What happened to the friendly aliens?
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What happened to the friendly aliens?

This question has been bugging me for days. It's even clogging up my ability to write about Cali so... I'm going to get it out here and see if I can just let it go afterwards.
I was watching yet another aliens have landed movie the other day. At one point near the end of the movie the afflicted family goes to the movies version of an alien guru and he explains that there are three kinds of aliens, the grays, the greens and the reptiles. But, he questioned the veracity of the reptile claims. It was not meant, I think, to illicit any real or serious consideration, yet it did. I immediately thought, 'what happened to the blues?' then my thoughts continued down the road of ancient alien encounters. Very few ancient encounters documented the greys... although to be fair, there were some.
There are far more drawings and carvings of aliens in space suits than anything else. So where are these guys? Did they check us out, get to know the native population and then decide to move on to other worlds? Was our world too alien for them? If they didn't breathe oxygen then certainly everything on our planet was alien and hostile towards them. They would have needed to bring their own food and drink as well as air. How horrible is that, you find a planet that has some great beings on it. They seem to like you, but you can't even share in a BBQ with them. I can see why they left. Maybe they left monitoring things so they could keep an eye on us, just to see how we develop. Hmmm...
Still I am wondering what happened to the family of four armed blues that turned the religious system of India on its ear? They were highly intelligent. They successfully spliced human and animal DNA onto one of their own, to create a two armed, horse headed blue being, and he was no less intelligent than they. The blue guys also liked to spend time with the humans. There are dozens of paintings and more writings of them hanging out with humans, helping them with engineering problems and helping them in all sorts of ways.
But, what were they? Clearly they were from another planet... that's not the question. No place else in the world do we find evidence of the blue aliens. No place else in the world do we find evidence of aliens with four arms and oddly no place else in the world do we find a more generous or accommodating race of aliens than we find in the blues of India. But... again... what were they? Were they political refugees. Were they some kind of criminal family? Vacationers... no not that... they were hunted down by another race and fought a war here on Terra. Some of them died and some did not. The battle is chronicled both in picture and words. There is little room to wiggle... it was a battle between spaceships and ground forces. The family did well. They managed to destroy all of the enemy ships, but their personal cost was high.
Shortly after the battle, the family disappeared. It is said that they retuned to the sky in their chariots. Okay... they left. Did they go home or just go someplace where their presence wouldn't put anyone else in danger? They were kind and benevolent. Surely they were devastated when so many of earth's life forms lost their lives trying to protect them .
The question that comes to my mind right now is, there has been successful cross gene manipulations performed in the past by many aliens. I cannot imagine that the idea or the practice would be of any interest to aliens today, so why is it that the grays are attributed with so much of this odd experimentation? Are the grays behind the times or are they just malicious? The blues were kind, the suited ones were as well, maybe the grays are just the nasty ones. They're the bully's on the playground. So, if the blues once cared about humanity, why are they not coming to help us now? The grays have been here for a while experimenting on us... and cows... and maybe whales. Why has none of our friends of the past come by and told them to get lost? Are we no longer under their protection... were we ever?
See what happens when I take the time to watch a movie?
Live well and be good to each other.

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maillot de foot on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 5:00 AM
This is a very good report, I think there will be many people. like it, of training course, I was one of the folks. I feel this report. boost my knowledge. Thank you!
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Teresa on Saturday, July 06, 2013 6:44 PM
I'm not sure how this could help in training, but I'm happy that you find it useful. I enjoy writing about this kind of stuff.
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