We've sprung a leak
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We've sprung a leak

This is the first chapter that I wrote that was not in the original manuscript. Here I tried to give my mad scientists personalities other than just mad. I also tried to show the prejudice and fear that is associated with the Witches. After all, what would our society do if suddenly a significant portion became Witches with real power? That was the general theme that I tried to incorporate. Just because the world was facing alien domination it did not mean that mankind as a whole suddenly became benevolent. We are a predatory specie, largely motivated by our fears, and fear is the root of prejudice.
Anyway, here is the next chapter.
We’ve Sprung a Leak
Frank slid the test tubes into the preformed slots in his carrying case. He didn’t have a lot of time and he knew it. Lena Seanain was not the smartest woman but even a cow when it’s frightened, can make a lot of noise. To his credit he had planned this out fairly well. When Misha had left this morning, for parts unknown, Frank had seen his chance to set the woman free.
She will run to the Witches. He was sure. Well fairly sure. It would take them time to find this warehouse and eventually when they did they would go hunting for Michael. That crazy bastard! We should never have gotten involved with him. The thought of Michael always made him angry.
Frank had to stop and take a breath. He couldn’t afford to make a mistake right now. He knew how dangerous his situation now was. He had awakened Lena Seanain, their test subject. Something inside of him broke when he saw what Michael had done to the poor red headed Witch that he had tied to a bed in his house. All of the plans and schemes that Frank had agreed to with Lodric were not worth it in the face of the shear madness of Michael Seanain. None of Lodric’s promises had even looked like they would come to fruition and Frank wasn’t going to risk anymore for nothing. I have plans, and I’m not going to let Lodric’s hatred or Michael’s insanity stop me from seeing my plans through!
His experiments were packed. The warehouse was quiet. There was no-one here. Michael had never come through on his side of the bargain with more test subjects. Lena had been the only one. Michael had insisted that she be pregnant and in at least the third trimester before he get anyone else. Another shot of anger went through Frank. Fucking idiot! He ran an anxious hand over his chin and scratched at the stubble. Did I miss anything? Frank figured that if he could erase his presence and hence his affiliation with this whole affair he could simply maintain his position at the hospital and none would be the wiser. His experiments would keep in cryostasis until he was ready again.
As much as he hated to admit it he thought that he could remember leaving something, a data pad, at the Seanain residence that had his name on it. Damn, well one last stop and I’m free and clear. Now where the hell was Jack?
“So Misha, did you find something suitable?” Espan Lodric sat on an old wooden chair that creaked with his every move. 
Lodric was neither a small nor a young man. He was something in between. Despite the fear of constant war and the shortage of food that nearly everyone else felt, Lodric ate well and did nothing to burn the extra calories. He wasn’t exactly fat but he was sloppy and his wife was just like him. Her less than youthful figure had turned him off of her years ago, but she was loyal and trustworthy and sometimes she even had a good idea. Everyone that knew them agreed that the pair were made for each other.
When Lodric had ascended to the highest seat in the known world he had been a strapping young man whose dark curly locks made all the women swoon. His tongue had been sharp and sweet. There was almost no opposition to his bid. Of course there was no real way to have a vote except by hand and the inevitable inaccurate count of the same. But he had won the election by a landslide.
What did it mean to be the Head Council of the Kingdoms? It meant that whatever you wanted, you got. For all anyone knew this small pocket of humans, Sinarri and Dwarves were the last in the world and Espan Lodric was their elected Dictator and he was a bigot and proud of it.
Lodric made no bones about his dislike for any race other than human and even some humans fell into the less than human categories. He helped the Winiks destroy as many of the other races as they could. It was his policy to put the Elves, the Dwarves and the visiting Zalyns on the front line as much as possible. The fact that the Winiks had botched an experiment that had made some of the Sinarri and some humans into something even more alien only made his job easier, for it gave fuel to his hatred.
Some humans however, like Doctor Lutrova and his lab partner Kusnir were highly prized by Lodric. They proved to him that humans were superior without having to be diseased.
That is not to say that Lodric did not know the value of Witches. They were useful on a battlefield. They could blow things up and if they were really scared they might even blow themselves up in the process. But he was depleting his natural supply rather quickly and he was in no big hurry to start using normal non-diseased humans again. He would rather breed more disposable stock. Hence his dealings with the Doctors. They were interested in making twins, they might as well be magical in nature.
 Misha was also sitting in an old wooden chair but he weighed at least a hundred pounds less than the man on the other side of the desk, his chair was not protesting. “I did find something that will suit nicely and have my people putting it to rights.”
“Good, I’m glad to hear it. We can move your equipment and test subjects there as soon as it is ready.” He dropped his feet from the desk to the floor with a thud and reached for a basket filled with small treats that his chef had cooked up for him to snack on.
“Test subjects, what test subjects, we have Lena Seanain and that’s it! Our research is far behind schedule and frankly Espan I am growing very weary of tolerating Michael.” One ofthese days Espan you are going to either explode or drown in grease. He liked Espan despite his medical point of view. Espan was his kind of bigot. He was influential and ruthless.
“Michael… damn filth!” He curled his nose and crumbs of food shot from his mouth. It was a wonder he didn’t choke. “I’m sorry my friend for making you work with him. It was a necessary evil. At least I thought so in the beginning. Now however…” He let the sentence trail off and stuffed another tidbit into his mouth.
“Yes well, regardless I have no subjects.”
“Don’t worry. Once you’re moved I’ll make sure that you have subjects myself.”
“And what of Michael?”
“I think it is time to consider terminating our relationship with him.”
“Well, it shouldn’t be difficult. His wife is taking well to this insemination. He will soon have what he wants and it will be simple to just leave him behind.”
“As far as equipment is concerned the new facility is fully stocked with all that we will need and more.”
“As soon as it is prudent take your embryos and whatever to the new place.”
“I’ve already moved what I wish to keep. I don’t trust Michael anymore.”
Espan grunted and nodded.
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Live well and be good to each other.

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Hello. splendid job. I did not anticipate this. This is a impressive story. Thanks!
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