The end of Ben
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The end of Ben

Chapter 19 for your reading pleasure.
When she awoke she was on a bed. Her head felt like a marching band was walking through it, and her eyes felt like sandpaper. It was daytime, but what day, she had no idea. She was still wearing her cute purple shirt. But, her jeans and shoes were on the floor. Her jeans had been turned inside out, and she could see from where she was laying that her belt knife was gone.
She stretched and felt the back of her head. There was a lump. It was tender. Slowly, as if it was natural she reached down the back of her shirt, and felt the end of her tiny blade. She sat up and slung her feet over the bed. She pulled her bra back over her breasts. Apparently, whoever had searched her had been more interested in a quick feel than in finding a weapon.Besides, he had found what he had been looking for, there was no need to look any further.
Her bedroom overlooked the pool. Down below she could see Ben. He was sitting at a table under an umbrella talking to someone that was out of her sight. Nickola was standing about ten feet away, holding a rifle. There were six other guards that she could see, which meant there were at least that many more, that she couldn’t see.
The room was bugged, both audibly and visually. That was Ben’s style. She found her back pack. The suitcase was gone. She pulled out some fresh clothing and headed for the shower. She pulled the knife off of her back when she pulled her shirt off. It wasn’t his style to bug a bathroom, but he was probably going to make a few exceptions in her case, after what happened last time. She had after all, survived his attempt to murder her.
Cali didn’t care if whoever was watching saw her naked. It was only flesh. She stripped down and absently rubbed the bullet scars in her shoulder. Ben would want to see them. She took her time showering. Ben had provided her with her favorite shampoo and conditioner, and soap. The washcloth and towels were all brand new, and made of Egyptian cotton. I’ll give him this, he knows how to treat a woman.
She dressed in the steamy room and took the time to dry her hair. When she felt that she was presentable she headed for the door. A guard waited just outside. He tried to glare but ended up letting his eyes undress her. Not that she was wearing much. She had purchased this outfit for the occasion of seeing Ben again, and had made sure that it was in the back pack. The one bag that she knew she would see, when she woke up.
“Which way to the pool?” She asked coyly. It never hurt to throw your guard off guard. She could see the wheels turning. He had been told that she was dangerous. That’s not the impression that she was giving him. She had spent years being exactly what the men around her wanted her to be. It was an easy game for her to play.
He smiled and grunted. Then he waved his gun in a gesture that said, follow me and started walking down the hall.
A few twists and turns and a staircase later and she was walking out a pair of French doors heading for the pool. A person watching might think she owned the place. In fact, once one guard noticed her, the entire area went silent and all eyes riveted on her. She played them all like a fine tuned piano. She was wearing the latest version of a ‘70’s halter top, a pair of skimpy Daisy Duke Shorts and a pair of flat sandals. That was all. Her hair bounced on her shoulders, and her smile outshone the sun.
“Ben!” She yelled in a mock anger tone. “If you wanted to see me, why didn’t you just send a car?” She boldly walked past his bodyguard as if he wasn’t there and kissed Ben on the cheek.
No-one was more shocked than Ben. Belatedly his bodyguard grabbed her arm and pulled. She stepped back and looked around in shock. She yanked her arm free. “Do I look like I’m carrying a gun?” For emphasis she pulled the halter top up and flashed them all. “Do I need to drop my pants too?” A long moment of uncertainty passed. She reached for the top button and released it. Her finger was on the zipper when Ben finally spoke.
“No, of course not.” He flicked his fingers at the bodyguard and the man stepped back. “I had not expected you to be happy to see me, Bella.”
“Well, I must admit, that things did get a bit dicey the last time we met. But, I thought that we had parted on good terms.” She sat down next to him flipped off a sandal and ran her toes up his calf. “Was I mistaken?”
He glanced down. She could see the bodyguards pants tighten, out of the corner of her eye. Ben on the other hand, fancied children. She knew this but, there might still be enough between them for her to distract him. All she needed was a little distraction.
“I’m sure that you are aware of the changes that have taken place here.” He glanced at the person on the other side of the table.
Cali looked at Angela. She had swollen lips and a black eye. He had his own daughter beaten, and probably raped. Cali was actually surprised that she was still alive, by the looks of her, Ben’s man had not been gentle. Still, Cali could not afford to let anything show. Play the game. Be the puppet, be the toy, until it is time to be something else. “Hello Angela.You’ve looked better. Did you run into a door?” She allowed her tone to be sarcastic, as if there was some kind of rivalry between them.
“You’ve got a lot of nerve Calisto.” Venom couldn’t have sounded more poisonous. “Sitting there pretending that you care about him.” Her words slurred around her fat lips.
Cali smiled. “You know Angela, you always were a bit slow.” She leaned forward. “Ben is the one that saved me. Why would I need to pretend that I care for him?” She made her demeanor appear superior.
Angela looked shocked. “Saved you? What?” Drool ran from the edge of her mouth where her lips were so swollen that they couldn’t control it. She dabbed at her chin. Her eyes darted from side to side hoping that no-one was staring.
“You’re pathetic.” Cali grabbed the opportunity and hoped that Angela would forgive her. She leaned back towards Ben. “Did you save her for a reason?” Ben looked amused and a bit surprised at the same time.
“Ahh Bella, she is my daughter.” He said with a smile.
“Yah, I’m sorry but, in my family, being someone’s child didn’t account for much.” Cali looked away. She glanced around the grounds. The guards were all relaxed. The one behind her was pointing his rifle away from them, and had stopped looking at them. He was also scanning the grounds. Nickola was the only one watching the exchange.
Ben didn’t seem to see anything amiss, but he could be deceptive as well. “I do want grandchildren someday.” He glared at Angela. She lowered her head and her floppy summer hat hid her face.
Cali brought her attention back to Ben. “But, you had her husband killed didn’t you?” Cali wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to say, but it was the thing that he would expect.
If Ben was surprised, he didn’t show it. Instead he studied Cali’s face. “He was weak, a worthless man.” He reached up and touched the scars on Cali’s shoulder. “If he had been half the man that you are a woman, my dear Bella, I would have been proud to call him son. But… well we can’t have everything.” His eyes were now following his fingers as they traced the scars.
While his attention was diverted from her hands, she slipped her right hand into her halter and pulled the tiny blade from a fold in the cloth. It had been double layered over the breasts, unlike the originals. A few stitches from a seamstress while they continued shopping had made a nice little sheath for the blade. She had put a small piece of bubble gum at the bottom of the pocket for the tip of the blade to rest in. The gum had kept the blade from moving and from poking. Now she pulled the blade out and palmed it.
“Well, if you want strong grandchildren, then why don’t you choose the man that will sire them?” She made a point of looking around at the guards. “I see some very nice men around here.”
Ben followed her gaze. “Don’t be ridiculous. I can’t have a mere guard as the father of my grandchildren.”
Cali leaned into him in a conspiratorial manner. He leaned in as well. She put her arm around his shoulders. “But Ben, look at her.” She turned her head and waited for him to follow her gaze again. “If whoever that did that to her face, didn’t rape her, then I’ve got a twelve inch cock.” Cali huffed. "Who knows, she may be carrying your grandchild now."
His gaze had been relaxed, expecting sweet nothings to come from the little whore but, her words made him take a good hard look at his daughter. It was one thing to beat her to teach her a lesson in obedience. It was a far different thing to rape her. His blood began to boil
Cali could see his blood pressure rising. The veins on the side of his neck were pulsing. She glanced at the guard. He was still looking away. She quickly slid the small handle around and held on tight. Then she slammed the blade into the side of Ben’s neck while pulling her hand to her chest. The tiny blade plunged an inch deep into his neck just in front of his ear. When she pulled back the blade made a clean deep slice all the way to the back of his neck.
Ben bellowed and leaned into Cali, away from the pain. They both tumbled sideways carrying their chairs to the ground with them. The blade was knocked from her hand when she hit the ground with him on top of her. It bounced and slid up against the shoe of the bodyguard. He never saw it.
He spun to see what was going on. Before he could decide on a target his neck exploded and he dropped like a rock, right on top of the blade. Angela rose to her feet and came around the table. She jumped across her father and Cali who were still sprawled on the ground. She pulled the handgun from the fallen guard’s holster and opened fire on the other guards.
Someone else was shooting, but from where she was on the ground, Cali couldn’t see who. Ben had stopped moving after only a short time. He had probably seen Angela vault them but, he had been in no condition to stop her. Cali’s blade had severed his carotid artery. With his blood pressure up so high, he had bled out very quickly.
Cali tried to get to the gun that she knew Ben carried but, his weight and the chairs and her awkward position all worked against her. She was helpless. She was soaked in hot, slippery blood and could barely move. She was wiggling to free herself, when the gunfire stopped. Other men were rushing out of the house. They helped Angela to her feet. She gave a few orders and came to stand over Cali.
Angela looked down at her, and sighed. “You have a cruel streak. You know that?”
Cali tried to laugh but, it came out as a grunt. “Yah well, be glad that I do… sis.”
“Nickola, get someone and help my sister up. Get this trash off of her.” They did as they were told.
Cali looked down at her body. She readjusted the top for one of her breasts had escaped. “And to think, not ten minutes ago I was nice and clean.”
“Well now you’re quite the site.” Angela smiled awkwardly.
“We make a pair don’t we?” She looked down at Ben. His neck had almost stopped oozing. She didn’t feel anything, except relief. “I am not your Bella. I haven’t been for a very long time.” Then she did something she had not expected to do, she smiled. “So, now you’re the boss right?” She turned back to Angela.
“That’s right.” The grin on her face was lopsided, but it was bright.
“And so this is your house now?”
“Hmmm, yes it is.”
“So, does that mean that I need to ask your permission to take a shower?”
Angela laughed. “No, you’re my sister. You can do whatever you want.”
Cali sighed. “Oh thank the Lord! Okay, you two, go find the camera room and shut off the damn cameras to my room.” She had pointed out two guards. They hesitated for a second and Angela yelled at them.
“You heard her, get moving!”
“Thanks Ang.”
“Thank you Cali. When you’re a lot cleaner, I want a hug.” She shook her head. “Now please go shower before you start to draw flies.”
“While I’m showering, put some ice on your face.” It was nice to share insults with someone you love.
I actually enjoyed writing that chapter. I had been wanting to dispose of Ben from the first time I thought him up. He was a slimy creature. Now he's gone.
Live well and be good to each other.

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