Is she your soul mate or your sister?
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Is she your soul mate or your sister?

Heehehee I love that title! Such a shit disturber.
Have you heard the new song, Soul mate to stranger, by Joan Jett? If you haven’t been to a concert in the past 6 months, or been following new music on you tube then you probably have not heard it. When they post a good recording of it, I’ll upload it onto my site. But, when I heard it, I had an odd thought, not that I ever get any of those. 
Anyway, if in fact we do actually go round and round being reincarnated time after time, does it not seem logical that we meet up with the same souls repeatedly. This seems like something that would make you say ‘well of course… duh’. But, think about it a bit more than the superficial. From life to life, bodies change; people change… the soul learns but does not take the personality or even the memories of that life forward with them. Oh, there are shadows or snapshots of memory, but by and large the previous life is forgotten. The soul absorbs the lessons and moves on.
But, does the soul remember other souls? Can we recognize each other from one life to the next? Perhaps not as definitive individuals such as, hey that’s George. He was my pal in the last life. That would negate all that we just established. In a less specific manner, does our soul remember? Is this remembrance what makes us believe that we have known someone before? We’ve all had that feeling. We see someone and we feel attached to them somehow. There is no rhyme or reason for the feeling, it just is.
Sometimes when we feel this, they feel it as well, and we begin a relationship with that person. Often, that relationship does not workout as expected, and we are left wondering if we really did feel something when we first met them, or if we were just experiencing wishful thinking.
I think that we have recognized another soul that is somehow linked to us. But, not every soul that we know is, or has been a lover. Some will have been siblings, or rivals or just acquaintances.
God made someone for everyone. A single someone. Not multiple someone’s. But, so long as we are imperfect humans we will have multiple partners over a lifetime, and that’s okay. That is expected. Just try not to have multiple partners when you are married. It puts a strain on things.
That one someone is out there. They are searching for you as well. In some lifetimes, you will find each other. In others you never will. But, in the end, you will be together. For it is not right that we should be alone. Just don’t despair, if you think that you found your soul mate and the nall hell broke loose, and you were not actually compatible. Not every soul that you recognize is your soul mate. Only one soul has that distinction… Happy hunting.
Live well and be good to each other.

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