Are Angels just visitors from another dimension?
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Are Angels just visitors from another dimension?

There is this different idea that was brought to my attention today. Some people, not any noted scientists that I heard, I could be wrong, but some people have posed this hypothesis; those things that we, humans, have documented throughout the centuries into today, such as Angels, aliens, creatures of myth and spectors that we could not catagorize, were really beings from another dimension. Now, according to the hypothesis, this dimension occupies the same space as we do, and there are times when beings from that dimension cross into ours. There is some debate, amongst those that support this hypothesis, whether or not these beings come here deliberately or by accident.
Now, normally I'm really open to new ideas. This one however, would have us all negate Angels and aliens and all kinds of creatures that I for one believe exist or did exist somewhere in our past. On the other hand, I do believe that there are other dimensions. But, I'm not certain that they are the type of dimension that these people are talking about.
It stands to reason that ghosts, for example, cannot be seen all of the time because they do not live (I use the term loosly) in the same space as humans. At least they dont regularly, which is why we can only see them in snatches. Other members of the animal kingdom and even human children do not have difficulty seeing ghosts at any time. Why is this? Can they see into other dimensions? Now, that would depend on your defiinition of 'dimension'.
It is theorized that other dimensions exist within a slightly different phase, or spectrum of light, or sound, or that the dimension exists in a different frequency than the one in which we exist. So how do other animals and children see into this out of phase reality or can they? The most popular theory is that they are innocent and open to other realities. I think that's just a romantic way of looking at it. If it is true that animals and children can see ghosts, those beings or souls who have 'crossed over' (even that old term suggests a differnt dimension, I had never noticed before now). I think they see these other dimensions because unlike the majority of adult humans (in the case of children) their eyes are still flexible. They can see and interpret things that exist in more than one reality. In the case of animals, well face it, they dont see the same way or the same things that we see, so naturally they can see things or beings that exist in dimensions that over lap our own.
But, I still dont believe that these so called beings from other dimensions actually exist as we exist. I think that this other dimension is, or are holding areas for souls, or homes for 'ghosts'. The theory or hypothesis, I'm not sure which it is, of other realities that exsist because people made different decisions, you know the idea of alternate time lines is... unsustainable. The sheer number of possibilities is off the chart. For each person can make, or could make dozens of different decisions in one day and each one of those would affect at least one other person and their decisions would affect another person and the phenomenon would domino exponentially for eternity. As I said the idea is cool, but it is not sustainable. It would be ridiculous to attempt a model of such a theory. Now if you wanted to talk about alternate realities where only large decisions of key people were the factors that changed things, or better yet, the genetic selection of the fittest model had made alternate choices. That could be interesting. Or suppose the event that caused the extinction of dinosaurs never happened, or it happened on a lesser scale. I could go on forever with alternatives.
The bottom line comes to this with me... the idea of alternate universes that exist in some kind of other phase is not very viable. The idea that there are Angels and aliens and mythical creatures that once lived on our fair little chunk of rock.... they make sense to me. I think people that are looking at this phase thing are just reaching. For some reason it is hard for them to acknowledge the existence of Angels and aliens in the same breath. Angels do not cancel out aliens, and no, I dont believe that God is an alien. I do however believe that aliens have come here an impersonated gods and I believe that God acknowledged some of them as actually being Gods. We already know that humans are capable of becoming Gods... did we not discuss this? Hmmm... sorry... that is one of the arguments that Lucifer gave to the woman in the garden. 'would you not become as gods?' he asked concerning the tree of knowledge. Also Jesus was a demi-god, half man and half god, while he walked the earth. But when his father raised him to the heavens he made the demi-god into a full God. The human half was transformed. So we know that it can happen and to a lesser extent, God only had to transform half of Jesus, man has become a God. It is not a hard stretch to see an alien elevated to the status. Many are clearly ahead of us technologically and some seem to be ahead of us spiritually as well. I speak of Vishnu here. He was clearly not of this world and he was just as clearly more enlightened than the majority of humans even today. He may have been an anomoly of his people but I would like to think that he was but one example of the type of enlightenment that awates us.
I find it interesting that in the Hindu religion the majority of their Gods have multiple arms and blue skin. Only a couple have 'normal' human complexions and one is red. People, traditionally draw what they see, especially the common people of earlier civilizations. The common folk had little time to give to thoughts of fancy. Poetry and performing arts were the perview of the idoly rich. So why were the dieties of these people blue and red and why did they have many arms? One of them, Vishnu, lived among the people for many years. He was with them when other Gods came to make war on him. The battle that ensued was epic. The descriptions given in the Hindu holy script, along with the paintings done by those that had been there, can only be described as a battle between two races of beings that had access to weaponry that is still not available to humans in this form.
Was Vishnu a God or an alien, or was he both? Was he a fugitive? Clearly he was important enough for others to seek him out here and risk attacking him. Vishnu was very powerful. He was able to fight off at least two enemy mother ships and some fighters, by himself. Who was this guy? Whoever he was or is, he brought his wife and some friends with him. From what I can tell the males of his specie are blue, but not as children, and the woman are pale like westerners. Their kind seems to have been experimenting on mixing and matching animals and sometimes humans. One of their children was given the head of an elephant. So it can be assumed that they were either bigger than us or they had the ability to control the size of their hybrids.
The really odd thing about Vishnu is that it is said that he was born or born again nine times, with one still remaining. Each time that he is born he takes on another aspect of responsibility or enlightenment. First and foremost he is a protector, a guardian, a preserver. He and his wife are both seen as benevolent Gods. But when their enemies came to kill them it was Vishna that fought them off, not others of his race that are depicted as being warriors. I'm not sure what that means. But to be honest, I really hope that Vishna gets his next incarnation, in my lifetime. I would love to see the guy.
This image came from somewhere. Was it a fantasy that some one was able to convince an entire nation to share? I dont think so. There are paintings of Vishna walking among the people, as one of them. All of the Hindi Gods rode terrestrial animals, so they were seen by the people riding them. Is this fancy or mass hysteria as some scientists would have us believe? Or are these aliens that came here to escape something else? Where are they now? Will they return?
One thing that I can say with some certainty, they're not from some 'other dimension'.
Live well and be good to each other.

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