Is your blood calling you home?
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Is your blood calling you home?

My schedule is all messed up this week! I dont even know what day it is... pathetic. Anyway... something occured to me while driving to work this evening. A term has been thrown about lately concerning cultural and ethnic backgrounds. No I am not going to address the Trayvon Martin crap. I am not going to weigh in on the racial issues... I will say this, either we trust in our Justice system or we do not. Choose! I would say the same thing to our beloved President, were he to ask. No... the term that has been bantered about is, blood memories or blood calling to blood.
These terms, as I said, refer to cultural lineage. Before I get into this discussion I want to catagorically and emphatically certify to you all that, I am not prejudice in regards to color or race. This discussion therefore is strictly based on an anthropological and historic point of view. That being said... has anyone besides me ever noticed that a black child that is adopted into a white family will almost inevitably identify with the black race, even if they have limited or no contact with them? I believe that even if that child is raised in a social bubble, he or she will still exibit what is considered 'black cultural' behavior. It may be something as simple as prefering rap music or a proclivity to dance or sports. But, it will be there.
I submit, that this happens to everyone regardless of color. The only reason that we notice it more with a black child is because the skin color easily identifies the race. I wonder however, that since the various tribes of Africa all have different cultural characteristics, do those characteristics translate down through the blood to descendants?
In the white race for example, we have dozens of various races. These are seldom recognized by the various races of 'color' but, nevertheless there are many kinds of 'white' people. I know that a child of Italian descent not only will take on the physical characteristics of their lineage, but will in fact take on some of the cultural characteristics as well, even if they are raised by parents of a different lineage. I have seen it to be true. The child, although she loved her parents and was fully aclimated into their social and racial world, still developed a great love for pasta. She also had a deep and undeniable desire to visit Italy, even though she did not discover her heritage until after she had developed this need.
What happens if you are of mixed descent, as so many of us in the United States are? Is it the part that comprises the majority that determines our desires or do we get mixed signals? I am half German, one quarter French and one quarter Irish. For a very long time I tried to conciously connect with all three. However, now that I am older I have found that I identify most with the Irish. I have always had a deep desire to go to Ireland. Even when I had no idea that I was part Irish. Irish folklore, superstitions and myths have always held a deeper meaning for me. But also, the same things in the Viking and German lore have always been strong and somehow, I have always also been inexplicably drawn towards France. So, what is the answer here?
I was torn for many years. I could feel the blood in me calling but, it seemed fractured and scattered. That was until I found a common thread. The Celts, originally swept through Europe, when Europe was largely unpopulated. They left settlements behind them on the Rhyne, the Elbe and the Danube, and across the Baltic Sea in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Eventually, they swept into modern day France and Italy as the Celtic barbarians, the Haruli and the Vandals. At the same time descendants of the Celts who were now considered Vikings sailed into modern day England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland where they met with other descendants that still called themselves Cetlic.
So you see, the Celts actually gave birth to many different people or had their hands and genetic material in most of Europe. When I learned this I realized that I do not identify with three different peoples, but one, the Celts. Many Americans have a great desire to go to Europe. It's almost like a call to go home. We did, most of us, come from Europe. I dont think however, that the call of blood only gives a person a desire to return to their place of birth as a race. There are other things that it 'calls' you to do. For example, I absolutely love Irish music. I always have. I also have a desire to make a story tree as a tattoo on my body. I have already started it. Tattooing was how the Celts told their life story. They had no written language and other than the village or regional singer they had no other way of keeping track of who was related to who.
Is this a blood call or just a whim? It's hard to determin without a real scientific study done over generations. I still believe that it is true. I look at my mother, who always wanted to go to Ireland and my father, who was very German. It's more than just taking the characteristics of your parents, we do that as well. I really believe that there is a certain amount of cultural heritage that is passed down through the blood. I wonder if our blood will ever get so intermixed that it will truly lose that ability or if it will simply find the common cord and go from there?
Just something to think about.
Live well and be good to each other.

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Luther on Saturday, December 07, 2013 4:54 AM
So true of you while pointing out the warmth and depth of the issue. The subject matter was the sensitive one which bounds one to have a thought on it for a while.
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