Are we all psychic?
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Are we all psychic?

I was talking with a friend yesterday and an interesting topic came up. We began to discuss animals and how they communicate with each other. Now, I've touched on this before but, I never really got very deeply into the topic.
First off, has anyone noticed that when a cat talks to birds they talk in a way that they never use with any other animal? Dogs do the same thing. It must be something about the language of birds that is unique. I know that this sounds absurd, but think about what I'm saying. How often do you actually see a cat or a dog speak to any other animal, besides us and birds, using sound? Both cats and dogs try to mimic the sounds we make, regardless of the language, so that they can communicate with us. We sometimes try to mimic their sounds as well, but honestly I think that we're doing a piss poor job. I have no clue what I'm saying when I meow at my cat. I dont think she does either. On the other hand she can clearly say, drink, water, snack, out, thanks and an entire host of other words. She's even figured out how to make some short sentences. No lie. Not all cats have this knack. But, then again not all humans are adept at learning other languages either.
Back to the language of birds. I have three cats. Two of them speak to the birds and the third does not. I'm not sure that he knows how. He is a bit handicapped. I've spoken of him before. He survived distemper and kitty leukemia when he was just a babe of 4 weeks old. Well, he contracted both at 4 weeks, and with a lot of care he survived. But, not without consequence. He has nerve damage to his hips rendering him unable to jump, he has to get a running start to make the arm of the couch and to make the seat he has to gather himself and spring just right. He is by no means graceful. He runs like a rabbit. Both back feet land together and push off together. When he tries to run like other cats, his back legs will sometimes outrun his front legs and he will fall over. These are but a few of his physical limitations. He has mental ones as well. He has irrational fears and he is bipolar. With all of this going on I believe my dear boy doesnt really have the patience to learn languages. Hence, he does not talk to the birds. He is happy to chase them if hecan and otherwise he just watches them.
That was completely off topic... not really. Tucker has no desire to learn and therefore does not. It's very similar to some humans. They could learn another language but if they have no desire to do so, they just dont learn one.
Back to Tucker, he understands me just fine and sometimes he actually speaks to me in English. I think that he understands that I am limited and do not speak cat. So occassionally he will actually speak an English word. Usually it is a one syllable word but he does say it. On one occassion when I was teasing him, he told me to "Knock it off" It was as clear as day and I was not the only one that heard it.
With all of this discussion of language why did I name the post the way that I did? I will tell you. Seldom do we see cats actually talking to each other. Oh they make passing comments and sometimes they will carry on full conversations with each other. But, when the conversation is really important they dont say a word, they just stare at each other. For example, my cat Meishka got into a fight with the dogs next door. They were attacking her kitten Meme and she got involved. I was not home, but someone called animals control and my cat was taken to a vet. Unfortunately the vet was an uncaring ass of a man that wanted to simply put her down, but was obligated to treat her and return her to animal control. His initial report stated that she had not been bitten. When I took her to her regular vet, she did not do a complete exam but instead took the original ass's word for it. Meishka had been bitten. The punctures festered and in less than a week her abdomen wall burst open. There was no way to fix it. I had to euthenize her. It broke my heart.
While Meishka was at home, for those few days, she knew that she was dying. But she could not tell me. Instead she told her daughter Meme. The two of them sat facing each other for hours. Neither spoke. But when Meme left the room she never went back in. Meishka returned to her bed that I had made up for her. She died a day later. I believe that the two of them spoke telepathically. Normally they would meow at each other, but not that day. Not when the conversation was important. Meme was her mommies little girl. Without her mother Meme really kind of lost it for a while.
I have seen this phenomena before. Animals will stare at each other, for long periods of time. After which they seem to have an understanding. This brings me to the actual point of this post. Are we all psychic? I dont think that intelligence has anything to do with psychic ability. I know that we generally think that people will eventually evolve into beings that communicate telepathically and that we will evolve into beings that can move objects with our minds. I think that this is hogwash. People all have the ability latent within their minds. The thing is we just dont access that part of our minds.
So often we experience something we call 6th sense. When we 'feel' something and just know that something is wrong. Or we have a dream that comes true. I think that these are instances of us tapping into that part of our minds that we dont normally use. We dont need to evolve into smarter beings, we simply need to tap into what we already have. Animals do it. We are animals, then we should be able to do it.
In answer to the question, are we all psychic... no, but we could be and I think that we were designed to be. Maybe this is something we learn how to control as our soul ages. I'm not sure about that. I'll have to think about it. Let me know what you think.
Live well and be good to each other.

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