Female criminals, treated unequally
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Female criminals, treated unequally

In the past week I have been focusing on my own physical wellness. I'm not talking about my diet, I already have a fairly decent diet, I'm talking about hitting the gym. I had been taking it very light for the last year because I had torn my shoulder in eight different places in my last season of football. Some of you already know this. But, I am healing very slowly. Yes, it is true that I need surgery on the shoulder to repair it, but it is also true that my other shoulder is in worse shape. So, I was thinking that I will have them both done in a year or two. That means that I need to get my self back into shape, as my body will not tone itself. Needless to say, my body is screaming at me. Owww! No pain no gain... I do wish that there was another way. But I am getting it done. I also have time to consider some really odd questions... now I bring yet another one to you.
We all know that men are not the only ones that commit crime. Woman can also commit crimes. It is less likely for a woman to commit a violent crime than a man, but it does happen with disturbing regularity. There are lots of reasons but, no excuses for committing crime especially violent crimes that harm people (or in my opinion animals). I'm not going to debate violent crime or even punishment for violent crime. What is caught in my craw today is the uneven distribution of punishment for violent crime.
Take for example Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrows, i.e. Bonnie and Clyde. It's easy to use them because the facts of their case or rather their crime spree is well known and easily found. There is no doubt that Bonnie was an equal partner with Clyde. She participated equally and even initiated some very disturbing crimes. Yet, in the news of the day, Bonnie was portrayed as a victim. The impression was that she would not be doing what she was doing, without Clyde. He, after all, had a history of being a criminal, but Bonnie was a good church going child. Really, is that what Bonnie was or was she just a time bomb waiting for someone to start the timer? There are many examples like Bonnie and Clyde. Women seem to often need a man to tell them or show them just how easy it is to be bad. Does this mean that women sometimes lack the catalyst that pushes them over the edge, or perhaps they have an inhibition that stops them, until a man enables them.  Maybe women just want a partner to witness their cruelty. Do they need an audience? Men often seek their audience through the media. Do women need an audience that has a more emotional meaning to them? Maybe that's the key, women do tend to live their lives based on their emotional responses. Is it the same, although extremely twisted, drive that causes women to need an audience to witness their cruelty?
On another issue, why is it that when a man and a woman team of reprobates go on trial, they both get convicted of the same crime, yet the woman's sentence is lesser, or commuted? I see it quite regularly, the man is convicted of murder, and sentenced to death. The sentence is carried out, while the woman that was convicted of the exact same crime and given death, has her sentence commuted to life or life without the possibility of parole? Does this sentence commute serve justice? Do you think that the victims of these women would agree with the choice? It's all well and good for those of us who sit in our nice comfortable homes to meet out our opinions on how a criminal should be treated. But, who speaks for the victims? Does the Prosecution really speak for the victims? Does the law speak for them? Can either speak for the victims?
Still, is it fair to give one criminal death while the other lives? Which is the greater sentence? I think that depends upon the criminal. Some criminals are just fine in prison, while others have a conscience and have a big problem with living with their crimes.
I find this so interesting that in my next Cali book, I am going to have a female bad guy. A real bad guy, not like Cali's bit of going off the grid or some of the other borderline women in the stories. No, I think that I will manufacture a really evil woman, but no corresponding man... maybe for the audience she should have a submissive sister or something. Hmmm... Any ideas let me know.
Live well and be good to each other.

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