Is God an alien?
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Is God an alien?

I'm not sure if 'Is God an alien?' is really the relevant question. God is an alien. Just as we are aliens to heaven, he is alien to earth. I don't think that he was born her or originated here. His son was born here. But, it is clear that God, Jehovah or whatever you want to call him or her, has been around for a long time. He was here before the earth. He created it and all of the stars that we can see from our little rock. So the question isn't if he is an alien, the more relevant question is, 'What's the difference between aliens and Gods?'
We've discussed before the topic that some aliens were treated as Gods and some aliens were not. What was the difference between say the blue aliens and the gray ones? Why are the gray ones not thought of as Gods? I don't think that it had anything to do with how each respective alien treated us. It is something else. I could say that the giving of gifts to mankind is a good way to be called a God, but Jehovah requested gifts. So what's the difference?
There is one thing that Gods do, that no other creature does. They grant prayers. They see into a man's mind and they grant their wishes. Jehovah grants prayers. Jesus Christ now grants prayers, (no-one prayed to him when he was on the earth). The blue guys, they granted wishes. The gray guys... they just steal cows.
Is that the big difference? Do Gods have a special ability to see into a man's mind? Does that mean that people that are psychic on their way to being Gods? There has to be more to it than that. I was once taught that, one attribute of a God was their ability to make something of nothing. In other words, only a God can take dirt and make man. But... that means that humans are Gods. Hahahaa, that's what Satan said we would be like if we ate of the tree of knowledge. We would be as Gods. Hmmmm.... But being as Gods and actually being a God is still two different things.
Maybe, that's what a God is. In that case all aliens are Gods and all humans are Gods. Now that sounds ridiculous.
It has nothing to do with intent, for Jehovah of the Old Testament was as ruthless a God as any other. Only with the birth of his only begotten son did his temper and selfishness take a back seat. Only with Jesus did Jehovah learn forgiveness. Kids can do that to an unruly parent. So, what makes a God? Let's look at Jesus. He was not a God until his father actually gave him the position. Wait a minute... did he change when he got the seat? No he didn't. All of the changing that he did, he did before he got the job.
He was raised from the dead. His father did that. Jesus didn't help. Others had been raised from the dead. So that didn't make him a God. He was given a new body, that could travel around anywhere between heaven and earth. The new body was not stuck in one form, he could change faces at will. I don't remember anyone else having that ability, but I do remember Enoch and Elijah getting some special body privileges. I'm sure that there were others, I just don't remember them off hand. I don't know my Bible like I once did.
Jesus traveled to see the nasty little Devil Spirits that caused the flood that killed all of mankind, except Noah and his crew. Jesus traveled to the firmament where the rest of the water is stored. But he didn't become a God until his father raised him up to be of the Godhead. Or in other words to be part of the ruling body, not to be confused with a trinity. So is being a God a matter of being given a title? Or perhaps being a God is a matter of taking on the appropriate level of responsibility. Is that what the Monarchy was patterned after? Hmmm...
Now I've stumped myself.
I do know this, God is not an alien from Mars or wherever, that is coming back in his spaceship to rescue mankind someday. He is much more than that and I think that if he ever had a corporal body, which I think that he did, he left it behind him long ago. He needs no spaceship. For that matter, Jesus has a body and he doesn't need a spaceship either. Jehovah is bigger than that. So, if there is a God that is waiting to come and save humanity while flying a spaceship, as some religions believe, then that God is not as big as Jehovah.
So there....
Live well and be good to each other.

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Teresa on Thursday, July 04, 2013 5:53 PM
Thank you, I'm glad it was useful.
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essay on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 5:19 PM
I believe that God is so powerful and He is our mighty Creator. I respect your opinion but my faith wouldn't be shaken.
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Teresa on Friday, December 20, 2013 2:39 PM
I respect your opinion. You should note that I do not believe that God is some kind of actual alien being, as society generally imagines such a being, but he is alien from us and is therefore alien. There is a fine line of semantics that I draw. This is not a matter of faith, but of definitions. Thanks for reading.

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