Holy Cow... no really, Holy... Cow?
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Holy Cow... no really, Holy... Cow?

Today as promised, please contain your enthusiasm, we are going to talk about cows. Why are we going to talk about cows? Because we can and because well let’s face it cows are so darn interesting that, aliens travel hundreds maybe thousands or hundreds of thousands of light years just to abduct a few of the creatures.Once abducted they tear out the reproductive organs, suck out all of their blood and drop them unceremoniously back onto the planet. What the heck?
Seriously,cows… okay we don’t find them fascinating. We use them as food and have for a really long time. But is there something unique about them that we really should be looking at? I mean it’s kind of cool that they have these really elaborate digestive systems, what I wouldn’t give to have the ability to regurgitate something just so I can chew on it again. Uhhh… not really.
Anyway,this whole cow abduction thing is a worldwide phenomenon and according to what I’ve seen it runs in cycles, kind of like human abductions. Not to throw off the conversation but… the humans that are abducted all claim to have been given examinations. The aliens seem to be really concerned with two things, how humans reproduce and shit… well maybe not shit, but either how we shit or this is an odd way of finding out if we have colon polyps. Maybe they’re looking at what we had for dinner… yesterday. Clearly they are not interested in finding out about how we process our food because no-one claims to have given a catheter. So it’s all about our shit. Here’s a thought, maybe in their society that’s where the baby’s come out and they are just really confused. Hmmm… well that one was a bit out there.
Still we come back to this fact, humans and cows seem to be the only creatures that the aliens are consistently interested in. What pray tell do they have in common, other than the obvious, we are both animals? Are we missing something in the lowly cow that the aliens have figured out? Maybe they’re abducting the cows just so we can ask ‘why are they abducting the cows?’ Can this be some kind of alien joke?
In our own history cows do play a prominent role. The cow or cattle are mentioned in the Bible right from the beginning. God mentions both Whales and Cows right there in the beginning when he’s making all this stuff. So why aren’t aliens abducting Whales? Maybe they are. Just recently I saw a show that talked about this strange glob like ‘creature’ that occasionally washes up onto the shorelines of the world. It has no bones, no cartilage, no blood and no internal organs. It is essentially a big lump of leftover skin. Samples of these odd blobs have been taken and it has been determined that they are Whale skins. Now there is an entire elaborate theory as to how the Whale lost its skin, it is after all a mammal (like us and Cows) and not a snake so it doesn’t shed its skin… ever, and if it did it would be dead. So here’s my theory, what if aliens are abducting Whales and then just returning the carcass or better yet just the skin? We don’t monitor Whales the way we monitor cows in a field.We wouldn’t be any wiser if they abducted ten or twelve in a night and then just dumped the skins back into the water. Most of those skins would be eaten or otherwise be destroyed by other organisms in the water. But the few that escape this kind of destruction could conceivably be washed up onto the shore.
Now, we know or are fairly certain that Whales are intelligent and have their own language. I would go so far as to say that Whales are completely sentient and we’re too damn stupid and too arrogant to know how to communicate with them,with the notable exception of Ellen DeGeneres who has demonstrated both in amovie (Finding Nemo) and on her daytime talk show that she is capable of communicating with the gentle giants of the deep. This in my mind, makes the Whale a more likely subject for abduction than the Cow. Unless the Cow is more intelligent than we know. Hmmm….
Many different religions in the past and a few even today worship the Cow or hold it up as some kind of special creature. Even God holds the Cow up as the perfect creature for sacrifice. Old religions of all kinds sacrificed this gentle creature to their Gods for favor in reproduction. The Cow has been venerated for centuries as a symbol of fertility. Now there’s an interesting correlation.The aliens are interested in the reproductive organs of the Cow and the ancients recognized the Cow as a symbol of fertility. Are the aliens only trying to figure out why humanity has chosen this animal to represent fertility? They could just ask. There is no need for the cloak and dagger routine. We as a race are not that hard to get along with…. So long as you give us everything you have and more… hmm… well maybe it is better to just ask forforgiveness than it would be to ask for permission.
Mankind has a history of being selfish and petty. We are a warrior race and we do a lot of conquering. Maybe the aliens are smart not to show themselves openly. Can you imagine, we as a race would probably suspend all present hostilities just to jockey for position in a war against the aliens… even if they came in peace…especially if they came in peace. We as a race and even as individuals do not understand our enemy if they are not acting aggressively. You need only look at the school yard bully to prove out this bit of trivia. They want a person to fight back and when their opponent refuses to fight they try to incite and when that fails they either become enraged and beat on the other person mercilessly or they walk away in frustration. An alien despite how they approach us,especially now that they have been absent for so long, would not be received with open arms. They would be seen as a threat and treated accordingly.
That made me think of this, what if aliens have made contact and they were treated as a threat and caged up and experimented on? Maybe we started a war and we’rejust waiting for the alien armada to get here? If the aliens that are experimenting on our people and our Cows are doing so with the help or silence of our governments perhaps they are only doing so to stave off the invasion,(as I said yesterday). Is the war already over? Did we lose?
If an alien attack happened today as I believe it did in our past. I think without the other alien on our side, as one was then, I think we would lose miserably. Judging by the descriptions of the weapons that were used, I think we do not have the level of technology, yet, to counter those weapons. We are moving in that direction. The work that Germany did under Hitler was ground breaking in the area of deployment and delivery. We came up with the actual device and then the two were joined to make the bombs we have today. But the problem with nukes is the fallout. There must be a more efficient type of weapon that does not devastate an area for hundreds of years.
But what has abducting Cows got to do with anything? Again I must ask, are Cows smarter than they look? Are they just fooling us into believing that they’re really super smart? If they are then how do they get anything done with hooves? They’re not even split hooved like Goats. What’s the deal? Should we take another serious look at their reproductive organs?
Ooooh, I just had a thought. There is some speculation and eyewitness evidence (i.e.some abductees claim to have either experienced this or seen hybrid children) that human reproductive organs are being explored because aliens are harvesting eggs and sperm. They are crossing our eggs and sperm with their own and coming up with hybrids. What if the Cow’s reproductive organs are not being harvested for their sake alone but as delivery systems or, since the majority seems to be from female cows, what if they need the uterus, because of its size and the udders because they need the milk? Are they growing hybrids inside of Cow uteri and feeding the resulting babies with fresh Cow’s milk? Now that’s a hypothesis I can live with, until I think of a new one.
There are some that believe that the entire Cow thing is just stupid. They think that the Cows are dying of natural causes and then their bodies are bloating. When they are sufficiently bloated the sex organs, inside and out are simply or literally are blown out or off of the body and then the blood flies and maggots clean up the mess. This is ridiculous. A Cow will bloat with or without the sun, because of their diet and their gastric juices. In the sun it just happens faster. But for the bloating and resulting explosion it takes hours. Now I know that maggots are fast eaters, but they have to be born first and even Darwin in his famous meat spawning maggot experiment noted that the maggots didn’t just appear on cue. It took time for the maggots to appear. They had to hatch which means that the eggs had to be laid. Simply put, it didn’t, please forgive the unintentional pun, didn’t happen overnight.
A rancher who loses a Cow, saw the ole girl yesterday and today she’s missing. It might take him a couple hours to track her down after he’s fed the rest of them. But we’re talking about a maximum of 24 hours between death and discovery. Even on the open range, in the middle of summer there would still be blood and guts literally scattered everywhere if the animal simply exploded. Blood flies can be very efficient given time but when blood dries, which in the summer takes almost no time at all, they take longer to clean it up. They, like most creatures, like it juicy.
I’ve seen pictures of some of these animals that were taken when they were discovered, not hours or even days later. There is no way in nature that any type of exploding body will leave clean surgical looking tears on a body. Tears are tears, they are not cuts and they look very different. I saw several pictures of an animal whose udder had been removed. The wound looked surgical. The wound puckered in the middle where the flesh had been cauterized. The only thing that makes that kind of wound is a surgical laser scalpel, and since we as a race just recently developed the technology and certainly would not or even could not use it in an open range situation, we would not use one to perpetrate a hoax by cutting off the udder of a Cow. It’s ridiculous.
So now we’ve come to the big cover up. Why would governments cover it up? Is it part of the deal? Is it better we don’t know? A slave that doesn’t know they’re a slave has no reason to revolt. (Speaking of which did anyone else see the expose of the young man that had been born and raised in a prison camp in North Korea? His story is the perfect example of not knowing what’s on the other side of the fence until someone told him that something else was available. He had no idea. I think the story is on 60 minutes.) 
But let’s pick up government conspiracies tomorrow. That should be fun!
Live well and be good to each other!

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Thanks for the encouragement. Just knowing that others enjoy my work is a bolster to my ego. Thanks for reading.

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