Tiny coffins and an undecypherable text... what's next?
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Tiny coffins and an undecypherable text... what's next?

I was going to give you the next chapter of The Family Affair today but, the chapter is not yet done, and we've already discussed what happens when you rush a story. Instead, I have been reading about strange and unexplained things and came up with this little tid bit, apparently mid 1800's in Scotland some boys stumbled upon some tiny coffins. The coffins had tiny wooden bodies inside of them and were all buried in a single spot. There were originally 17 of the little things. They were arranged in two rows of 8 and one row that had just been started with only one coffin. Now, this information is second hand. The boys that found them never officially gave a first hand account. One of their teachers collected the coffins the next day. The boys had taken them out and thrown them at each other. They were all mixed up and lucky to still have their contents. Only 8 survive to this day.
Because the site was not preserved or documented correctly, no one has any idea if the accounts of the boys was accurate. They said that the coffins were in rows, one on top of the other in a small dug out depression on the side of a hill. The lowest row was the most deteriorated. But, there was no way to verify this account as the coffins were all over the ground when the teacher came to retrieve them. Lucky for the coffins, the teacher was a bit of an amateur archeologist and part of the local society. He preserved what few he could and put them on display. They were dubbed the Lilliputian coffins.
As you can see in the picture, the little figures were dressed and the coffin lids were nailed shut. Each coffin was formed from a single piece of wood, and all were decorated with bits of metal. This was clearly a labor that needed some kind of exactness, but to what end no one knows.
Are these coffins some kind of mock or representative burials for sailors lost at sea? Are they part of a religious ceremony? It is all unknown and quite a fun little mystery. The entire story can be read here; http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/history/2013/04/edinburghs-mysterious-miniature-coffins/
The next little mystery that has me intrigued this week is something called the Voynich Manuscript. This is an old book, that has thwarted every attempt to decipher it. It was written in the first half of the 15th century. This fact has been proven by dating the paper on which it is written. The script defies understanding and the illustrations are not any help either. In fact they have no idea if the illustrations have anything to do with the writing. That is a logical assumption. But, there is some speculation that the entire book is a joke. If it is a joke then it is a very puzzling one. The author should be laughing in his grave. Still, there are those that believe the author had visions and the language was part of the vision. This theory is not widely accepted. Anyway it is intriguing.
There is a sight that is dedicated to this odd book. If you would like to know more here it is: http://www.voynich.nu/index.html
So, why am I giving so much information on these two oddities? I don't know, I thought they were really cool and I'm still thinking about them. I haven't yet formed my own theory. Also, I have been asked by several about where I get my information. So, I thought that I would show you where I get my information. I read, I read a lot. I don't just read stories on the internet but, I do read here too. Reading is a passion of mine and any little piece of information is potentially a spark that starts a bigger quest for information.
In other news, My niece and I have decided to make a poetry book together. Cindy is the author of My Life in a Nutshell. That particular book has a bunch of pictures and photos in it. She approached me yesterday about making a book of only poetry. I countered her idea with the thought of putting my poetry and hers in the same book. It sounded like it could be fun. I'm not a great poet. But, there are a couple of pieces that I actually like, so we'll see how that goes. We're getting together this Wednesday to hit Pick and Pull for a part for her car and then we're coming back her to throw around some ideas.
By tomorrow I should have that chapter finished and working on the next. I just didn't want to rush the last few paragraphs. I'm introducing a new character. She can help shape Cali's life in a significant way and I didn't want to just throw her out there. I want this woman to have a timeless quality and yet still have a bit of playfulness about her. She needs to be earthy, wise and yet not unapproachable. She needs to command respect, without looking for it. And most importantly she needs to have some knowledge that Cali needs. So, my work is cut out for me. I will keep you up to date.
Live well and be good to each other.

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