Is the Government keeping secrets?
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Is the Government keeping secrets?

Alrighty then... government cover ups. It seem absolutely ridiculous to me that the government would feel the need to keep secrets. It seems equally ridiculous for people would actually believe the cover up story. Now, tonight I'm not going to include any government except for the US government. Not because other governments don't keep secrets from their citizens but I don't know as much about those cover ups and besides even if I did, they might shoot me for talking.
I'm not even going to touch the Bengazi thing... except to say this, anyone who is still endorsing or even believing anything out of Hilary Clinton's mouth after that entire affair of blatant murder and the ensuing cover up is living with blinders on. Wake up and smell he coffee! Okay... now on to tamer things. They're not tamer because they are less disgusting but because they have long since lost steam. Let's take John F. Kennedy for example. Does anyone still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone? Okay, put your hands down... you're embarrassing yourself. Mr. Oswald was a patsy. But I don't think that anyone put him up to killing Kennedy. I think that they knew of the plot and just used it to cover their own tracks. Had they known exactly where Oswald was going to be when he fired at JFK, they would have put their shooters in close proximity, thereby avoiding the controversy surrounding the 'shots from different directions' report. Even the Warren commission found that JFK had been struck by rounds that came from different places... and as promised... here's the pic:
Check out the direction lines in the bottom picture. Clearly the shots came from at least two different places.
Oswald took the fall and no-one else was ever indicted. But he acted alone. He had no idea others would use his act to cover their own acts.
The real question here is not who killed JFK, the person that actually pulled the trigger was probably just a man on the payroll that was erased not long after the assassination. It is clear that the government isn't covering up who killed JFK to protect a dead man. They're covering it up because then they would have to answer the real question, why did you kill him?
There is little question that some organization in the US government made the call to kill the president. But what were they hiding and what's more interesting is why did they have to kill Marilyn Monroe as well? It's common knowledge that JFK and Marilyn had an affair. Hell officials in the government introduced them and encouraged it. Probably so they could blackmail him later but what did the two talk about that signed their death certificates?
Some think that JFK told Marilyn secrets about Aliens or something that would affect national security. If that is so then how did Jackie O survive the chopping block? Was JFK a chatty Kathy with his mistress and not his wife? In her last movie Marilyn's memory, usually a steel trap, was so bad that the director had her lines written on the wall so that she could see them. I was told that she was coming down with Alzheimer's. But she was in her early 30's. It's not unheard of but it is really rare and just a little to coincidental. Were they giving her drugs to try and make her forget? Alzheimer's is a disease of the Cold War. I believe that it is a result of chemical warfare that was designed to make the greatest generation into mockeries (crazy old people that are easily dismissed as are their stories). The government wants us to forget what they fought for and who they saved.
Is that a crazy notion? Then why is it that the holocaust is being called a lie? Hitler didn't really kill millions in death camps. The Jews are exaggerating. No-one really remembers what happened, not even grandma and she claims that she was there. She's got a tattoo on her arm... so what... you can get those anywhere. If we forget, it is easier to do it to us again. Next time it wont be the Jews, or maybe they'll just start there.
Here in America, while Hitler was murdering Jews and others in those camps, we had our own camps. Don't look so surprised. We did. We rounded up all of the Japanese and anyone that even resembled a Japanese person and we put them in 'Work camps'. That's what the Nazi's called them too, by the way. Did we kill any of those people? I don't know, no-body seems to remember what happened.
Here's an interesting fact for you. Absolutely no-one in my family has ever had Alzheimer's. But my sister has it. She was born in the 50's, during the Cold War. Somehow it missed my parents, who lived during the war. My father fought in it. An unfortunate bout of pneumonia caused my mother to have symptoms that resembled Alzheimer's and my niece likes to imagine that her mother got it from our mother, just like the Doctors tell her. But, that's not what happened. Alzheimer's may be hereditary only because a family that lives in the same area drinks the same water, eats the same food and breathes the same air. Whatever causes it can mimic a disease that is passed down.
We all know that they test germ warfare on their own citizens first just to make sure that they get the results that they want, both from the disease and from the delivery system. It is not a hard thing to imagine that this is the birthplace of Alzheimer's. It is after all becoming an epidemic. How many cases did you hear of before the '80's?
I'm just saying... Was all of this done to cover up the murder of JFK and Marilyn? What did they know? Was Alzheimer's just another convenience like Oswald, in the wrong place at the wrong time... of course he was doing the wrong thing as well.... still.... he was one of at least two.
So if they are covering up their involvement with aliens, then why? And why would they imagine that we as humans would stop seeing the aliens if they just denied their existence? It's not like aliens ever stopped coming here. They've been coming since history was recorded in charcoal on cave walls. Why would they stop and why suddenly did the governments stop treating them as guests and introducing them to the populace? What changed? As we grew in technology, some of which may have been given to us by aliens and some may still be given to us that way, did they start seeing us differently? Did they suggest the silence? It seems universal. No government is admitting their existence.
Hmmm... things to ponder... just don't say too much of it out loud, someone might think you're crazy!
Until tomorrow... live well and be good to each other.

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