Are we all just children?
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Are we all just children?

A recuring thought keep going through my mind lately. It is: How long do you think that God expected Adam and the woman to live in the garden of Eden before he allowed them to eat of the tree of everlasting life? Along the same lines, which tree, do you suppose he wanted them to eat of first?
We all assume that the tree of knowledge was the lesser of two evils but, if that is so then why did Satan entice the woman to eat of it instead of the greater of the two evils? Don't you think that if the tree of everlasting life was the greater evil that Satan would have gone for that one? I mean, wouldnt the sell be easier? Do you want to live forever? How many would say no to that?
I'm thinking that we have it backwards. The tree of knowledge that made Adam and the woman to be as gods, was the greater evil. It wasnt until after they had eaten that the tree of life even entered the picture. Then it was bad for them to eat of it and live forever. There's another question here... did God not want man to live forever in sin, or was there another reason for the banishment from the garden? Adam and the woman were not exaclty ready for the influx of knowledge that the fruit of the forbidden tree gave them. They werent exaclty model citizens afterwards. Not that an argument couldnt be made for them not being model citizens before. Knowledge seemed to increase their unruliness. Now it they had also eaten of the tree of everlasting life, they may have been bad asses forever. Now that would have been a disaster. That assumption comes before I add in their children and so on down the line to us. No... Adam and the woman were children, they were immature little brats. They were not prepared for eternal life. God was making them grow up. But how long was that going to take?
To God a day is like a year and a year like a day. Time is irrelevant to God. It became important to man once he was kicked out of the garden. It did so because of planting seasons, growing times and hunting times. In the garden they were protected. But, once they were out in the world they lost their protection and had to learn how to survive. Part of that survival involved knowing the time, what time to plant, what time to harvest and so on. .
Another thought that has been going through my mind. We have lots of fossile evidence of mankind in his early stages. We even have a biological Eve now. So how does this evidence coicide with the Bible's version of events? Some would say it does not. I disagree. I think that the garden of eden was a protected area in the world. It was like Shangrala (I know that I spelled that wrong). The garden of eden was just one valley or one patch of land the God placed under his protection. He nurtured it, gave it water, put special animals there, allowed Adam to name them... all of that. But when Adam and the woman screwed up they got kicked out. Then it is written that God placed Angels to protect the garden from anyone entering it. But, while Adam and the woman were lounging around the garden, I think the rest of the world was evolving. The ancestors of man were learning how to walk and make tools. When Adam and Eve joined them a sort of industrial evolution took place. Because they had eaten of the tree of knowledge. They brought that knowledge to primitive man and a sudden jump in evolution took place.
There has often been the question of who did Adam and Eve's children marry. I had always been taught that they married their siblings. They were of pure stock so to speak. But, now I think that they married other members of mankind.
This is a bit to digest but, consider this... God placed animals in the garden, and yet those same animals can be found in fossil records evolving along side humanity. Could God not make two humans that were as he wanted them to be inside the garden? When they failed to meet his expectation he kicked them out and made them live with the rest of humanity.
This would help explain the jump in evolution that scientists cannot explain. It would also explain the sudden change in the posture and general appearance of our ancestors.
I'm not trying to justify the Bible, I dont need to. It's an historical document. I also dont need to ratify scientific data. It is historical fact. But, I do see the two fitting together.
Still, I'm left with my original question. How long was God expecting Adam and the woman to stay in the garden? How long would it have taken for them to grow up enough to be worthy of eternal life, and then of the knowledge that makes them as gods? I dont know the answer to either question, but I do believe that they were too young to handle all of that knowledge, and so are we.
Just something to think about. Live well and be good to each other.

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