Intergalactic Karma... do aliens exist?
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Intergalactic Karma... do aliens exist?

When we talked about Devil Spirits yesterday, I neglected to discuss possession.... on purpose. That is such a dark and sad subject. I don't really want to talk about it and I've decided that I'm not going to. Instead let's talk about aliens.
Do aliens exist? If so why are they hiding? Are they hiding or are they being hidden by our own governments? Well now we could fall back onto the premise that aliens exist because... well... if they didn't then it would be such a big waste of space. That's actually a horrible argument but it opens the door for possibilities. I mean if you believe in evolution, which to some extent I do (we've already gone over that business), then invoking sheer logic, there must be life on other planets. It would seem to be the height of human pride to believe that the entire universe was built for them and them alone.
So... wow I can go in so many directions here... let's start with the theory that all of it, every speck of star dust and atom of H2O was made just for us. What pray tell are we supposed to do with it? The Bible is a little muddy on the subject. It speaks of the "word" of God being written in the stars and it speaks of a veil between heaven and a vast void where God has placed water, (this is where the Devils that ventured off of earth, their warehouse, in order to bring about the flood. Then God froze the extra water at the ice caps. It's kind of a long story that I really need to look at some more.)
Okay, everything was made for us so that we could understand God and that we would know what he is doing. That's what all of the mystery behind the 'writing in the stars' means. We're not talking about astrology, with the twelve signs of the zodiac and all of that. No, we're talking about astronomy, a study of the stars and how they move in the heavens. Like the animals somewhere along the way the stars were all given names and oddly enough most of them have managed to keep their symbolic names from antiquity to date. This isn't about individual stars, this is about constellations. I'm not going to get into the entire science of this, because for the most part it is long and boring. Suffice it to say, the movement of the constellations within other constellations tells the story of the fall of man and the subsequent birth of the Christ that is to redeem man. It then speaks of the ascension of the Christ into the heavens where he now resides. The movement of these stars and the story that they tell is what the Magi saw when the Christ was born. It was not some bright star in the sky that shown down onto his manger and all of that romantic stuff. They saw the star of Christ enter the appropriate constellation, an event that happened only once in all of time. They followed the morning star to his place of birth. The star did not move because the stars don't move very fast in the first place.
It is ridiculous to assume that it was some bright star in the sky that only the Magi saw that shown long enough for them to pack their bags, load up the camels and travel from their homeland all the way to Bethlehem. First off, why did only a few people see this obvious light in the sky? It was there for at least a year, because the journey from the home of the Magi to Bethlehem is a long way. Secondly, since when did Christians forget how to define a word? What does Magi mean? We get the word magic and magician from the word but is that what it means?  The Magi were considered by the heathen or uneducated masses as magical people hence the new meaning but originally the Magi were astronomers. They could read the stars and predict heavenly movements like eclipses. It made them seem magical. They were taught the stars by Daniel, you remember him the guy that got thrown into the den of Lions? Well when he survived that little fiasco his captors decided that maybe this dude knows something that we don't. So they had Daniel teach them what he knew and so in the due coarse of time the Magi read the signs in the sky and came to see the Christ child and offer him gifts. They didn't come and see the Christ baby, they saw a child. It was a very long journey.
How did I get off onto that subject... holy cow... it's no wonder it takes forever for us to cover a subject! Okay back on track... so after the ascension of Christ the stars go silent, because all that is left is the 'rapture' and the final battle over earth. So now that the story is told the stars no longer have their original purpose... or do they? Think about this for a minute.... Not all of the stars told the story. Only the few constellations that are clearly visible to the naked eye were the story tellers. What was the purpose of the rest of them? To that question the Bible is silent. At least that which was allowed to make it into the bound book is silent. It's kind of hard to study the other books since many are incomplete and study material for them has never been written. Hmm...if I were younger I might tackle that task... but I'm not... so I'll just have to tackle it the hard way. I have not yet found any reference to the purpose of all the stars in any biblical type of text. Maybe the Magi knew but they've been gone a long while. I guess that's another thing I should look into.
All of that being said, why make such a vast universe to only populate one planet? Even from the standpoint of a Godly endeavor it seems like such a waste of space. So let me throw out to you a theory that has almost no supporting facts... so then it's a hypothesis that cannot be tested.... so what if all that extra space is for the ones that will have eternal life? There is going to be millions or even billions of us. We will still have the ability to procreate, even if we don't have husbands and wives, nobody said anything about children. What if all of those wild and untamed planets are for us to colonize and make our own?
How about this hypothesis, what if we are to become the Gods of those worlds and try our own hands at creating a world? Like I said, their just hypothesis. There is no way to prove or disprove the ideas, but they do spark a bit of thought.
Now let's go a different direction. What if God, our Jehovah (or whatever name you want to call the almighty. He has no real name that we know and different religions call him by different names and even give him a female gender... that's a conversation for tomorrow.) what if that specific God, as opposed to all of the smaller ones, like Zeus and Odin and similar ones, those that were displaced when the more powerful God rose up, what if he or she is just the God of this particular galaxy or universe? What if he or she has siblings that have their own galaxies and universes? Furthermore, what if they were like us once, they had to earn their immortality and were given a chance to make their own kingdoms? How's that for warping your brain? I tell you... the things that go through my brain. You should really read my Forever, Love. I have a great time in that book defining aliens and God and Gods in general... it's a blast!
Let's get back to aliens shall we? We've established that the stars are vast and the Bible is of little use in defining what they are used for or why they exist. It is a scientific fact that the stars are suns of various size, color and age and often around those suns are planets in various stages of development. Not all of the stars have systems but a goodly portion of them do. In fact if even one percent of the stars in the sky have intelligent life living in their light then there are literally billions of populated planets. It is staggering, and humbling.
Here's another fact for you to digest, mankind is a young race. We climbed out of the ooze (remember the primordial slime from which even the Bible claims that God created us?) we climbed out just before the fall of the dinosaurs. The actual date of our arrival is a bit up in the air right now while scientists study and date some footprints found in ancient mud along side those of a dinosaur. It has always been assumed as fact that we did not coexist with any of the giant lizards, only with later oversized mammals, like the mammoth and the saber toothed tiger. That long held belief is being challenged. In fact the belief that dinosaurs died off in a mass extinction that took them all is now being challenged. There is some evidence that pockets of dinosaurs existed for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years after the event that killed the rest. The point that I was making, before I sidetracked myself... again was that mankind is young, other beings on other planets may not be as young.
Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the earth was the first of God's creations, nor does it say that it was God's only creation. Some people believe that the Bible actually does discuss aliens and I must admit that there are a few places where the historical account from the Bible does sound a lot like other historical accounts that describe alien encounters. In fact, I think that ancient texts that describe alien encounters are more reliable than most recent texts describing them. I believe that some more recent encounters can be attributed to mass hallucination, (yes there really is such a thing and as a cop, I've seen it in action) there are also many accounts that can be chalked up to selective or suggested memory, where a person simply remembers what they want to remember or their mind fills in blanks with what the person hopes would have happened. This memory thing is a natural event. Our minds are designed to interpret billions of signals and sometimes they get the interpretation wrong or they just don't understand. When that happens they make things up and fill in the blanks with something that makes sense to them. In some cases, aliens are more believable that what really happened, (now that ladies and gentlemen is a sobering thought!).
Am I saying that there are no aliens, no I'm not. I actually believe that there are aliens. Like other things I fall back onto scientific fact and solid theories as well as spiritual understanding. In the instance of aliens, I believe that I have seen enough correlation between what the Bible says and what other ancient texts say to believe that certain characters written of in the Bible were in fact visited by aliens. I also believe that some of the lesser Gods of the ancient world were really aliens. But I do not believe that Jehovah is really an alien. I believe that he is a real God, but he also understands that others sometimes pretend to be Gods, like Lucifer did and like the Pharaohs did. It happens, that's why his first commandment to Noah was 'Thou shalt not worship any other God before me."
But here's the fun part, God doesn't seem overly concerned about aliens. He doesn't write a lot about them and unlike other subjects if aliens had bothered him, he would have told us about them and told us how to deal with them. But the Bible does not really make a fuss. In fact, none of the ancient texts that spoke of aliens make a big deal about the visits. If the aliens that visited us in the past were not dangerous to us then why are more recent accounts claiming that they are?
This is just a thought but... in more than one ancient text, aliens came here looking for someone, usually someone who was a God. Sometimes they had big battles that really tore things up and in at least one account the God was killed. Then the aliens departed. It might be possible that the 'God' was a nice benevolent alien that was here to hide or just not a bad guy that came here  to explore. But his enemies are not so nice and when they came her looking for him they found a world that was young and a people that was easily exploited. It is suggested that some aliens came here looking for gold. Gold is used in many electronic components. Now if science is a constant as they claim math is a constant then it can be assumed that gold would be used in alien technology just like our own. Also, if our planet was formed in a kind of big bang scenario then it stands to reason that the elements that make up the metals and other minerals were randomly scattered and rejoined into the planets. Our planet earth might have more of the elements that make up gold than other planets in our own system. Now carry that thought out to other systems and other planets. It is conceivable that we just got more gold than some others, or others might have used theirs up.
However you slice it, the existence of aliens seems to be a pretty strong theory. So why is it that no-one in our own government will even discuss the issue? Don't you think it odd that in the ancient world the existence and acknowledgement of aliens was universal and it came from the top down? Aliens understood the cast system. They knew someone was in charge so they talked to that guy or woman. Then that person talked to the people. In many civilizations that person was the religious leader and that is why so many times you see the evidence of the aliens inside of temples and you see cults of worshipers come out of the encounters. But I don't think, at least in the ancient cases that worship was what they were looking for. I think that initially most of them were just explorers.
Is it possible that we have somehow attracted the attention of a group of aliens that want to treat earth like a petri dish? Are we just one big experiment to them? They are after all dissecting us and taking samples in much the same way that we do when we discover a new species of animal or plant. Now it is happening to us, is this just intergalactic karma?  I mean we are raping our world and destroying all of her children, some of which are just as sentient as we, yet we feel no remorse as a race. Is this just what we deserve or is it just chance that our governments are allowing us to be tested and harvested. Are they complicit in the abductions? Do these few abductions as horrible as they are the only things keeping the planet earth from full scale invasion? And here's a question that has bugged me for years... what the hell is so damn interesting about cows?
Okay, I've rambled for a while now. Let's pick this up tomorrow... I'm not letting go of the cow thing!
Ohhh... by the way.... keep the comments coming. I love them! I don't know why they are posting to old posts but I'm calling Vista print tomorrow to see if there is yet another small glitch.
Live well and be good to each other.

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Anonymous on Saturday, June 28, 2014 12:00 PM
Spot on with this write-up, I truly suppose this website needs way more consideration. I'll in all probability be again to learn rather more, thanks for that info.
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