Our love affair with vampires
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Our love affair with vampires

I've had this thought on my mind for some time now, but I just haven't written about it... now is as good a time as any. We've discussed ghosts at long length and even werewolves but never vampires. This is mostly because vampires are truly fiction. They do not exist, not really, in any realm of our society. Yet we as a society are obsessed with them. But why?
I understand the entire love affair that teenagers have with the Twilight saga, and it has nothing to do with vampires, and everything to do with the sexual erotica that the sexy characters invoke. That's the real sell point with vampires, not the idiotic story or what passes for a 'young adult' plot. Face it, what person, vampire or not, in their right mind would want to go back to high school or date a high school student if they were over a hundred years old? What on earth would they have in common, other than sex? Nothing. Even a teenager turned vampire would mentally grow up in that amount of time. The character in Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire, not Louis, the little girl. She was a perpetual little girl, but mentally she was an adult woman, with the needs of a woman. It was much more believeable than a perpetual teenager that never grows up and falls in love with a sixteen year old human.
This brings us back to what is it about vampires that makes us obsess about them? I asked myself that question and found that I began reflecting on the original vampire story by Brahams Stoker. Most people that love vampires have never read the original. It really is a masterpiece, but I warn you it is not Twilight or Interview with a Vampire. Dracula is a dark saga that is centered around Johnathan Harker, not the vampire. It is written as a diary, (something that I will challenge myself to write someday). The diary not only takes you through the events, how he meets the vampire, but his internal turmoils and passions. It is a diary after all. It makes the story so much more personal than one that is written from an external point of view. I think that it is here in the mind of Johnathan Harker that we first recognize the sensual part of the vampire, for although Harker is repulsed by the vampire he is also drawn to him. it sickens him to think of the creature with his fiance and yet he finds the embrace of Dracula's concubines to be enticing.
It is with Dracula and vampires in general that we can embrace our most erotic and forbidden sexual fantasies. Who else can simply bite anyone that he, or she, wants but a vampire? They have no class restrictions, no-one is out of their league. They have no age restrictions, although biting a child is just too far out for me personally. Biting a baby keeps them in the realm of monster and killing for no reason other than blood lust both excites and repulses us at the same time. Vampires embody every vice and forbidden imagination that we have, so why not embrace them, they are us. They are the part of us that is only civilized when they want to be and completely off the rails the rest of the time, and that ladies and gentlemen is what makes them so incredibly sexy and irresistible.
Live well and be good to each other.

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