Let's review and get some things straight
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Let's review and get some things straight

I wanted to pause in the telling of my epic novel. I've noticed a bit of a theme in recent comments. I'm not just sharing these chapters with you to tell a story. Sometimes I think that my motive is lost. I am trying to show you the metamorphosis that characters and story lines can go through during the telling of a tale. They also have changes in this case when a story is changed dramatically. Remember that this story, Michael's Folly began life as a short 50,000 word novel. Its sole purpose was to give the twins background. But, I realized that it could be so much more if I allowed it to be.
The twins will be important and in a way are important right now but, they can be only one part of a much larger story. I am reminded of Ann McCaffrey's Moreta. Now Moreta was one of Ann's most powerful heroes, in my opinion. She wrote only one book about her and yet of all the many books and names that she introduced to us, it is the name of Moreta that I always remember. Why? I ask myself that question a lot. What was so powerful about the image of this single Dragon Rider that seeped so deeply into my soul? Moreta didn't have an endearing personality, her Dragon was a grump, and neither was highly regarded. Yet, her story still stands out as a beacon for me.
Her story was simple. Moreta was a woman that did not want to be a hero. But, in the end she sacrificed her life and the lives of two Dragons saving the world. It's a simple plot. Yet... I cried like a baby at the end. That is what I want for at least one of my heroes. Maybe it will be a single story hero like Moreta, maybe it will not. I don't know. Maybe it will be different for different readers. All that I know is that I want a Moreta, and every word that I write, I strive to make her or someone like her a reality.
This is part of why I changed Lena. She was a naïve, foolish little girl that enabled her selfish, ruthless husband Michael. It was a common and simple pairing. But, when it came to writing about Fallyn (one of the twins) and how she was coping with being who she was, I just couldn't leave her with that kind of mother. Yes, Lena abandoned her. I kept that. I had to. But, Lena had a reason.
The twins were their own kind of challenge. Each had to be unique from any other being ever born. They were engineered. I did not approach them as the only engineered children ever, that would have been silly. What I did was approach them as the only magical engineered children ever. Then I had to design a person that would design them. What would be the focus of a Mengele in a situation like that? What would he do? What traits would he look for in such children? That is the outlook I took when I made Kira and Fallyn. Now, what they did with what they were given, that is a different ball of wax. Also, one of them came out with a power that no-one suspected or even knew existed. That was my fly in the soup.
As I write, or as any author writes, their characters take on changes. The challenge is to not let them take on too many of your own traits. If you do they will become predictable. If you as a writer are having trouble with a particular character, model them after someone you know. It doesn't have to be a friend or relative. It can be a historical figure, as I did with Doctor Lutrova and Doctor Mengele. By all accounts Doctor Mengele was a sadist yes, but he was also said to be charming, well spoken, popular and even gentle. I never knew him, thank God but, from the eyewitness accounts and his own research notes I can extrapolate a personality, and my own version of his motives. I gave that to Doctor Lutrova and just a touch to Doctor Kusnir. They are like two faces on the same coin. Both are monsters, one is just easier to live with... well for Orla. So long as she can hold his chain and tell him what to do, he is tolerable. She has her own motivations. Those will be explored later.
So far in my story I have been keeping the Sinarri and the Dwarves in the shadows. I will continue to keep them there for a while longer. There are however some surprises coming up for them and the Zalyns. In the original story all three were almost bylines. That was a horrible mistake. Having three different races other than human on earth, that had the potential of being a huge story, and I ignored it in favor of just making a background for the twins. Now I've pulled the other races out and gave them lives of their own, lives that did not involve humans in any manner. They were originally all quite happy not having any contact with humanity. If it had not been for the Winiks, they would still have no contact with humanity. There is a much bigger story that the Sinarri and Dwarves must begin to tell of an earth before mankind rose to power. They are both long living races and they were around when dragons ruled the skies and leviathans ruled the seas. What happened to all of them? Did mankind really kill them all off as legend says?
Like I have said before Ann McCaffrey is one of my favorite authors and I love how she connected her universe. I am doing the same thing. In fact my very first story has never made it into print. It is still in revision, and probably will be for a bit longer. It is epic, but the first draft is too focused on a single person. After doing what I have been doing with this story, I know that I can do better.
Anyway, I wanted to point out the changes that I'm making in my book, in case you all are missing the point out there.
Also, I have had someone recently comment that my posts are short for a blogger. I should make something clear here... I am not a blogger. I am an author that chooses to share my thoughts with you in a blog. Anne Rice does the same thing on her Facebook page. I choose to use this medium instead of FB.
I do not like to read long dissertations that are usually what make up a person's blog. I like to discuss a subject until I have exhausted my thoughts on it. Then I'm done. I don't like to draw it out and speculate in directions that are not relevant. I don't over work it or ramble... for long. When I put in a chapter that is part of a book, I am not going to lengthen it just for content. The chapter is what it is, I will not change it to add it here... except to add punctuation as most of Michael's Folly is unedited. I do understand that when a person finds something that they really like, they want more. I suggest if you like my writing that much, buy one of my books. May I suggest Forever, Love? It's long and takes more twists and turns than a Politician running for office.
I am not trying to belittle anyone here, just trying to get you to understand. I am happy to help other prospective writers with this medium. I am happy to share my work and my thoughts. But, I'm not a blogger. I've read the work of bloggers. I'm not one of them. Maybe that's why people keep expecting me to write every day, and to share about my life. I will not do either. Joan Jett tells people that want her to share about her life, "listen to my music". I say a similar thing, read my books. I'm in all of them, even Veteran of the Silent War. No I was not abused, but that did not stop me from imbuing Cali with part of my personality. In fact of all my characters, I think that Cali represents me the best. Aside from that, I have written a book that is literally about a bit of my life, it's called "A Return to Sanity". If you really want to know then, buy it and give it a read. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.
I hope that clears up a few things. I will probably not be writing tomorrow. I'm off to the beach, and then movie night with my best friend. I might be too burned to move... I hope not. I really hope you all have a beautiful Saturday. I was supposed to go to a concert, but it fell through. I was going to see Cherie Curry, the lead singer of the Runaways, you know Joan Jett's old band. Anyway, I'll catch her when she comes back through. She's a lovely woman with a great voice and a lot of energy. I can't wait to meet her in person.
Okay, have a great day, I'll catch you on Sunday. In the meantime, live well and be good to each other.

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