Are there werewolves?
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Are there werewolves?

Wow, after two weeks of having my sleep pattern and hence, life completely off kilter I am once again on track. I must apologize for during this time I have been completely distant from my blog. Please don't feel as if I have abandoned you, even my cats got the brunt of this disorientation, I forgot to feed them one day. I didn't even know what day it was. But now, I am back on track! So, what shall we talk about?
Last night... I think it was last night, I was watching one of my favorite shows. A question was raised about werewolves. Now, we all know that there is a rare condition, which I cannot spell or pronounce, that makes a person grow scads of hair all over their bodies! That was once thought of as being the source of the werewolf myths. But, if this disease or disorder is so rare, how could it have started such a prolific myth? Nearly every culture has some kind of werewolf. Another thing, werewolves are generally very aggressive creatures, according to the stories. Does this mean that this condition makes a person aggressive? It just sounds like someone is reaching for an explanation to me.
So, if the very rare and yet medically sound condition was not the source but rather, the convenient excuse, for the myth of werewolves then pray tell, what was? Is there really creatures out there with the heads of wolves and the bodies of men? Hmmm... that does sound a bit over the top. However, there are lots of people that claim to have seen something. Some are speculating that wolves are evolving and have learned how to walk on their hind legs. This wouldn't be an evolutionary first. But, I must question the timing. Wolves are on the brink of extinction and if our administration has anything to say about it, they will be extinct in my lifetime. It is a tragedy. But, how would walking on their hind legs help them? It does not make them faster. It does not make them more intelligent. It doesn't even help them hunt. No, this explanation is a farce. Evolution occurs because it gives advantage for survival. Walking on their hind legs can not help the poor wolf to survive.
The most colorful explanation that I have ever heard was one that I just became acquainted with. There is one theory that there is a werewolf that comes from another dimension. It comes through something called an effigy mound. Now an effigy mound is something that was constructed by American Indians as part of their worship ceremonies. They are as they sound, a mound of earth, very large, in the shape of spirit guides, generally animals. In Wisconsin they have more effigy mounds than anyplace on the earth, and it is in Wisconsin where sightings of a werewolf is very common. In fact nearly all of the sightings of this creature are either on or extremely near one of these effigy mounds. This sounds a bit more than just coincidental, especially when I do not believe in coincidence.
I am a bit skeptic however, when they start talking about another dimension. There is no believable proof or even a solid theory that supports another dimension. Moreover, if there was another dimension, and I'm not saying that there isn't, why would anyone want to continually come here? Are we that very interesting? I think that it is our own egos that leads us to believe that we are the center of every other universe's lives. Do I think that there are explorers, of course I believe that. But, every report of this creature in Wisconsin has it sighted hunting. It is hunting deer and other large game, not humans. That's a good thing. So, is this one creature coming here because it has a fetish for venison? I've heard of worse things. It is true that some predators, having once tasted something that they particularly like, will keep coming back for more. Consider women and chocolate. Need I say more?
So, if this one creature in Wisconsin is from some other place and he or she has found some kind of open door through which to travel here to hunt, then what of all the hundreds of other sightings in places where there are no effigy mounds? Are there other places where creatures from other places may travel through to our world? Some claim that this has always been the truth. Take for example all of the stories of Ireland where to travel to the fairy kingdom one must only perform the right ritual in the right place and you will be transported. The Norse culture also had a similar belief, but of course the two cultures are related. Many cultures believe that dimensional travel is available. Maybe werewolves have found a way. Maybe we can save our own wolves by showing them the way... believe me if I knew it... I would take them away from here.
I still haven't answered the question, are there werewolves? I have no bloody idea. But, I believe that they are possible. There are thousands of things out there that nature has made that we have not yet discovered, like Sasquatch. Should we discuss them... no.. that's just too much. But, like mermaids, I believe that they exist. There is a lot of evidence for Sasquatch and for werewolves. I'm just not convinced that they are inter-dimensional creatures.  I think that they are native to our world. Maybe tomorrow I'll explain to you my theory about animals and what God really designed.
Until then, live well and be good to each other.

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