A new book and a new challenge
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A new book and a new challenge

In the arena of writing I am once again going to challenge myself. As you might remember I have started a new Cali book, and upon reflection of my character, I see that she has evolved a great deal in the past couple of years of her life. She has exercised some very bad Demons and figured out her responsibility to the ghosts. She has also figured out her personal life and has hit a kind of stride. In her professional career she has established herself as a true hunter of bad or evil people. But, I didn't want this book to be anti-climatic or just another man hunt. Remember I wanted to have a female nemesis and I will, but that is just not enough.
In this book I am going to throw in some of the tricks that I used in a Xena book, the one that is on this website, I will be using a couple of actual people in the book, and be having a bit more fun with their personalities. But that is not a challenge for me. No, for this book I am going to really design a plot that has some surprising twists and turns and in the end, I'm thinking that it will have a personal challenge for Cali.
Of course Cali's life is filled with both real life terror and horror, and supernatural terror and horror. She gets it from all sides and has since she was six. It has been challenging for her and it's not going to change. But, I did decide that she needs more people in her inner circle. Her challenges will become greater, so she will need more support. Connie has been there forever, but she's not a cop and as I demonstrated in The Vengeance Factor Connie is no good at a crime scene. Cali has Tao, her partner, but just one person cannot fill the gaps when Cali's in the shit. In this new book, The Look of Evil, I am sending Bobbie away. She's old and the end of her life is imminent. But, its probably not going to happen in this book. I am keeping Angela, and bringing her closer to Cali. But, she is a mob boss now. That creates some obvious conflicts, but Cali has never really cared about what is conventionally correct.
The real difference in this book that will challenge me is the plot. As I said this is not going to be a crime novel, as others in this series were. This is going to be a mystery with supernatural elements, horror elements (both real world and supernatural) and murder. The last time that I tried to write a horror mystery, it was a short story and a complete piece of shit. I of course, thought that it was great, but I gave it to my best friend and in true best friend fashion told me that it had no originality. It was well written, but it had been done before. I had not given it any kind of new flare. So, this entire idea of mine is a huge gamble and very challenging for me.
But, I am not a stubborn proud person... in all things... I threw my idea out to my co-workers to see what they would say to my idea. As with my Xena book, the ideas were both odd and original as we made points in a plot that really did run in odd circles and if I can write it, it will impress. We didn't write a story, we brainstormed ideas, and let me tell you, there were a lot of ideas. Many of them I rejected, while others I embraced and then slept on them. When my subconscious got a hold of the ideas it came up with something to pitch to my muse. She coalesced the ideas and now I have a plot that as I said, if I can be patient enough to not rush the story, it will be outstanding!
Needless to say I'm excited to write this book. It will not just flow out like the last one, and it will be a great challenge not to rush through it, but this is what I need to do to learn discipline. I would share the plot with you, but then I would ruin the suspense. I will however share things with you as I write them. One great change is that Cali's success has earned her a squad of four more Detectives. This is something that she not only didn't want but would have said she didn't want. But, she'll make the best of it and try to work in a team.
Okay, so there's my new book, The Look of Evil. Wish me luck.
Live well and be good to each other.

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