Does magic still exist?
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Does magic still exist?

An interesting question came up this week. I have been asked this before, but honestly I'm not entirely sure if my answer is quantifiable. The question is, does magic exist? We would like to imagine that miracles exist so why not magic. Certainly throughout the world's history people have believed that witches exist and we all know for a fact that witchcraft is real, but is magic?
For this topic I once again will draw upon the history that is documented in the Bible. King Solomon consulted a witch so that he could speak with the dead. The witch conjured the images of the desired dead for him. Now this account throws nearly all of man's present beliefs right on its head. Not only was the witch performing an extraordinary feat of magic, but in doing so she proved that the dead do not pass on to some unreachable place. This documented fact was only one piece of evidence that has been available to mankind through the ages to prove the existence of an afterlife. It is also one of the reason that when the Catholic church was formed by Constantine that the candles of the witches was placed in every church. So parishioners could commune with the dead. This alone is extremely powerful magic. But, in its present form it is not the same magic that this witch of Solomon performed.
It is also interesting to note that the ghosts that this witch retrieved for Solomon were not happy to have been summoned. They were angry with him and rebuked him soundly. Here's another interesting note, the witch was not a follower of Jehovah. The Bible does not say what god she worshiped. It is assumed by many that all witches worship Satan, but this is not true. Most documented witches worship nature in some manner. They may be Druids or have some other earthly god or goddess. Most worship mother earth in some form, as do the Druids. Most witches believe in a much more benign magic that comes from the earth and can be harnessed by a witch. This is not the type of magic that we are discussing here today. I have seen this earth magic and it is more ancient lore and knowledge of herbs and alchemy than anything else. To some it is magic, to me it is as natural as walking. No, today we're talking about magic that has enough power to raise or summon the dead.
I find it interesting that those that denounced witchcraft and in fact murdered thousands in their crusade to destroy witches, used a single passage from the Bible to justify their acts. The verse that I am referring to is one where God, supposedly ordered Solomon (yup him again) to kill all the witches. The verse reads, thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. But, if they are so bad, why is it that Solomon used one himself to contact the dead? He had surely consulted this woman before because in the text they seem to have a familiarity about them. They knew each other. But, then almost out of the blue, God orders Solomon to cleanse the land of them.
Now we know through study that Jehovah is kind of a fickle God. He is very jealous and in some ways he is greedy, especially in the Old Testament. Having a son that obeys him, softens him in the New Testament. I shudder to think what would have happened had Jesus told his father to pound sand like Adam did. But... because of this order, witches are believed to be evil women and men that consort with devils. They are said to have odd marks on them, have familiars and hex people that they don't like. The odd thing that I see in all of this is that before God ordered their demise, you never heard anything but good things about witches. People went to them all the time when they needed healing. Witches were a viable alternative to doctors. But what they performed in the field of medicine, as amazing as it was, it was not magic. No.... the only magic that the Bible lays testament to is the calling of spirits for Solomon.
There are other testimonies that claim to document real magic being performed. But they cannot be corroborated any more than the account in the Bible. And most accounts claim that the witch or practitioner needed supernatural help to perform the magic. It was not part of them, this is unlike the witch of the Bible. She needed no extra help and certainly Solomon or the ghosts would have said something if they had been summoned through the power of Satan.
So what are we left to believe? Did Jehovah decide that he wanted witches, real legitimate women that had real magical power eradicated from the world? And did his flowerers actually succeed in causing their extinction? Or did they just besmirch their reputation so much that they now hide in plain sight? What does this have to do with the original question? Is magic real?
I believe it was real once. I believe that it was practiced regularly. But, for some reason Jehovah didn't want the ability used in the world by just anyone. He, in a way, controlled magic by causing his followers to see witches as something that even his book does not always portray them as, evil. Certainly if there is still magic like that in the world, then it is held by a very few people and hidden from sight. For the world in general hates witches, the smear campaign worked and now they must hide to live. Their blood lines would be very thin by now, since Solomon's time was a very long time ago. Perhaps their power also has faded.
Everything in my soul wants to believe that magic is real and some still wield it. But, I doubt that I will see it in this lifetime. I am curious to know just how those poor witches challenged the almighty Jehovah, or was that section added by a man that didn't get what he wanted from a witch? Now that is a question for another day.
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Live well and be good to each other.

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vistshop on Monday, June 02, 2014 12:56 AM
It' laborious to search out educated folks on this topic, but you sound like you know what you�re speaking about! Thanks
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