Is bigfoot real?
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Is bigfoot real?

Once again my co-workers have provided me with blog fodder in the form of the question, and the subsequent rousing resulting conversation, is Bigfoot real?
The first answer was an immediate, "Yes, but which one do you want to know about? There are two kinds." For me this is like my alien argument of more than one kind of alien landing on earth.  But... then again, if Bigfoot exists, wouldn't it be logical for there to be more than one breed or kind? Well of course that's logical.
According to recent studies, the creature that is named Bigfoot, is known by several other names across the world, again much in the same way that the same aliens are shown nearly identical throughout the world. Those that we are most familiar with are the big brown harry things, but most are also aware of their white cousins that live in Siberia. Some think of these as different kinds of bigfoot, but I think of them more as summer coat and winter coat, much like a fox or bunny. There may be more than just fur color that differentiates them, but I don't think that it is much more than environmental differences, like fur density and facial hair... stuff like that.
But, what are or what is Bigfoot? Is this a creature that somehow evolved along side mankind but never interacted with us, or is bigfoot the remnants of the Neanderthal as some scientists suggest? Hmmm, let's think that through. Man likes to pride himself on being the only animal smart enough to evolve into a bi-pedal species. Being bi-pedal gave us one advantage over the other animals of the forest and plain, it freed up our hands. Now, that being said, what good would it do a dog to learn to be bi-pedal, as other scientist suggest is the answer to the werewolf? Dogs don't have hands of any kind and their wrists bend wrong to make his paws of much use. No, for a dog to have an advantage on two legs there will need to be many hundreds of generations of evolution before a dog would even consider being bi-pedal. This is not to say that other animals that have hands do not take advantage of being bi-pedal when necessary or as with otters, just floating on their backs.
Back to our argument, what if man had not been the only animal to discover the benefits of being bi-pedal? Was there at any time in the past another animal that resembled bigfoot, that could have learned to walk on two feet, besides the Neanderthal? The ape, is the only one that fits the general description. But, does this mean that a tribe or family grouping of great apes learned and liked walking on two legs? This is possible. The ape is a very smart animal and is like man in many ways. But, if a great ape learned this ability, what caused them to be so elusive? Granted man is not the best of neighbors. We tend to kill everyone and everything in our path and then pretend to live peacefully alongside others, while plotting their demise. Still, would an ancient ape recognize this inherent danger and begin avoiding humans at all costs? That's possible too.
What is more likely, to me, is the Neanderthal theory. Bigfoot and its cousins are descendants of a branch of Neanderthals that grew up along side our ancestors and through interaction with us, they realized that we were a dangerous and inhospitable race. They decided that they would continue to live as they always had, in caves and small family units. They would bury their dead, so as not to attract predators or unwanted attention from the dominant life form on the planet, us.
There is not sufficient evidence to show that the Neanderthal's simply died out. Their bone record simply stops, as far as we can tell. But if that were really the case then there would have been a cataclysmic event to simply kill off an entire line of humanoids at one time all over the world. No... that is illogical. I think that the Neanderthal was more intelligent than we give them credit for, and they simply made themselves disappear. If they had not, we would have seen them as competition, and just ask the wolf what we do to those that we perceive as competition.
But, why would the Neanderthal suddenly be covered by hair? Weren't they learning how to dress themselves and use tools the last time that we dug some of their bones up? The answer to the second question is yes, they were making clothing and tools and living in crude huts. But, if they were faced with possible extinction at the hands of a superior race, and had limited intelligence, the idea of hiding as an animal in the forest or mountains, is very appealing. To better hide they gave up their trappings of beginner civilization and returned to a more primitive state, to preserve their species. For them, that is a stellar idea, for us... well I find it embarrassing.
Now we know that in general, Bigfoot sees us first and runs away, like most animals. This is how they continue to survive. With technology today, it would be simple matter to find them. So, why haven't we? If they are really out there, why can't we find them? Are they really that good at hiding, or do they have some other way that they are disappearing? Perhaps they have alien help? That opens an entirely different line of thinking, especially if the earth is some kind of experiment for aliens. But... we can get into that on some other day. For now... we are left with the question, is Bigfoot real or just a hoax?
Live well and be good to each other.

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