Was Queen Elizabeth I a woman or a man?
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Was Queen Elizabeth I a woman or a man?

I was tooling along in Facebook yesterday and I ran across a link to an article. The article was an odd piece of news. There is some speculation concerning Queen Elizabeth I. There are some that believe that Her Majesty was really a His Majesty in drag. The theory is that the young Princess Elizabeth succumbed to a fever when she was young. The people taking care of her were put in a spot as King Henry VIII was known for lopping off heads, if a person did something wrong. Allowing a Princess in your care to die was considered treason... really... anyway to save their own heads these two people found a boy that was a playmate of the Princess and dressed him up and made him play the part. Well they managed to fool the King because, let's face it Henry wasn't into visiting family much and he really had no idea what his daughter looked like. So long as the child lived he was content.
But, the victory of fooling the King was short lived. It was a deception that could never be revealed. Fooling the King bore a greater punishment than mere death. Anyway, when the Princess returned to court a year later, several things had changed. Apparently, before leaving for the summer, she was a smart girl that often surpassed her Tutors. When she returned she was pretty stupid, in comparison. When she left she was a slight shy girl, when she returned she had wide shoulders and was brash and outspoken. Hmm... all things that would make anyone wonder what the heck happened. But since she was a Princess no-one was allowed to question, except the King, and s I said, as long as she lived he was happy.
So, we all know that Elizabeth never married. It was rumored that she had a lover, but she had him beheaded. She also had a dear friend, but she was beheaded as well. Only two people, those two that were with her during that summer, knew her at all. One of them became her maid, the maid that was her personal servant. The other was appointed to another high place amongst her household. Other's knew that the two had a secret. But no-one was ever able to make either talk. The Queen died without an heir and on her deathbed named the son of her good friend, Mary Queen of Scots, the one she beheaded, as her heir.
So does all of this mean that she was really a man? I don't think so. I think that Elizabeth had a couple of reasons for not producing an heir. Her affair with the Duke of Essex, left her with a bad taste in her mouth for men. He betrayed her and was beheaded as a traitor. The scandal that erupted because of her sexual indiscretions with him weakened her reign. This is why she became the Virgin Queen. She was not a virgin, but she made her subjects believe that she had become chaste for them. In fact she kind of did. If she had any other lovers after him they were kept so secret that they have never been recorded.
But why would she not want to have children? Well, it is no secret that she didn't like her father the King. He was a tyrant that murdered her mother. He also did not have a lot of luck siring children. Is it more likely that Elizabeth became pregnant during her time with the Duke and through the pregnancy learned that she either could not bring a child to term or if she did give birth was the child perhaps not right?
The other possibility is more political in nature. Did she decide to forego having children to prevent the continuance of Henry's lineage?  It sounds petty, but as wonderful as she was as a Queen, she was her father's daughter and the court at the time was steeped in this type of political crap.
There are a lot of questions concerning Queen Elizabeth I. But in my book none of the answers lead to her being a man in drag. It is possible that she found sexual release among other women. This was common in the royal household, and some say still is. Royals must marry into the right families, that doesn't mean that they must love each other. It only means that they must produce an heir. Except in Elizabeth's case. She refused and her staff supported that refusal. That is the interesting part of this story. No-body tried to force her to have a child. So what was her secret?
I'll leave you to ponder the question.
Live well and be good to each other.

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