Are Mermaids real?
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Are Mermaids real?

Okay, so now I'm back at work.  I took yesterday, my last day off for a while, and I did absolutely nothing but watch TV. I had a blast catching up with shows that I hadn't seen in over a year. I finally watched the last year of Spartacus. What a great show, and it ended just right. There were no open ended scenes or lead ins for a new series. It was over. They told their story and ended it, and they ended it with the same honesty and humble beginnings in which it began. The ending was poetic. I don't know how well it followed the history of the events, but it should have happened like that.
While I was watching TV, I came upon a show called Mermaids: The New Evidence, on the Animal Planet. I watched it... well before I watched it, I watched the movie Mermaids: A Body Found. Both were extremely compelling. There is a lot of evidence out there giving credence to the existence of mermaids. These two shows, especially the first one, A Body Found, detail the history and the anatomics behind the mermaid. It's really well done. The theory, in short, is this; man's ancestors were basically bipedal apes with slightly more intelligence than our cousins. Millions of years ago our ancestors took divergent paths. Some stayed on the land and continued to live in trees and migrated with the food until they learned how to live in caves and then to make their own homes out of mud and sticks. The other ones chose to live by the water and fished from the shallows. This behaviour encouraged them to stand more upright, to keep their head and nose out of the water, much as monkeys do now. Slowly these upright ape like men began to fish deeper into the water. They began to hold their breath for longer periods and over millions of years they developed into what we call mermaids. Like other water dwelling mammals, they have no hair, their tail fin is horizontal to the ocean floor and they still need to surface to breathe. They travel with dolphins and whales and there is audio documentation that they communicate with dolphins at least. Above is a computer rendition of a mermaid as conceptualized by an artist based on eye witness and video accounts.
This is all covered up by the governments of the world. But why? What difference does it make? Then again, look at how we treat other animals on this planet. If our ancestors did take divergent paths, doesnt that mean that these mermaids are just as intelligent as we are? According to cave painting, we were once at war with the water dwelling humans. Did our war drive them into hiding or decimate them so horribly that they were near extinction?  
They have been filmed. The movie shows the small clips and they appear to be real. Do I believe in mermaids? I always have. I however, had always figured that not all of our human ancestors crawled out of the water, some of them held back. But now I am convinced that they came onto land and lived here long enough to learn how to walk upright. Why do I say that? Because the body that they found, although incomplete, had a hip bone that was pivoted in an upright position. At one time the creature that now bore a tail fin, had legs and it walked upright. It's hard to argue with the evidence.
Even if you wanted to argue with the evidence, how could you ignore the cave paintings, drawings, carvings and other artistic renderings of mermaids dating back tens of thousands of years from all over the world? This brings up another question, if the mermaids can talk to the dolphins and the mermaids are simply water dwelling men then does it not equate that dolphins are also sentient intelligent beings? They were having a conversation, not like I have with my cats. They clearly think that I'm the inferior minded creature and they are patient teachers. No, I'm talking about a conversation like you and I would have with another human.
This brings up yet another question. When God kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden he made the animals to fear man. They were to be subject under man and would therefore need to fear him. I have a theory, once again that cannot be tested, that when God did this he made it so man could no longer understand animals but he did not hinder their ability to understand each other. So does that make our mermaids only animals? Yet if they are only animals they show incredible intelligence.
But if they are just another subspecie of human, why then did God not mention them to us? Did he do it to protect them? It's not like we're really good at sharing. We don't cohabitate well with each other let alone a rival specie. Look what we do to the Wolf. They're not even a true rival. Yet we continue to slaughter them for sport. 
This is an amazingly beautiful picture, and it gives the great external anatomy of how these water dwelling cousins would look or do look. I dont really need to give this any more thought. Like I said I already believed in them, now I've seen some real pictures of a couple of them. Amazing! What I wouldnt give to see one with my own eyes.
Well, I'll leave you with your own thoughts on the matter. do you believe in them or not? Does believing in mermaids challenge your belief system? Can it be that not only are we not alone in the universe, but we are also not alone on our own planet?
Live well and be good to each other.

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