Devil Spirits or ghosts?
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Devil Spirits or ghosts?

Before we continue our discussion of Angels, I would like to qualify or explain a couple of things. First of all when I said that animals can tell an old soul and that they know that the person will not harm them, I was not trying to infer that old souled people are vegetarian or vegan. That was the thought that came to my mind when I read it today. There are many people that are still meat eaters that would not think of harming an animal for no reason. Even killing an animal for food can be done with mercy. I do not in any way agree with the animal farms that mistreat their animals simply to increase their profit. I still eat meat, although less and less every month but this is caused by my tastes not any vow that I have taken or lifestyle that I want to begin living. Meat is simply sounding less and less appetizing to me. Still even were I a full on carnivore I would never arbitrarily kill an animal just for fun, worse yet I wouldn't torture them. Now I have done some stupid things that have caused an animal pain and those things haunt me. But they were unintentional.
Okay secondly... please don't think that I am sympathizing with Satan. He made his bed now he has to lie in it. I'm just trying to show you the other angles of the story. Satan has no-one to blame but himself for his predicament. He could not expect God to hold his job open forever and Satan knew the plan almost as well as God did. His knowledge of the plan is why he went to such lengths to convince the woman and Adam to eat of that specific tree. Had they eaten of the tree of eternal life then they simply would have lived forever as children essentially. But the tree of knowledge gave them so much more than just an understanding of good and evil. It gave them the ability to make and create, which in turn allowed them to grow and for their society to expand and become what it is today. But as I said before this was supposed to come gradually as they grew in the garden with God on hand at all times. They weren't ready for the tree of knowledge when they ate it but doing so caused them to defy God, which is a sin. God could not allow them to live eternally in sin so he pushed them out into the world and away from the tree of everlasting life. Satan knew what eating of the tree would do. He anticipated God's response and then he did everything he could to prevent the arrival of the one being that could redeem mankind from sin, the Christ.
Satan failed to stop his coming so he orchestrated his murder. But that backfired. Now Jesus has Satan's old job and he not only is more qualified he is doing the job better so he has a better title and he gets paid more. So of course Satan is doing a little self loathing. Misery loves company so he is trying to make our lives miserable as well.
You see Jesus redeemed all of mankind but not everyone is taking the token so to speak. Not everyone wanted redemption. Some people like living in Satan's warehouse and they like the nasty little rebellious elves that rule the place. Generally these people can be a pain in the tail but at least for us here in America they can't really hurt us. They can take things from us, threaten our freedom and perhaps take our lives but the truth is, death is easy. There are a lot of things that are worse than death. Thankfully in America we still have enough freedom to not need to worry too much about those other things. Other countries however, are not as lucky. But this post is not about the people that can hurt us this one is about the Devil Spirits that can touch this world.
Devil Spirits are nothing more than fallen Angels. Now that we have examined Angels, we can apply those same attributes to their counterparts Devils. I think that the correlations should line up fairly well. There will be some exceptions. Devils can no longer create life. They have been thrown out of the factory. They no longer have access to the parts. They can however take the finished products that are available to them and rearrange the pieces. It will look like a new creation, but in fact it is not, it is a mutation.
Like Angels I don't think that Devils are too interested in reproducing, except perhaps to reinforce the ranks. Their actions were selfish in nature, which leads me to believe that they don't share well, hence they don't want more to share with.
Essentially I think that Devils are sick. They are not doing what they were designed to do. They are not living under the conditions in which they were designed to live. I think that they are both physically and mentally ill. They have gone insane. How could they not? Their leader is obsessed and out of control and like him they know now that they threw away their eternal life and all the benefits that went with it. All they have to live for now is to inflict pain on those that are now going to be given the eternal life that once belonged to them. Born again believers, those who will eventually have learned enough to be ready for the eternal life that our brother Jesus paid for, will be taking the jobs that once belonged to the Devils. It stands to reason why they want to hurt us.
So how do they do this hurting? One of the ways is to masquerade as ghosts. I was once taught that they pretended to be ghosts to make people believe in ghosts because this somehow takes away from the worship of God. Poppy cock! Great leaders in the Bible, including Jesus spoke to ghosts. Solomon sought a witch that he had heard of that could contact the dead. (This is all documented in the Bible) The witch got in touch with one of the Prophets, Isaiah. He and Solomon had a great chat and Sol went about his business. I'm not sure why this ghost was so articulate but I will try and figure it out and get back to you.
Anyway, Devils impersonate ghosts, I think to gain our trust. Just as a good con artist gains our trust to get more out of us. Devils want to get everything from us if they can so they try to trick a person to get closer. It is these "ghosts" that hurt people. These ghosts that are not ghosts at all but Devils.
As we discussed Angels can affect the earth. They can manifest or be invisible. They can make things grow. Devils can mimic this behavior but cannot make something new grow. But they are crafty they knows how the world ticks. They know what kinds of animals and plants are on the earth now or ever have been. All of that information and material is available to them and they know how to use it and manipulate it. They use this knowledge to trick us and to hurt us.
So there it is... the long... very long and not so much on the short side of ghosts and Devil Spirits. I could of course go on and on but I think that we have sufficiently covered the topic. We'll work on something else tomorrow.
Live well and be good to each other.

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