Fish feel pain... Really?
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Fish feel pain... Really?

Hi, sorry for no blog yesterday. I was trying to correct a problem. Many of you are writing me and I am getting notified that the comments are being made, but when I come to my dashboard so I can answer them, they're not here. I'm not the only one having this problem. But, for now they have no explanation for it. Please keep writing. I love hearing from you and eventually I will answer you back.
Did anyone else read that ridiculous story about Trout (that's a fish) and fish hooks? The story basically said that scientists have just found out that Trout (not fish in general) feel pain. They may actually have nerve endings in their lips and it just might hurt to have a hook caught in it.(That may not be the exact words, but that was the tone.) Are they serious! Who are these rocket scientists? I could have told them that! Of course fish... oh excuse me, Trout feel pain. OMG!!! Are they so arrogant that they believe fish feel no pain? For the love of God people, plants feel pain! Plants bleed. What makes them even imagine that other animals, can't feel pain? Unbelievable... it just made me so damn mad when I read that bit of news. I was actually stunned to silence.
But I'm over it now! Well... I'm not over IT I'm just over being stunned by it.
Did anyone hear that Matt Smith is hanging up his bow tie and leaving Doctor Who? I was not overly happy with this development either. He had some huge shoes to fill following David Tenner, but I think he did a nice job. I absolutely love Amy Ponder and River Song and that entire confusing mind mix they did with time and the three of them. It was fabulous! Definitely one of the very best brain teasers ever for Doctor Who. But in the last episode the Doctor kind of resets time. What does that mean for the universe? Are they laying a foundation for someone's return? There's been rumor of Rose Tyler coming back, but no David Tennant. Maybe, we'll get something really different in the Doctor this time. I would still like to see the River Song story continue. She said that she saw several faces of the Doctor, so she could be around for a while.
Anyway... I wrote part of the next chapter in my new Cali adventure. In this one she is getting ready to enter the place where her evil step mother was last seen alive. //////
Nickola said nothing when he returned. He handed her a diet Pepsi, started the car and pulled out. He drove until the gas station was far behind them and nothing but road showed ahead, then he pulled over.
“This house and these workers, they do not see the Vinccencio family… ever. By blood or by trust, it makes no matter, you are a member of the family. You wear the ring. It was given to you and you wear it. Only another Vinccencio can remove it.” He sighed and gave her a glare out of the side of his eye.
“I hear a, but in that somewhere.” His expression darkened. “Spill it. What do you expect here and what are your orders?” Angela would have known all of this. She would have made certain arrangements. Nickola was simply voicing his own concerns and trying to impress something on Cali. She just wanted to know what it was.
“They are suspicious. They think you are here to take care of some business personally.” The way he had inflected the word business told Cali exactly what he meant. She nodded and urged him to continue. “If they stop being so suspicious and become scared, they may try to kill us both.” Finally he had spit it out.
Cali didn’t respond to him immediately. She thought about her gift. Talking to ghosts was always a little dicey, but talking to ghost in front of nervous people, especially these kind of people… that’s just stupid. This was the old country. She had found in the few hours that she had been here, that it was infested with ghosts. Rome was packed with them, the spa was packed with them and she was expecting this little whore house to be packed with them. So far she had kept her distance, and oddly the ghosts had as well. But, she had been careful not to say her full name. They may not know who she was.
“Is there perhaps someone that could be used as a scapegoat?”
“There is one that her ladyship has mentioned. She thinks that he may be responsible for some… money gone from the profits.” He shook his head. He knew that he had said it wrong in English but was hoping that she understood.
Cali nodded. “He’s skimming from the top.”
Nickola nodded. “Yes, and he is known here. But, the Lady said not to use this if we don’t need to. It will warn the man and he would run.”
“Gotcha” She continued to stare at him. She was waiting. He had not answered her fully.
He finally dropped his gaze and laughed. “She told me that you are fierce. I did not believe.” He chewed on his mustache for a moment. “I am to protect you with my own life if necessary. If it comes to it you must run, and hope that you can outrun them and break through the ones behind us.”
“You’re worried that you will fail, and I will die. It would render your death forfeit for nothing.” She reached out and touched his hand. It was a glancing brush, only to keep his attention. “It would still be an honorable death. You would still have served her well, and to the best of your ability under the circumstances. She could have sent an army. She didn’t. She sent you. You must be enough for the job.” Cali remembered what Ben had taught her about assassins and bodyguards and the business of true gangsters, when she was young.
“I was told what to expect from you. But, I was not ready for a woman that really could be her sister. She called you that, sister.” He was nodding when he started the car and pulled out onto the empty road. “It’s not far now. I hope that you find what you are looking for.”
Cali wanted to say something but the words stuck in her throat. What was she looking for? Did she want to find it? Would Lilly’s ghost be there, and if she was would they be able to talk? Would she want to? Lilly was not her father. He had done what he did because he was taught that it was the right thing to do. Lilly on the other hand, did what she did because she was… evil… sick… what? Would knowing vindicate Cali’s actions in putting the woman here? Cali shook her head. Once again I’m walking into a wasps nest without even a can of Raid. She glanced at Nickola. He was a big man. A capable killer. Well in the grand scheme of things, I have a small can of generic Raid.
“Ah, there you see. It is there.” Nickola interrupted her personal rebuke.
Cali looked up. A large plantation style home sat in the middle of a walled compound. She sighed quietly. The only way out of here would be if they let her out. She glanced at Nickola, he was looking at her. He had thought the same thing.
He shrugged. “This wall, is new to me.”
“It’s okay. Whatever happens, was meant to happen.”
He slammed his hand onto the steering wheel. “I like how you think, sister!”
Minutes later they were inside the compound and it was far too late to turn back now.
////// As I said this is only part of the chapter. I want to build a camaraderie between Cali and her bodyguard. Angela had her reasons for sending this particular person to watch over Cali. It's just a matter of discovering it.
I will finish the chapter tonight and we'll see where it takes us.
Live well and be good to each other.

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Teresa on Friday, September 06, 2013 6:50 PM
I'm glad that you stumbled in. I'm happy to have you here.

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