The latest news from Sherechita
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The latest news from Sherechita

For those that didn't notice I have started to upload Alti's Odium. Book two of my Xena story. Because this website cannot integrate with Microsoft Office very well, it is taking me a bit of time to upload the book. I also am putting each chapter on its own page to make it simpler for you to download the script to read.
I give this note of caution, Alti's Odium turns very dark towards the end. This is not a book that I recommend for those that have difficulty reading intense sexual and violent material. In the television stories Alti was always portrayed as being evil incarnate. However, because it was television she was severely toned down. I figured that if, she is so evil then, I was given a certain amount of latitude to explore just how evil she can be.  
In the vein of George Lucas, I have written three books on the Xena saga. The first is an easy win for the protagonist. The second is a counterstrike by they antagonist and the last is a longer battle with a built up for both sides. But, in a change from the Lucas formula I extended the story of the protagonists after they defeated the antagonist. In other words, I gave Xena and Gabrielle a life after Alti was destroyed.
Also unlike the Lucas formula, I did not leave Alti's Odium open ended. I ended the story. I really thought that Lucas let his fans down by leaving Empire Strikes Back open ended. It was a horrible betrayal and just unnecessary. In a long story it's expected that the bad guy will win once in a while. For Lucas to just leave that win hanging in the wind was just not right.
In other news, I am working on getting a radio interview. It looks like it might be sometime next week. The show is called Nevada matters and it's on 102.5 early in the morning. As I get the time and day nailed down I'll let you know.
I'm also working with my dear friend Joanne, the graphic artist, to develop a design that is all my own for my company. She cringed when I told her how I had developed the publisher tag that I'm using now; I used Paint. Yeah, it isn't meant for anything that is to be published. I did however give me the freedom to design the logo that I want, or at least the basic idea of what I want. I'm sure however, that when she's done with it, the whole thing will look amazing, instead of just cool. I will get her website logo on my connections page as soon as she approves it. She's an artist of the highest order in every medium. I own several of her paintings. That beings said, you can imagine that she is always concerned with anything that represents her, so she will need to approve any type of picture that I use to link her website with mine.
Okay, that's the news. So sorry it has been a while since I have written. I think of things all the time to put here on the blog, but I never seem to have the time to write them. I will make more of an effort. It seems that when I have the time I am so tired that I have forgotten what I wanted to share... I usually make notes... I've been slack at that in the past few weeks. So, I will talk to you tomorrow.
Live well and be good to each other.

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