The epic novel is done
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The epic novel is done

I'm so sorry that I haven't written in a few days. I have been finishing Michael's Folly. Although now that I am done with it I might have called it Lena's transformation. I must admit that I had a great deal of fun transforming her from a beaten down wife to a real hero. Of course it didn't end well for her, but that is why she did what she did. Lena was a real Witch, not the kind that was made by the errant Winik disease. She was real, a product of the world and a gift to mankind. It wont be until book three that we really see all that Lena did during her short life. Here in Michael's Folly all we have is a taste of her bravery and her self sacrifice. You see, she knew that she was going to die, that's why she abandoned the girls early. They needed to learn how to be dependent upon only each other.
Now in book two, The Urchin and the Cherub, we can explore the twins. I have redesigned them several times. At first it was Fallyn that was the sociopath. But, I changed that and made Kira the sociopath. She did have a twist however. A sociopath does not have a conscience. Kira does... she has Fallyn. Fallyn has almost all of the emotions. Kira has almost none. But, they are psychically linked. They cant read each other's minds, but they can read each others emotions or moods. Fallyn can tell when Kira is on the verge of doing something stupid that would hurt someone else. So she usually tries to intervene. When Kira is just doing something impetuous and stupid, Fallyn usually gets dragged along.
But here once again, I needed to design characters that were believable. There is no-one alive, that I know of, like Kira or Fallyn. So, I needed to design something new and different and exciting. From the original book, Fallyn's World, my girls have gone through many changes. In fact in the original, I don't think that their personalities made any sense. Because, I was fighting with myself over the ideas and I had some trouble keeping them straight. Remember, Fallyn's World was my very first novel that was completed.
The idea of Fallyn's World was simply to write a sweeping adventure that never let up. The characters were an afterthought. It is definitely the wrong way to approach a novel or even a short story. The characters drive the story. Without strong characters the story flounders. Luckily the characters kind of wrote themselves around the theme of the story, hence why I was able to resurrect them and the story. Fallyn's World is the last in the line of four now. It has been rewritten about six times and will undergo yet another rewrite when I am done with the first three.
I am in love with the characters in Fallyn's World. That's why I didn't just blow off the suggestion of writing their back story. They deserved to have a backstory. The deserved life. So I wrote one for them, even though for some of them that life will be cut short.
Anyway, before I begin the next novel I am going to edit this one again and then send it off to Daws books. That was one of the reasons for all of this. I needed something more than just a little 50,000 word book. I needed a real novel. So now I have written one... well technically this is number two, Forever, Love was number one..... I'm just now wondering if there isn't a publisher out there somewhere for Forever, Love. I have said before how much I believe in that book. Ahh.... my mind has gone and started fantasizing again.
I started book two of Forever, Love, right after finishing the first. I told you that often happens. It is kind of fantasy overflow. I've done it with lots of books. Sometimes the thoughts pan out and continue through the entire book and sometimes they stall. With Forever, Love they stalled. Not because the thought wouldn't carry though but because what I was writing about needed more research and I did not have the time to do it... then. I am wondering if I should revisit book two or continue Cali's story.
Obviously without a publisher, my writing is mostly for me. And I really think that's alright. I believe that most artists, whether they are writers, painters or something else begin doing what they do for themselves. If it gets recognized and others like it then, it becomes famous. But, even in no-one ever saw their work, it would still have great purpose. Art in any form is a way of expression and so long as it harms no-one else (including animals) then it should be expressed. So, the fact that I have Cali's story into the seventh book now and have only self-published two of the novels... well who cares? Only I care at this point. To me Cali is the icon of the human spirit. She exemplifies how a person pushed to the edge can still fight  and how a person does not need to be a victim but can be a conqueror if she does not give up on herself. I love her story and I want to continue to write it, even if nobody ever sees it but me and a handful of family and friends.
So, tonight (today for most people) I think that I will make a decision on what I wish to write next. I still have The Poseidon's Daughter to finish. But, I have not let that one just lie. I have been redesigning my hero and giving her a grander purpose. I want this book to occur several hundred years before Michael's Folly. I am thinking about making it a springboard for the Exodus.
Okay, I know that this post isn't overly exciting, it's just an example of how my mind processes different input and applies it to my writing.. Doing or producing art of any kind is not clean and organized. It is messing and there is lots of stuff that gets thrown away before the end result is seen by anyone. Even Michelangelo had sketch pads. Of course one of his sketches is worth a lot of money. Unfortunately, he never saw any of it. Maybe hundreds of years after I am dead, big money will come from one of my note sheets... now there's a lovely dream.
And on that note... live well and be good to each other.

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