now a problem arises when the rebellious elves see that Santa keeps his favorite toys in the warehouse. Santa has told them that the warehouse is theirs, so long as they stay inside they are free from punishment. But they also know that someday the warehouse will be emptied and taken down and then rebuilt. When that happens they will no longer have a place to live. They will be cast out of the north pole forever. They also know that they can repent and tell Santa that they are sorry and return to him and make choo choo's again. But they are proud and will not return. So they must play out their last days or eons in the warehouse with Santa's toys.
This is a simplified analogy. But it serves to show just how simple the situation is. Lucifer and his friends were cast out of heaven. They were given the earth and everything already on it to have as their kingdom. It is not forever, just until all of God's other children have grown up enough to be ready for eternal life. Until then Satan and his minions have free reign. So long as they don't venture outside of the earth they are safe from God's wrath. The Bible documents an occurrence where some of them did venture out and God punished them greatly, (the flood was caused by these beings). But that's a story for another day.
Inside the warehouse of earth there are a few rules for Satan and his crew. One of those rules is that if a child of God invokes the power of God then Satan must back off. The key to that is the person cant just throw out some words and expect it to work. Satan has to believe that God is actually listening and will intervene if he doesn't back off. When Jesus showed up this bit of intervention for man was made simpler and more effective. But it also caused Satan to step up his game to match the new threat.
Look at it from Satan's point of view. His position in heaven was filled by Jesus. When Jesus ascended to sit on the right hand of God he became the morning sun. This had been Satan's job. Now he knew that any chance of redemption had been taken from him. There was no returning to God anymore. The job had been filled. All of this time, from the fight to the casting out and all the way up to the death of Christ the position still sat vacant. A chance, slim as it was, still sat open. But when Christ ascended the job was taken and the door was slammed shut in the face of Satan. To add salt to the wound, God declared that Jesus the Christ was a God like him and he was a greater God than Satan. Thus suggesting to Satan that had he not rebelled he might have attained that same rank in heaven. Now there are no more cordial conversations between God and Satan. Since the birth of Jesus there has been no cordial communication between Satan and his crew and God and his crew. Since the birth of Jesus it has been all out war between them and unfortunately mankind sits in the middle of the battlefield.
So is mankind simply collateral damage? That my friends is a question for tomorrow. This post is way too long now as it is. We will pick this up tomorrow.
Live well and be good to each other!

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