Marilyn Monroe once touched this door!
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Marilyn Monroe once touched this door!

So sorry I didn't write yesterday. I have been very busy trying to drum up some business and to sell books. I was in Virginia City for two days and made some great contacts. I had not expected to go up on a second day so I didn't prepare a blog entry a head of time like I did for Wednesday. But I did manage to get to the computer today.
I have been making some changes to my webpage today, trying to make it a bit more accommodating and adding a bit of information. First off, if you stopped by the front page you would have noticed two new things. The first is a comment box. I put it on the front page so it was easy to find. I made one because people were making general comments on the blog but their comments were coming up all over the blog, as far back as last November. I am getting as many as 30 comments a day and I was having trouble finding them all. I would need to sift through every single blog entry looking for something new. At first this wasn't a problem but as the number of replies increased the more time consuming it became. So, to keep this from becoming something so arduous that I begin to neglect answering everyone I added a comment box for general comments. Of course comments about specific blog posts can and should still be put under the blog that you want to comment on, that way we can all get involved. But otherwise please use the new box. That way I can answer everyone and no-one will get missed.
The second item that you noticed on the front page was an announcement for a BBQ in Genoa, Nevada. This one comes with a story. So here I am coming down out of Virginia City with my friend Jim. He's driving. The man knows just about everyone in the County. Anyway, We've just spent the day wandering around two places, we got nothing done that was on our list but we had a blast of fun. We had gone up, on the second day mind you, to specifically talk to the owner of the Silver Queen and the owner of the Mark Twain book store. But we got waylaid at the Virginia City Senior's Center. Jim said that we could meet some cool people there and he knew that a woman that frequented the Senior Center wanted some help writing a book, so we stopped in for lunch.
We walk in and Jim tells me to sign in and we wander into the dining room. It's one long hall, there's not a whole lot of wandering going on. It looks like an old school cafeteria. Anyway, we walk past a couple of tables and approach a table were two women are seated both facing the same direction. Jim pulls out a chair and tells me to have a seat and then leaves. I'm feeling a bit out of my element, but I decide that I need to confront any fears I might have over cold turkey meeting people like this. I did after all spend a lot of time in my youth knocking on doors and introducing myself cold turkey. Maybe that's why I hate it so much now. So I have a seat and introduce myself to the ladies across the table from me, and forget their names almost as soon as they say them, (I know them now so I'll just add them in here)
The little one across from me has a clipped and yet not unpleasant manner about her. She is very friendly and accustomed to being listened to. Her name is Margaret, she is a school teacher and for 17 years she conducted the tours at the Mackay House. She never told me what subject she taught in school but I can honestly say that it should have been history. The woman was a walking  talking historian and she knew how to tell the story with just enough flair to keep you interested. Her degree however was in Art, and she was quite a good artist. I saw some of her oils hanging on the walls. They were good!
Anyway Margaret begins to tell a story about some of the history of Virginia City, this is the stuff that you don't get in the brochures or movies. She gets to a place where she's talking about the movies that had been made in the city and the stars that had eaten at the Senior Center and other places in the town. That's when the other woman, Anna, who had remained silent this entire time, added her two cents to the story.
It seems that Marilyn Monroe not only made two movies in the city but she was a bit of a local hero. It was explained to me that Marilyn was not just a pretty face, she was very intelligent and philanthropic as well. All of the residents absolutely adored the woman. They made not one mention of Clark Gable, who was also in the movie and spent time in the city. Anyway Anna began to tell Margaret about her front door. Apparently this door had been on the house that the movie had been shot in. The director had not liked the door and had it replaced in the middle of shooting. The door then was taken to some other person's house where it resided for the better part of 50 years until the owner of the door put it out in a garage sale where Anna purchased it for $3. It fit the space for her front door perfectly and that is now where the door resided.
The story got Margaret so excited that she began to bounce in her chair, not easy for a woman of her age who suffers from arthritis as badly as she does. Nevertheless, Jim volunteered me to take a picture of this door for Margaret, which I readily agree to do. Anna meanwhile tells me that I can just go on over to her house and take the picture. She gives me her address and tells me not to worry about the dogs.
Now the four of us sit there and talk for quite a while. So long in fact that Margaret's ride tells her that she needs to go home. At which time Jim volunteers to take Margaret home. Not a problem Virginia City isn't a big place besides she can help us navigate over to Anna's house to get the picture of the door. Off we go... Margaret in the front and I slide into the back of the minivan, camera in hand.
We get to Anna's house. I knew it was Anna's house because it says "Anna's house" above the porch door. Now somewhere in the conversation I had written down Margaret's name, first and last so that I could send her picture to her, so now I remembered her first name now and I also have Anna's name down thanks to the sign above the door. This comes into play in just a moment.
I approach the nice white picket fence, that needs a good scraping and a new paint job and the Chihuahua in the front yard starts to go nuts. But he's on a leash so I'm not worried. I talk to the dog trying to calm it as I open the first screen door and step onto the narrow porch. I let the door shut and reach for the screen door in front of the famous Marilyn door. As I pull the door open the Marilyn door begins to open inward. I'm thinking 'Did she not lock her door?' "I'll have to shut it before I can take a picture of it." I no more than think that though than I realize that a person is opening the door from the inside! Anna's roommate is home and Anna neglected to tell me and apparently hasn't called her. Holy cow! Now I'm stuttering and Jim keeps telling the woman that Ella has sent us and I keep telling him to shut up because Anna has sent us and the whole time this woman is looking at us with suspicion in her eyes. I know she's wondering if she's got some crazy tourists on her front porch trying to make up a story. Certainly she knows that Anna's name is above the door. I could be talking shit. So I try to shut Jim up long enough to start from the beginning and thank God the second that I mention the Senior Center, the woman begins to believe my story.
After I get the story out and explain that Margaret, damn I cant remember her last name and apparently they are friends with several, but our Margaret is in the car... you know the teacher... oh yes... now we're cooking with oil! Holy cow! I was a little worried that I would be thrown in jail for wandering onto this poor woman's porch to take a picture of a door that was "once touched by Marilyn".
So here's the picture:
It doesn't look like much to me but it sure was the object of a great deal of excitement and it was just the beginning or our day.
Next Margaret told us about some things that "we just had to see". Mind you I was in a mood by this time anyway. I figured, the day is shot anyway, let's just go with it and see what happens. She took us up a few streets and down the block and showed us some buildings that were built in the 1800's and hadn't been modified since they were built. As far as we could tell they hadn't been lived in for many years, except for vagrants and crack heads.
Please don't think that I in any way am mocking my new friends, I'm just throwing in a bit of sarcasm to express just how odd the situation was at the time. I mean, who would have ever imagined a day like that?
I uploaded all of those pictures on my pictures and interests page in a new slide show box. I was up and down the side hill and walking through spider and rat infested buildings whose floors did more than just sag a little. I took pictures of what I think is a babies grave in the back yard... yes that's legal here in certain Counties or Cities. I tried to get some good pictures of a power circle, a wiccan holy place that was in the front yard of one of the abandoned buildings and all sorts of stuff.
I would say all total we explored these two buildings for about an hour and a half. Then we were off to meet a man name Jim at the Mackay House. He's a local poet, and he's quite good. But we ended up spending way too much time there as well because when we left the Mackay house it was about 4:30 which is fine except that the two people that we were supposed to meet were now gone home. So I get to go to Virginia City on Monday now too. But I have a stack of pictures for Margaret and a whole new set for you to look at as well.
All in all I had a blast! I got a lot of exercise and learned some amazing stuff.
But all of this started because I wanted to tell you about the bar I went to in Genoa.... well both bars that I went to. The first one that we stopped at is called the Genoa bar. It is the oldest bar in the State, which makes sense because Genoa is the oldest city in Nevada. Anyway this bar is very cool. I sat and chatted with the owners daughter. They have a jar on the bar for the ELI Group! We chatted about that for a few minutes and I checked out the autographed pictures of Rachel Welch, Clint Eastwood (the picture was taken in front of the bar), and John Wayne.
After the Genoa Bar we moseyed on down to the Tombstone tap and grill. Here I learned that the frozen pizzas in your grocers freezer that say "Tombstone Pizza" on the cover actually originated right there in that bar. They sell then there still, freshly made of course. But here's the fun part, pizza is not their specialty, their specialty is ribs  and buffalo burgers. I was so impressed by their food, their atmosphere and the people that I requested a copy of the flyer so I could put it onto my webpage. Seriously if you ever get the chance to visit the place please do so. You will not be disappointed, and if you can make it out on Sunday. I'm going to give it a try.
Oh, I forgot to tell you, I was asked to add more pictures and since I already have quite a few pictures on the other pages of my site I figured that they must be talking about the blog. They said that I have a lot of written content but not a lot of pictures to help my readers engage better or something like that. So you get to see my picture of the door once touched by Marilyn. In the future I will try to put a picture in each blog. Please understand that sometimes that might prove to be a bit difficult but I will endeavor to put something in here.
Okay... I'm done now. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about the Government conspiracies blog. I started to write it and changed my mind.
Live well and be good to each other.

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